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Fawad with Arij Fatima- Some actors are not over rated but they gradually recognise themselves in industry through their spectacular performances and Arij is amongst those. She is such a versatile young actress. Her cute expressions is driving people crazy well on the other hand she can look scary as well like in horror drama WOH. Arij and Fawad both are versatile artists and I am pretty sure that they will make a splendid couple. Like Ayeza Khan I am also hoping to see them together in some project in likely future.

Actress Arij Fatyma ( Arij Fatima) got married this past week. On January 2, 2014 the actress had her where many of her showbiz friends were invited. Then, on January 5th the actress had a very private nikkah ceremony with only family and few close friends attending. The nikkah was kept private and not many even know about it. Check out the Exclusive Arij Fatyma Nikkah Pictures below. 


Pakistani Famous actress Arij Fatima got engaged to Faraz on 2nd January 2014 in Karachi where many family and showbiz friends attended the ceremony. We wish her all the happiness in her life Congratulations to the beautiful couple. It was a very private ceremony with only close friends and relatives attending. Ayeza Khan also attended the engagement party. Shw was looking stunning in black traditional outfit.

She was also the first brand ambador for Color Studio Pakistan and has done many good projects in the Fashion world. Arij started her career as a model and actress in 2012, in less than 2 years she has become one of the most popular actress and model. She has endorsed many major brands such as Cerelac, Cadbury perk, Jazz, Bonanza, and many more. Arij’s most popular dramas include Humnasheen, Woh, and Meri Beti. Have a look at the pictures of Arij. Her latest Beautiful photoshoot for Orient Lawn she is looking stunning. She looks good in what kind of roles ? Positive or Negative ?

Chit Chat with Arij Fatyma. Arij Fatyma started her career in drama industry from Hazaroon Saal. I never thought about showbiz, I always wanted to be a lawyer: Arij Fatyma


It is said that fashion models can never be good actor or actress but new face ‘Arij Fatyma’ proved it all wrong. She attracted everyone from her very first drama Hazaroon Saal. It is true that no one can ignore the beauty of Arij Fatyma. She is very good looking and beautiful. She played role of a innocent girl in many dramas but she got more appreciation after playing a role of emotional, fun loving and chill girl in Aik Pagal Si Larki. She loved that role. She said that this is her favorite character, although it was negative one but she accepted that because she felt an attraction in that role. Actress Arij Fatyma who born on 2 November 1989 in Karolina, America said that she never wanted to be an actress, she always thought to be a lawyer. She said, ” I never thought that I can work as an actress, I just do a photo shoot for my cousin and after that all things started by own its own. I think we get what is written in our destiny even we want that or not”.

Q:What was your family’s reaction on that?

Ans: Today I am on this place just because of support by my family, they encouraged me a lot. But I also know how to respect my family values.


Q:What you will choose from acting and modeling?

Ans:I will select acting, actually I don’t like to walk on ramp. But yes photo shoot was really good experience. Now when I have worked in all categories of showbiz, I think now that acting is my actual destination.

Q:Serial “Hum Nashhen” was a challenging project, how was the experience?


Ans: It was a great experience. I learned a lot from other actors. Showing character of Mehrun Nisa  on screen was not easy. After doing the role of Mehrun Nisa I came to know how much a woman have to scarify for her home.

Q: What type of role you want to do in future?

Ans: I like changes, I never want to do same roles again. I will always prefer good script.


Q:With whom you want to work?

Ans: I just worked with a very few directors, I really don’t have a wish list.

Q:If you have to work in a re make of any clic movie, then which you will select?

Ans: I am not fond of movies, but if I have that opportunity then I want to be Paaru of Devdaas.

Q:Which is the most stylish actress according to you?

Ans: Leighton Meester, she is my role model.

Q:What are your hobbies?

Ans:Else than my work, I love to sleep and do shopping.

Q:Where will you go, If you bore from your routine?

Ans:Its very necessary to give time to your own self. I love to go Malaysia in holidays.

Q:What is beauty according to you?

Ans: I don’t believe on outer beauty, If a person has a beautiful heart then he can not be ugly.

Q:Any interest in cooking?

Ans:Yes, and I love to do cooking and I am a good cook.

Q:What do you like to eat?

Ans: I love to eat everything with cheese. I never think about dieting in that case.

Q:Your three good qualities which you like in your self?

Ans:I don’t like to praise my own self, but there are three things in me which I like most first is I am punctual, second is I am spontaneous and third and most important is I am beautiful.

Q:Your style statement?

Ans: I am very simple girl thats why my style statement is clic and simple.

Q:Your favorite fashion trend?

Ans:I always like long shirts, but nowadays I dont like any thing in new fashion as such, specially I found bail bottom paints so much boring.

Q:Your message to new comers?

Ans: All the people who wants to work in showbiz, first they have to complete their education.Always try to achieve their dreams, but never forget their values and traditions.

best of luck to Arij Fatyma for her career.


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Exclusive : She gets engaged tonight we wish her all the happiness in her life Congratulations to the beautiful couple



She & her fiancee on their engagement, held on 2 January 2014. May Allah bless the couple!


Cutest Click of Arij Fatyma


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