Ushna Shah Age | Ushna Shah Family

Posted on Dec 4 2013 - 5:10am
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Ushna Shah Age | Ushna Shah Family

Ushna Shah, a young actress started her acting career in Pakistan with her lead role as ‘Dur-e-shehwar’ in Shehr-e-Yaaran and Neelum in ‘Mere Khuwabon Ka Diya’. Ushna Shah is a Canadian-Pakistani actor. Having lived most of her life abroad, she has recently moved back to join the family trait and be in showbiz. She has been involved in theatre & radio since her childhood and has always been behind… the scenes on television sets because of her family. Ushna has studied English & Professional Writing at York University. “My motto is ‘The Show Must Go On’, and that’s the most fun part about working in television or theatre. Regardless of what is going on with your life or the project, you need to suck it up and put on a show. This is what makes this job so tough and beautiful”.
Dramas List:
1) Mere Khwaboon Ka Diya – Ended 2nd December on Geo playing title character Neelam
2) Shehreyaran on ARY Digital 9:30PM playing title character Durre Shehwaar.
3) Rukhsar (Starting from 9th December, Monday on Geo Tv) Playing negative lead Mahrukh.
4) Gunahgar (Starting in December on HumTv) Playing title role Malaika.
5) AAG – Playing Rani (title character) Coming Soon on PTV.
6) Zindagi Ab Bhi Muskurati Hai (HumTV)
7) Rab Ne Banai Jodi (TVone)
8) Kitni Girhein Baaki Hai ‘Daur’ (HumTV)
9) Dil KalejiHo Gaya (Eid special) TVone
Ushna Shah is a Pakistani Canadian actor who has performed in various dramas and radio and television shows. She has just begun hosting her own radio show ‘Saanjha Aasmaan’ on Radio Punjab, and she hosts segments on ethnic television shows. She is in the process of writing a script for a television drama she plans to produce in Pakistan.

Lets start with your introduction who is Ushna Shah?

Ushna: I am Pakistani actress who grew up in Canada and she is still trying to figure out who she is?



How long have you been actress? Where you started your journey?

Ushna: I have been actor since yery young age. I came from a acting background. I have been involved in radio and theatre since prep-school. TV acting is something I got into when I came back to Pakistan.

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What kind of roles do you prefer?

Ushna: Challenging one that I can justice to them.



Any role that you wanted to perform but was not cast in?

Ushna: I believe in fat, I have got the roles I was meant to have and the ones I didn’t were not meant for me so I live with no regrets.

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If you could choose, what three actor would you really want to work with?

Ushna: I have a long list to sum up, Al Pacino, Meryl streep and Daniel Lewis and Qavi Khan sir.

What of something that you know now wish you knew early in showbiz world?

Ushna: Many things, how handle people, screen acting, I got better with each project so I wish I had known o lot of these things before.

What is the hardest part of being celebrity?

Ushna: I wouldn’t say I am a celebrity yet, but I can sense I have to delope thick skin. Tune out the negativity, intake the positive critics.

What is the first word come in you mind when you read the following?


Love: Work

Films: Magic


Music: Life

Fans: Incentives

Your most memorable project?

Ushna: My first project is Aag, never on aired, but was hell of experience. We had 3 months shoot in old village in centreal Punjab. Lots of food poisoning, language barriers and scary moments.

Any message for fans?

Ushna: I have fans????

I love writing, but studying it was making me miss the things I lived for. Going without theater was like going without water, and going without writing would have been like going without air… I’m inspired by James Franco who studies, gets his degrees, acts, directs and writes at the same time.’ Ushna said. Ushna’s motto in life is ‘The show must go on’ which also happens to be the name of her favorite song.

Ushna Shah with Faysal Qureshi and Syed Ali Raza Usama  (The director of Bashar Momin) on set of Shareef Show….. Are you waiting to see Bashar Momin ?
Ushna Shah Latest facebook pics 2014 Ushna Shah Latest facebook pics 2014 ushna shah click from Bashar Momin drama Ushna Shah on Shoot location of Josh’s Brand New Song ” Dil Mein Chamkay “ Ushna shah most recent click 2014 Ushna Shah with agha Ali twiter pic

Ushna Shah with Sarah khan and Madiha Rizvi Ushna Shah twitter pic 2014
Irsa Ghazal & Ushna Shah both r Sisters Ushna shah and Aga ali dancing Ushna shah and Aga Alli and Mehwish hayat Ushna shah and Aga Alli Ushna Shah latest twitter pics 2014

Ushna Shah Sister

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