Sanam Chaudhry | Hot, Wedding, Family pictures | Biography, Fan Reviews

Posted on Dec 6 2013 - 7:05pm

Sanam Chaudhry | Hot, Wedding, Family pictures | Biography, Fan Reviews

Sanam is a freelance model, an actress n a fresh new face in the scene of Pakistani Fashion industry.

A girl with an ambition to make her name in SHOWBIZ industry and with the perfect talent at early age, she is sanam chauhdry . She is most beautiful, charming, sweet and pretty fresh upcoming model and actress. She has perfect body feat…ures and comprehensive approach to act in a natural way. This cute and hot girl was born in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.,. brought up by her sister ,who herself is a well known face of pakistan, Zaib Chauhdry. SC is working in several playswiddiffernt chanels, makin her name in the industry,, wish her all da best ..rock it up. SC is also workin for ramp uptill now she has done ramp for ammar belal, fahad sheikh, saai, turquoise, shyanne malik, ahan,ayesha hamza.,house of brands,zara,sunar.. SANAM CHAUHDRY is a girl with the guts and she will soon make her legendary name.


Showbiz Work Includes
█ Akeyli 2012 to present a soap by a&b and midas production…
█ Naqaab 2012 to present ptv home
█ Saheliyaan Nov 2011 to present IQ STUDIOS FOR PTV
█ Hullaray Aug 2011 to present for Tv1
█ ENEWS Jul 2011 to present host
█ Kamale zabt APLUS
█ Anokha Ladla Season 3 Ptv Home
█ Papa Razi sitcom
█ Adhuri film ki puri kahani my debute play
█ Brothers apart international project
█ maya ya maya ptv home .. eid play 2012
█ rang bazi music video
█roshini love story 2010

A friendly adviced to the Newcomer sanam ch ! you are pretty and cute but do not use so much makeup it doesn’t suits on you specially the dark red blushon on your cheeks  you looks pretty in simple!

Beautiful Sanam Chaudhry at Morning Show Jago Pakistan Jago HUm TV 2014
Sanam-Chaudhry[1] (1)

Sanam-Chaudhry[1] (2)


Sanam-Chaudhry[1] (3)


Sanam-Chaudhry[1] (5)


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Sanam-Chaudhry[1] (6)




Sanam Chaudhry and Sara Khan
Sanam Chaudhry and Sara Khansanam-chaudhry-hot-pics-2014-1[1] (1)sanam-chaudhry-hot-pics-2014-1[1] (2)sanam-chaudhry-hot-pics-2014-1[1] (3)



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