Rukhsar title song mp3 download | Ushna Shah and Agha Ali

Posted on Dec 8 2013 - 12:34pm
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Rukhsar title song mp3 download | Ushna Shah and Agha Ali

Another voilation of Islamic law in Geo TV’s Drama Rukhsar (Video)

Ushna Shah in news these days. Recently i shared Ushna Shah got beaten up by Humayun Saeed’s Wife Samina Humayun Saeed. She was having a secret affair. Now she involve in an other controversy related to Geo TV drama serial Rukhsar, why always Geo in these type of headline news? Mubashir Lucman in his show Khara Sach pointed out towards the conversation of Mahrukh (Ushna Shah) and her mother in the drama serial Rukhsar. They were ill talking about the law of Islam Iddat (a law by Islam has to implement after female got divorce). Another voilation of Islamic law by Geo Tv drama. The dialouge were again unethical and hurt Islamic teachings and sentiments of muslim. That what they are talking about the law of Islam and how presenting it to the world. The young girls/generation influenced what they saw, now a days they always prefer to adopt things from what they saw in the dramas and some also try to implement in their life. What example these types of dramas are giving to the society. Its not i am blaming Ushan Shah. But the main fault started who wrote the drama secondly who directed , thirdly who presents, fourthly on who’s channels every body in the team involved in this unethical act towards Islamic law and teachings. It is a request to all the team to be careful while presenting islamic teachings.



” Geo ke drama Rukhsar main Islami sharai Hukum Ka Mazak “. Seriously this is disgusting kafi dafa main ne status diye hain request ki hai Director hazrat se writer hazrat se ke jab deen ki samjh na ho to Deen ko apni story main discuss na kiya karo Jahilo ki nishani hai jis bare main pata na ho us ka mazak urana Iddat guzarna Allah ka hukum hai aur yeh Allah ki hadood main ata hai aur Allah paak ne Quran Paak main bhi Iddat guzar ne ka hukum nazil kiya aur isey Allah tala ki hadood qarar diya aur Allah tala ne bar bar farmaya ke Allah ka Hadood ka khayal rakho clip dekhe kis tarhan drama main Iddat ka mazak bnaya gaya khwah us charcter ko bura dikhane ke liye dikhaya gaya lekin kis tarhan ek sharai hukum ka mazak bnaya us se director ki gandi zehniyat aur writer ki kamingi samen arahi hai aur yeh Channel bhi Zaleel hai ek number ka

Khudgarzi ki saza mil hi gai Ammar ko –Rukhsar Episode 23:

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Sarah didn’t change at least not at the start of the episode; she continued misbehaving with her mother-in-law and Zaheer’s mother. But they didn’t react and Rukhsar’s father asked her to remain quite. Rukhsar jumped in and told them to stop arguing over small things.

Ammar  finally saw Mahrukh with some guy in car while he was heading home, he tried to follow them but failed. Mahrukh found this new guy Nabeel who is very rich and he is ready to marry Mahrukh on her conditions. Mahrukh brought him home to introduce him to her mother, her mother got excited and said “itna tima Ammar pe waste kar dia aur mila kia chandd Lakh”. Anyways Mahrukh’s mother set up these guys to get divorce paper signed from Ammar. Those guys went to Ammar and forced him to sign and they ended up fighting. Ammar resisted and the other guy fired at Ammar, Ammar got injured. Someone took him to hospital.



Ammar’s father received a call from hospital, they rushed to the hospital. Faizi and Sarah reached at hospital too. Doctor said that Ammar’s condition is very critical. Saeeda and Farooq were really upset and cried. Rukhsar asked her parents to go to the hospital as she has forgiven Ammar. Zaheer reached  hospital as well he even gave his blood to Ammar.

Saeeda and  Farooq were really guilty of what they did to them. And now no one is there except their family with them in their bad times.

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Mahrukh wanted to leave city as soon as she got to know about Ammar.

Makafat-e-amal say koi bach nahi sakta, Ammar ko wohi mila jo os nay kia. Rukhsar left everything on God and in return she got the reward.

Next Monday is going to be the last Episode of Rukhsar, don’t forget to watch at 8:00 pm only on Geo TV –Har Pal Geo.

Patience wears away stones –Rukhsar Last Episode:

As you sow ,so shall you reap
When destroying other’s life
Later you weep
Today you hurt
Tomorrow you repent
That’s how the , life you spent
Swallow the grief, if
You have the belief
You will get the reward and
You will hear the voice Of the Lord

Rukhsar got the reward as she had firm believe on God. She knew she will get justice because she was innocent. Wo kehtay hain na Khuda kay ghar dair hai andhair nahi, Ammar learned his lesson and he was very guilty of what he did to Rukhsar. Ammar and his family begged Rukhsar for forgiveness; Sarah even said “kay agar ap loogon ki jaga hum hotay to kabhi maaf na kar paatay”. Ammar lost his legs, doctors gave unexpected answers.

Ammar asked his mother that she never stopped him from wrong things. He even confessed in front of his dad that he was the one who lied about Rukhsar’s character. He wants to apologize Rukhsar face to face. Rukhsar came to meet him and told him that she has forgiven him; Ammar took a sigh of relief.

Sarah was ashamed of her behavior with her in-laws and she apologized too. Sarah cried a lot for her unaccepted behavior and stupidities, her mother in law gave her hug and asked her to forget everything.

Zaheer filed FIR against Mahrukh on Ammar’s statement. Police raid on Rukhsar’s house the very moment when the new guy Nabeel was discussing about the marriage matters with Mahrukh’s mother. Their reality came upfront and that guy thanked police for saving him.

Zaheer came to meet Rukhsar early morning and told her that this is the most beautiful morning of his life and even told her that he loves him. She smiled and they both went inside the house.

Happy endings make me happy too –Rukhsar was indeed a jewel on Geo’s crown  . Beautiful direction, Script, dialogues, cast everything was amazing. Every single person associated with Rukhsar did a marvelous job. We at Geo A & B Productions wish the whole team of Ruksar a very good luck for future. Kudos to the team RUKHSAR!!

Geo Tv seems to be coming up with some quality dramas coming season.Drama Serial Rukhsar,made under Seven Sky entertainment, will be starting tomorrow at 8pm on Geo TV.Star Cast of the show includes Sumbul Iqbal, Agha Ali, Imran Aslam, Ushna Shah, Sana Khan, Babar Khan, Moomal Khalid and Sarah Razi.

We are the first ones to release this wedding photo-shoot among all websites , Enjoy the photoshoot :

Rukhsar is a play of 7th Sky Entertainment starring Sumbul Iqbal, Agha Ali, Ushna Shah and others.
Its a new serial of popular channel GEO TV

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Drama Serial “Rukhsar” On-Set Photoshoot

Star Cast Include:
Submul Iqbal
Babar Khan
Noshaba Javed
Shahryar Zaidi
Agha Ali
Sana Khan
Saba Faisal
Mohsin Gilani
Imran Aslam
Farah Nadeem
Moomal Khalid
Ushna Shah and others.

Earlier titled as khudgarz / khudgahrz

Rukhsar drama song mp3 download, Rukhsar title song download

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