Pyare Afzal title song mp3 download | Pyare Afzal title song mp3 free download

Posted on Dec 11 2013 - 12:39am
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Pyare Afzal title song mp3 download | Pyare Afzal title song mp3 free download

New Pakistani television serial “Pyaare Afzal” is making huge waves these days across the country.
Hamza Ali Abbasi, the protagonist, is a “seedha saadha larka” (a straight forward lad) and is not the regular Pakistani drama mamas boy but a rather different character altogether.
“Pyaray Afzal”, which made up to the top drama ranking recently, offers a love story that takes us all away from the morbidly dark and depressing dramas that surround us.
Later, Afzal and his lover Farah fall head over heels in romance and enjoy their petty little quarrels to the core.
However, like every story has a villain, the Amreshpuri of this love story is Farah’s mother who is not too keen on marrying off her daughter with this “good for nothing lad”.  She offers him money instead but it seems like Afzal has quit gambling and has his heart set on Farah.
The drama raises various complex family issues which the Pakistani society often come across.
Abbasi said, “He is doing quite well with acting all dreamy one moment and snapping out of it the other.”
Drama guru’s say Abbasi may become the second Fawwad Afzal Khan, renowned Pakistani television star, with the women swooning after him and the Bollywood offers piling up

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Pyare Afzal- Episode 5 Review



…Ek shahanshah nay daulat ka sahaara laykar
humm gharibon ki mohabat ka uraya hai mazaaq…

(translation: An emperor on the strength of wealth, Has played with us a cruel joke. )

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Afzal’s friend poetry readings always underline or indicate a shift or an important momentum in the story’s progression. It’s the second time, writer Khalil-ur-Rehman has employed Sahir Ludhianvi’s beautiful woven poetry and introduced it to the narrative. I am assuming the poetry has very symbolic undertones to the connections of events about to occur.

The Shiekh sisters, Lubna and Farah have found an amusement, a distraction of sort in Afazal from their current situation. He might be “lofar, lafanga and number one kamchoor,” so far removed from the image they both have of the perfect man they both deserve and should have. Still, he intrigues them and they watch him, anticipate his next move and almost tease themselves with ideas surrounding his sudden and important existence in their lives.

The latest episode picks off from where last one was left off. After the sister’s mother informs them of their father’s noble intensions of meeting Farah’s suitor, a name is demanded and Lubna seemingly under pressure breathes Afzal’s name. While Farah pretends to fake faint (the scene a bit too dramatic for my eyes), poor Lubna ends up suffering a theatrical slap from Farah for conjoining her name with “lofer lafanga Afzal.” The miscommunication is cleared soon after but the result is that; the phooljhari of praises and sound explanation Lubna provides to Farah about Afzal suddenly intrigues her. In almost a filmy manner, we are also shown, the sisters separately thinking about Afzal. The question still remains: did Lubna write those letters or there is another mysterious women out there?

Hamza Ali Abassi continued on the path to impress me with his fantastic potrayl of Afzal. While the sisters are dealing with their created crisis, Afzal is undergoing his own identity cleansing. This time Afzal is adamant that he is going to continue being on the path of “Sirat-e-Mustaqeem.” I was pleasantly surprised to see that Afzal has been awarded a strong character certificate, but is it enough to get him a job without sifarish? Shiekh Sahab ridden with guilt after figuring out the scheme by Miss Rozi, offers an apology to Afzal as well as his job back. Afzal in good spirits refuses this offer. He is resolute in living up to his promise of becoming a better person through his own abilities. Soon Afzal learns that a common man in Pakistan, without big and mighty connections can be harassed in such humiliating manner.  Afzal refuses to give up however the poor guy’s lunch is interrupted by the crazy and lunatic Shiekh sisters. I am so intrigued to find out what do they want from the poor soul?

One of my favorite scenes from today’s episode was the short conversation between Afzal and his sister when she finds the key to his closet yet decides not to open the door and read all the letters. The trust that Afzal has over his sister and how she understands no matter what faltoo kartood her brother does, he does has a sense of self and will be loyal to her and her promise and in turn she doesn’t break his trust. It is heartwarming to see such a beautiful relationship played out on screen both in terms of chemistry and portrayal. Well done to both the wonderful actors.

Pyare Afzal is fast becoming a guilty pleasure. I don’t seek any hidden deep messages in it. It is testament of a entertaining story, told in a very Pakistani manner. The background music compliments the scenes, the editing is crisp and clear and the drama is moving at a pleasant pace. There isn’t much to complain as of yet, hope the momentum continues. Thanks Pyare Afzal team for hooking me and making me very intrigued till now.

Pyare Afzal- Episode 6 Review: Love Malaria

And curiosity killed the cat- no sorry in Afzal’s case usay muhabbat ho gai!

The grotesque and elaborate plan that Lubna and Farah describe to Afzal not only makes him sweat like a pig and then in most theatrical fashion faint. I mean the level of people pretending to faint in this drama is too damn high! The sister’s plan was nothing short of comical although to them, Afzal was solution to all their current problems. They will give Afzal 2 lac in turn of him agreeing to pretend and act out “muhabbat ka drama” with Farah. The “job offer” also comes with hazards and potential dangers as in watching out for abaa’s thappars and Bandooq ka nishana and jaan ka khatra. Afzal is comforted little by the fact that Aba ka nishan buhat baykar hai! The conversation between Lubna and Farah was hilarious after meeting with Afzal. These dialogues summed it up for me

Lubna:  “Yeh aik shareef ghar ki larki apnay baap ko neecha dekhanay kay liye kiya kiya kar rahi hai” Farah: “Aray chaloo, abhi chaar din howain hain us ko musalman howay!” Lubna: “Jab koi naya naya muslaman hota hai na to buhat ziyada musalman ho jata hai”

The solution to all the sisters problems. 100 rakat namaze nafal. Pray to find Afzal’s replacement since his job acceptance is still pending!

Poor Afzal is not suffering from love malaria and can’t stop thinking about Farah. Maybe she is the girl he dreamed about. On the other hand the Chawala household is in full mad swing prepping for the wedding. 50 biscuits, pardon me, bricks of gold and every choori with diamond’s embedded in it + Ferrari for mua dekhai. Mehtab’s affections know no limit when it comes to Farah, par abba ka faisla abhi baqi hai!

All in all, Lubna’s and Afzal’s conversation lays out whats coming up. The plan is basically to create a drama around mad ishq and deewangi for each other in front of parents.  To end this drama, the final nail in the coffin will end with dramatic revelation that Afzal has been bewafa to Farah all along. I am assuming that moving forward Afzal will fall in love with Farah and he will genuinely love her but to the sisters it will all be a drama. Do share you predictions!

Next week Afzal comes to visit Ammi and Abba! Let the drama unfold!

I am very happy with the way Pyare Afzal is opening itself. The story although predictable is told in such a heartfelt manner and all the actors have done fantastic job in portraying the characters. And no one is probably happier then me knowing that Mehtab Chawla is not easily going to be swatted away – not yet. After all Farah ko muan dekhai main Ferrari bhi to milni hai 😛 Lets see who finally wins Farah’s pyar! – The Ferrari or Afzal?

Pyarai Afzal – The Game begins now. Episode 7 review

What an episode it was.. I don’t know why but everytime I watch this show,I like it even more than before. Once again, Hamza Ali stole the limelight today; Though I am not a die-hard fan of HAA,still I am finding his acting quite promising.Being first serial of having male actor as protagonist, this show is really attracting the viewers and compelling them even more to watch it.

Aiza seemed so loud and rude as compared to other episodes today where she was always caught confused and begging Lubna to help her in getting out of the fuss she has created.Now that they have created that not-so-real situation,they have to bear the consequences too; With this thought, Lubna made it very clear to Farah that there is no margin left in order to back off from the whole situation.

I found Farah’s mother very unreasonable today. I mean after knowing whole story that why he left his job,how can she be so sure that Afzal will leave Farah just like that. Offering him cash in replacement of Farah was not at all a good idea by her and that is the reason why her husband was not ready to second her decision.

Farah called Afzal to make everything clear to him but poor Afzal was unable to hear and understand anything because he was in state of sheer shock. I mean waking up by hearing the voice of whom  you dream about all the time was nothing more than a miracle for him; He is taking all this matter like a serious lover who wants to pay the bill as if he is going to dine out with his real life girlfriend- that was like an awww moment.. :p His meeting with Farah was really indeed a treat to watch. Farah was yelling out so loudly that I felt pity for pyarai Afzal who was all set to have a delightful afternoon that will be spent with Farah.

Meanwhile, Lubna and Farah were giving him lessons,Arifa came to know that Afzal left the job. Did you also feel or it was just me who found that flashback pretty clueless.Khair leave that, Afzal and Arifa’s strong bond was witnessed by us once again as they both were upset at their own places – Afzal,being the culprit and lying to his sister and Arifa,who felt as if she was cheated by her dear brother that made her cry.

Now that mulaakat scene was way too indigestible for me.How can Farah’s mother be so rude that she didnot want Afzal to come in.Okay,I can understand that it was part of her so called test but it was matter of his health. Afzal bhi dheet tha, cheenkta raha magar “chaiye” nahi pe.During whole discussion,Afzal was so honest with his words but Farah’s mother was turning even more and more rough with every statement she gave.Afzal didnot take anything on his nerves and dealt everything with “khanda paishaani” :p .. Bravo..

I can smell Lubna falling for Afzal after watching few incidents in last couple of episodes. Are you feeling the same?  Do share your views about today’s episode.

 Pyarai Afzal – The Meeting: Episode 8 review

Just finished watching this week’s installment and all I said is Wow! What an episode. No matter how much exhausted you are, Serials like Pyarai Afzal are not less than a cool breeze that blows and freshen up your mind-state.Hamza Ali stole the limelight once again this week and I got spell bounded with every word that he uttered and every expression he gave throughout the episode. Perfect piece of acting by him!

It seems that destiny has planned something else for Afzal and Farah’s relation and this is the reason why he missed the call when Farah was about to break the ice in front of her parents. Arfa,knowing a part of reality decided not to tell anything about that call. Because for her,Lubna is the princess of Afzal’s dreams and Farah is the evil sister who is creating hurdles for them. So being a well-wisher,she decided better to stay out of it.

Afzal’s changed life style has now started bringing impact on his friends. His loyalty towards his friends always remained unquestioned and for that his friends never compelled him to pick the way that goes against his and his parents will. And now that his friend was in need of cash, Afzal was ready to give it in place of him without having any second thought. It has been said, kabhi kabhi aik lamha he kaafi hota hai and that was the moment when his friend decided that he won’t be taking part in anything that involves gamble in it from now on.

Lubna is a perfect planner; She always know what to do next and for that Farah relies on her always and this time it was Lubna again who forced Farah to get ready and I must admit that Aiza Khan looked ravishing and entrancing; Navy Blue suited her so well. Farah’s “Crisis Management” technique failed badly when she came to know that Afzal was right there at her door. Did anyone notice ever that figure 9 is of prime importance in this show; Anything important that has to take place always revolve around this figure, haan, a.m. and p.m. varies.

Afzal’s meeting with Farah’s father was another interesting part of today’s episode. The way he answered every single question of his FIL-to be was more than enough to satisfy his expectations from Afzal. He was impressed by Afzal right from the day when he left the job after being accused of what he had not done and there was no room of doubt left when he met him and heard  Afzal’s point of view about his and Farah’s relation. Despite of the fact that he was not trained by Farah and Lubna this time, all the do’s and dont’s were handled by Afzal really well. The look at Afzal’s face when Farah entered dining area worth million dollar.

After the sad demise of Farah’s plan :p , she discussed rather yelled at Afzal (like always) that what he has to do next – ofcourse, with the help of Lubna. Goofy hai na Farah bechaari.. At that time, all I felt was the difference in Farah and Lubna’s tones – Former shouting out loud and latter speaking softly and politely. I felt bad when Afzal was left helpless by being forced to agree to what Farah and Lubna said.

I am not going to unveil the charm by narrating the preview of next episode but I want to tell that we will be seeing Mehtab in next episode again..

Do share your thoughts about this week’s episode.

Pyarai Afzal – Turn of Events; Episode 9

Love,for people like Afzal ,is the purest of the pure form of affection and respect. While for people like Mehtaab,its more of craze- Craze to get something ,to own something just the way they want , rather than playing with the cards intelligently.

Afzal’s love for Farah is of the type that is rarely found these days. But when it rains, it pours and same is the case with Afzal; Afzal’s affection is not merely the matter of words. He loves Farah beyond any limitations and above all with no expectations and for that, he seems always ready to face any kind of situation that he comes across with.

Whereas, Mehtaab’s love is more like that of a child’s urge to get a toy and play with it. I am not saying that it’s just his attraction towards Farah that made him this way. His love was pure too but right from his childhood, he got what he desired for and that made him stubborn and pampered. Now when he faced the real life challenge ,he expected the same but this time it was a matter of life and death plus he failed to compromise on Farah letting go out of his life. So collectively, all that was buried inside him for so many days came out as revenge in the form of burning the thing that was closest to Farah.

I really like the fact about Pyarai Afzal that nothing has been portrayed overboard. Mehtab’s exit from the show could have been much more wild as compared to what was shown. But what he did was just a cute little silent revenge from his side. Further, his mother could have created the mess but that part also went absolutely normal – rather much lighter than our expectations.

Arfa proved that she is not only caring,loving,concerned and loyal sister but also a wake up alarm for Afzal whenever she finds him suspicious.The dialogues and that light nok jhonk is what that makes their relation look beautiful always.The rungeeli sisters, Farah and lubna, finally decided that Afzal part should now come to an end in their lives but Afzal, for the first time, took a step for himself and credit goes to his friend who did the right thing at the right time.

Sometimes,in this show, they take care of even minutest details like I was impressed by the director’s attempt to show Maulvi Saheb drinking water with three pauses.I am glad that they always succeeded in showing Maulvi saheb as ultra optimistic person in this show .I really enjoyed Afzal and his father conversation today; Especially, when his father asked him,“shaadi kar k ittela dou gay ya humain bhi bulao gay“.Maulvi Saheb’s concern and Afzal’s loyalty to his father is another example of pure relationship in this show.

Afzal left Maulvi Saheb in confusion when he told him that its his boss’s daughter with whom he wants to get married and they, themselves, invited Afzal and his family to the dinner. From last couple of episodes, I was thinking about some twist related to Arfa’s misunderstanding of thinking Lubna as the mystery girl. But that is revealed  at the end of this episode too and we are left with questions in our mind again- whats next ?

I thoroughly enjoy each and every dialogue of this show every time. Brilliant piece of art-work by Khalil-ur-Rehman. Cant wait for next episode.

Do share your thoughts about this week’s installment.

Pyarey Afzal: episode 12 review

When a drama makes you smile from start to finish of an episode, you can’t help but appreciate the creators for a job well done. Pyare Afzal has been a treat to watch. It falls perfectly in the romantic comedy genre and the best part is how everything is contained without going over-the-top.

The scheming sisters, Farah and Lubna have been busy planning every single move but somehow, luck seems to be favouring Afzal at the moment. Sheikh Sahab and his wife are certain that there can be no better suitor for Farah. Farah was relieved with her parent’s approval and decided it was time to chuck Afzal by planning his betrayal. Lubna cautioned her saying it would seem too unbelievable and she needs to take it slow. With Mehtaab’s return to the scene, Farah panicked and gave Afzal the go-ahead to meet their father at his work. Afzal is playing along since deep-down he knows this is the closest he can get to Farah.

Mehtaab’s suicide attempt faltered, just like everything else but his exit was one that made everyone take notice- the scene where the servant comes running and informs them of Farah’s jhoola (swing) being on fire. I get the feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Mehtaab and his action was a warning of what is yet to come.

Afzal was on cloud nine when Farah told him to let his parents come and ask for her hand. Lubna seems to function more as Farah’s think-tank than her sister. I like the contrast between the two sisters- Farah is very impulsive and can’t think beyond the moment. Lubna is more poised and thinks for long-term goals.

Afzal’s admission to Molvi Saheb was brilliant- It’s refreshing to see a Molvi who, despite his high morals, understands that he can’t control the lives of his family but at the same time, he’s always there to remind them of right vs wrong. Arifa carelessly blurted Lubna’s name which made Afzal furious. Despite everything, Afzal is a man who honours women and would never even think of defaming them. That is his one redeeming quality and certainly one which can seem all her other qualities seem irrelevant.

I’m anxiously waiting to see how Afzal’s parents ask for Farah’s hand in marriage and how Farah will try to weasel out of that! The use of colors, the soothing soundtrack and the crisp dialogues have made this one of the surprise packages of the season. Kudos to the team for their vision and narrative and for the cast for their commendable performance.

‘Pyaray Afzal’ is a heart touching story of a young man’s struggle, to win the woman of his dreams. Using words to paint canvases of love and affection, he expresses his desires in letters, but keeps them a secret. But when a conflict arises between families, the young man is forced to leave his home, a situation that exposes his hidden letters to every one, including the woman of his affections.

Pyarey Afzal: episode 13 review Feb 26th 2014

At the end of last week, Afzal declared his desire to get married. His parents mocked him initially but upon hearing that the girl of his dreams was the daughter of none other than Sheikh Saheb, they were at a loss for words. Arifa was unconvinced with Afzal’s story and confronted him yet again. The identity of the girl who writes letters remains a mystery and if I were to go out on a limb, I’d say Afzal writes those letters to himself. He is in awe of Farah but he knows she’s a distant dream. Love makes us do crazy things and writing letters to oneself is the least of them!

The perky duo of Farah and Lubna walked in to find their mother making lavish dinner arrangements. As is their nature, they were curious to know who were the guests of honour. Having realized that Afzal’s ‘respectable’ family were on their way, Farah resorted to praying Nafils! I loved Lubna’s matter-of-fact retort that she was up against a man of great virtue- a highly-regarded Molvi! Lubna tried to   pacify her mother by hinting that Farah is no longer interested in Afzal and her mother replied with a slap across her face! Realizing her mother’s flaring temper, Lubna rushed to caution Farah of the impending doom that lay ahead.Afzal’s parents were making preparations of their own. His mother, though elated about her son’s prospective marriage proposal was a nervous wreck. His father was still in disbelief but was looking forward to the meeting with the Sheikhs. After some deliberation, the SubhanAllah family made their way to ask for Farah’s hand in marriage. Molvi Saheb’s enthusiasm was evident with the way he asked for permission to allow the engagement ceremony to take place after dinner.

Despite Lubna’s admonishment, Farah boldly blurted out in the presence of both families that she thought very little of Afzal and had struck a financial deal worth 8 lakh rupees for him to play the role of her love interest just so her parents would call off her engagement with Mehtaab! Afzal’s parents were humiliated and hurt and left in a hurry.Farah’s haughtiness was at its peak today but it really comes as no surprise since she was shown as being extremely self-absorbed from the beginning. Lubna, as always, was the wise owl but this time around, Farah wasn’t open to any advice. Today’s episode (unlucky 13) was very engaging and fast-paced and I’m actually glad that Farah didn’t play along with the engagement else that would’ve slowed things considerably. The Sheikh’s home is just beautiful and leaves me spell-bound every single time! Afzal’s conversation with his friends towards the end melted my heart. Hamza Ali Abbasi is proving to be a very competent actor. Ayeza Khan looks refreshing in this role. Both her and Lubna’s wardrobe is refreshing and compliments them. Overall, Pyaare Afzal is a visual delight with a calming feel. Looking forward to next week when Afzal faces his parents

Pyare Afzal- Episode 14 Review

No matter how difficult it may be, love your children anyway! Molvi SubhanAllah is the epitome of a loving father. Last week, Molvi Saheb offered his wife a sleeping pill to cope with their hurt after being insulted at Farah’s house. Late at night, when Afzal returned, both Molvi Saheb and his wife decided they would deal with him in the morning. Little did they know that Afzal had made up his mind to leave the city and move to Karachi. His mother couldn’t stop herself from slapping him, trying to mask her pain. Afzal is not only heart-broken, he is also very embarrassed. Yet, in not so many words, he managed to convey his feelings of unrequited love to his father. With great compassion, Molvi Saheb tried to explain to him that loving someone may not be in his control but he should ensure never to tarnish a girl’s reputation. I think it shows great character that Afzal respects women despite his other flaws. The way he asked his father to instruct his sister to leave the room, showed his deep-rooted values.

Arifa’s curiosity got the better of her and she finally unlocked the mystery behind the letters- or did she? The letters were signed by Farah but we’ve already established that Afzal always thought of Farah as the woman of his dreams. Did Farah actually write those letters or was it Afzal who wrote those letters to himself?

Sheikh Ibrahim was deeply upset- he confided in his wife that his gut instinct tells him that Afzal was sincere and he can’t face him anymore. He decided to hide out in his home. Farah, who seemed a little perturbed initially, bounced right back and hopped on to college with Lubna once Lubna validated her actions. Farah’s dependency on Lubna is very evident and it almost seems like Farah needs Lubna to stand by her and guide her through things. As different as both may be, they seem to be inseparable.

Afzal was disappointed with the recent happenings and just wants to get rich quick! He thinks that money is the key to respect and ultimate happiness. His friend laughed it off saying that such things don’t happen overnight and he should remain realistic. Will his desire to make money corrupt him again? The preview from next weeks episode shows Afzal placing a huge bet on a cricket match!

Farah’s arrogance soared to new heights when she spotted Afzal on the street. She seems to think that Afzal is deplorable and doesn’t shy away from voicing her contempt. Lubna warned her not to over-react but when their driver abruptly stopped the car to avoid a collision with Afzal, she got out and gave him a mouthful. She accused him of trying to cash in on the situation and thinking he could make his way into her life. Next week we will see a showdown between Farah and Arifa. Cat-fight, anyone?

I feel the drama is losing it’s pace and for that reason, I wasn’t as excited about this episode as the previous ones. Let’s just hope this doesn’t go downhill from here on. It would be disappointing if Pyare Afzal goes the same route as some of the ones that crumble towards the middle and simply bomb at the end! What did you think about this episode?

Pyarai Afzal Episode 15 written update / review – The Confrontation

Afzal’s longing for Farah has attained another level where he craves for Farah but cannot express,where he dreams for her but forgets everything everytime she comes infront of him. With a hope of making Farah a permanent part of his life, he asked his parents to visit Farah but he never counted the real life consequence in his plan. And when he got rejected by Farah,he was back to what he was before – rather even worse than ever before. He was unable to bear the pain of letting Farah go out of his life and to keep his mind distracted of her thoughts, he adopted every bad thing that can help him to forget the refusal.Farah did no good by insulting Afzal; Poor Afzal was unable to utter a single word after hearing what she said.

Jo chup kharay gaalyaan sun laitay hain na woh badnaam nahi kartay..

Lubna was so right about Afzal ; How can he even think of destroying Farah’s image in other’s eye. Afzal was one of his own kinds and Lubna knew it very well. Afzal knows how to respect women and if Farah was sensible enough, she might had the whole “8 lakh waali nokri” in mind for which she hired him. If not then than how can he think of putting a question mark on her character now. She made Farah realize that she should have shown patience which she lacks.

Afzal was all set to leave Hyderabad but it was his concern,love and respect for his mother that was not letting him take this very step.

Mera Zameer mujhe keh raha hai k chala jaa..

Tou phir maa se kyu pooch rahay ho chalay jao..

Chala jaoun ga Saajid, bus mujhe koi ye bata dai k maa bari hai ya zameer bara hai..

And that very moment, his friend,Saajid,was completely short of words. The whole sequence, the silence with which Afzal left and the answer Alladyo gave, Batao na uss ko.. Maa bari hoti hai.. left mark deep inside my heart. This is the beauty of Khalil ur Rehmaan dialogues – When everything seems quite, silence breaks the ice.

I really like the fact that both Afzal and Farah’s family share good regards for each other. Unlike typical serials,where after being insulted or rejected, all families are left with is rivalry or somewhat close to that.

Arifa turned out to be evil yet concerned tonight when she came to know that her brother was insulted by Farah right in the middle of street.Her reaction to the situation was too natural to believe and I literally felt that I was watching a real life scene; the strength of siblings relation was at its peak today.

Arifa knows when and how to react.She has all the elements that make a perfect sister – she smiles when she sees her brother happy, she cries when her brother betrays her and she can even switch herself into an evil immediately as and when she feels that her brother was insulted.Indeed,she is a typical eastern sister and I mean no harm in saying that!

Arifa revealed the letters mystery infront of Farah and Lubna and by the time, I was completely convinced that it will be Farah as she knows that Afzal won’t reveal her identity out of respect,she played with her emotions just like typical rich spoil girls by writing him letters.But I was proved wrong next minute when Farah visited Arifa and clarified everything infront of her mother. It was so nice and surprising to see how blindly Afzal’s mother trusted Farah.

From asking for coffee to the gift they gave, every action of Afzal’s family was depicting that how open heartedly and without holding any grudge,they welcomed Farah and Lubna.

It was so sad to see Afzal stepping in gambling again; I mean there are other ways with the help of which a person can keep oneself distracted  from all the thoughts but for Afzal,if not gambling, than what would it be ?

Afzal packed his belongings as he finally came to a decision that he will no longer stay in Hyderabad.After watching tonight’s episode,according to me, these lines fit best on Afzal’s situation:

Jisay mai keh nahi sakta usai mai farz karta houn..

Chalo mai farz karta houn, mujhe tum se mohabbat hai..

I would love to read your comments about today’s episode.

Pyare Afzal- Episode 16 Review

Now this episode totally ruined it for me. After last week’s fast-paced, mercury riser, my expectations were impossibly high but I guess they just couldn’t top that! Either the writer dozed off and lost track of the storyline or just lost interest altogether, I couldn’t make sense of today’s episode. Bear with me as I try to recollect. Apparently, upon her return journey from Molvi Saheb’s home, Farah has instantaneously developed the power of premonitions! Suddenly, she ‘knows’ everything to do with Afzal. What he’s thinking, how he’s feeling, and when he’s leaving. Umm, yes, so she also knew the exact time of his departure from Hyderabad! Farah was on the verge of tears after last week’s showdown at Molvi Saheb’s home but within moments she shifted her focus to the jhoola? ADHD alert?

Arifa is beginning to get on my nerves now. Does that girl have nothing better than to be her brother’s shadow? They really haven’t shown her do anything else besides harass Afzal over his day-to-day activities. Kahan se arahe ho? Kya chupa rahe ho? Khao meri kasam! Who khat kis ke hain? Kya karogay? Let him breathe, woman! It seems that Arifa’s obsession has passed on to the deadly duo of Farah and Lubna. All they seem to do is discuss Afzal. Molvi Saheb was his usual charming self. I adore his efforts to make his wife smile- true love indeed! If only Afzal had learned a thing or two from his father, he may have had a better shot at love! Upon finding out that Afzal had left, he made contingency plans and arranged for a doctor to accompany him after Fajr when his wife would wake up.

Afzal had already made up his mind he was not going to stay in the city anymore and go to Karachi to achieve his dreams of becoming a bara aadmi. That was why he took the plunge into gambling one last time so he could make enough money for his trip to the city of dreams- okay, so Karachi isn’t exactly a city of dreams but Afzal seems to think so. He assured Babloo that he has no intentions of returning and he would drown himself if need be-Sharam samandar se ziada bari hoti hai! Finally, Afzal caught the train to Karachi. Yipee. With a broken heart he remembered his various encounters with Farah. His reverie was interrupted by a mother/ daughter pair and I get the feeling we will be seeing much more of them. New love interest, maybe? Who knows?

I hope they don’t drag this drama beyond 20 episodes. There’s only so much melodrama that I can handle. What are your thoughts about today’s episode? Are you rooting for Afzal’s return?

Pyare Afzal- Episode 18 Review Apr 2nd 2014

Today’s episode was a tribute to some of Bollywood’s iconic moments- Arifa’s “Hamarey paas maa Afzal hai”; Afzal’s retort to the hiring manager who suggested he could work as a security guard and my personal favorite- Babu Hameed’s revenge saga. Watch out people, there’s a killer on the loose. The story didn’t really move forward but we got to see snippets of just about every character.

I don’t know about you, but I have to agree with Sheikh Sahab- Mere demaagh ka alu bana diya hai! So Farah continues obsessing over Afzal and thinks of ways to bring him back. Her ingenious idea of running an ad on TV was shot down by Lubna who told her Arifa felt she didn’t even deserve Afzal’s photograph! Nahinnnnn. Speaking of obsessing, how can we forget Arifa? Andddd, as if they didn’t have enough competition already, enter the newest contender for the title “Who’s the most obsessed of them all?”- Yasmeen! This self-proclaimed beauty/ khoonkhaar billi has more to her than meets the eye. She and her mother have secrets- maybe even worse than *gasp* Babu Hameed!

Lubna has consistently been Farah’s voice of reason and Farah has done nothing except belittle her. But no matter how many times Lubna shows her the mirror, Farah refuses to change! Driven by a sense of guilt (I can only venture to guess) Farah felt the need to go over to Arifa and discuss Afzal (unpredictable, eh?). Their pointless conversation did nothing except cause my interest to plummet.

This episode was much better than its predecessor but I’m afraid of jinxing it further. Molvi SubhanaAllah and his wife always manage to bring a smile to my face but Sheikh Sahab is proving to be hilarious. His dialogue delivery is effortless and he breathes life into the show. Whether he’s trying to reason with his daughters- Apni baat ko iss tarhan kaho jaise kisi gaawaar aur jahil admi se baat kar rahi ho or curbing his enthusiasm, Apney baap ko khaulte huwey teil mein daldo gi uska pakora bana do gi aur phir kahogi, “Abb mein jaoun?”, Shehreyaar Zaidi is par excellence as the exasperating Sheikh Ibrahim.

Even though nothing is working to his advantage, Afzal continues to dream big. His Third Division BA isn’t exactly an asset but this guy isn’t calling it quits. Siblings are known to take on the traits of one another- Afzal has turned into a busybody much like Arifa. He makes his way to confront the other tenants- a married couple with trust issues. According to Babu Hameed (sab ki khabar rakhta houn), the wife had an affair before her marriage and was stupid enough to tell her husband. He can’t seem to forgive her and resorts to domestic violence. From the conversation Afzal had with the victim of abuse, she seems to be the girl who his friend Saajid was in love with. Will Afzal rescue this damsel in distress? Will Afzal invest in a new cap? Will Afzal succeed in becoming a bara aadmi? More importantly, will we be watching till the end?

Pyarai Afzal – His stay in Karachi till now..

By far, we have seen that Afzal leaves Hyderabad just for the sake of becoming an established entity; He knew that this was the reason for which he got rejected by Farah. It was so interesting to see that how Afzal’s family reacted after knowing the fact that Afzal is gone. Maulvi Saheb’s concern didnot come to end but he got anxious to know whether Afzal had some cash to spend or not. Afzal’s mother got shocked but didnot put a glance of sadness at her face just for the sake of not letting her husband know that she is worried. Inshort, both of them looked apparently happy, but deep inside they were completely broken.

No one can be as dumb as Farah. I am seriously not getting what on earth she wants ? And why she is not clear about her aims. Firstly, she played with emotions of Mehtaab. To clean bowled Mehtaab, she took help from poor Afzal.Then played with his emotions because she wanted to go abroad for Mphil. And now that all obstacles are completely vanished, she decided to not go abroad but will do Mphil from Karachi.And now today,she seemed confused again that she should not go to Karachi. Her father is so right.. wakaie, dimaagh ka aalu bana deya hai..

Farah’s discussions with her sister clearly depict that she has developed feelings for Afzal. Unlike Lubna and Arifa, I guessed it not merely because she keeps on talking and asking about Afzal but my guess also relates to Farah’s feeling for Mehtaab. Now that she is in love with Afzal, she came to know that how badly Mehtaab got hurt when she rejected him.

Babu Hameed, Afzal’s first friend in Karachi, helped him to go through his hard time.. Ya ye kehna chahye that Afzal helped him. This way or that way, within very short span of time, they became good friends as if they were together since their childhood.

I am really liking Sohail Ali Abro’s character in this show. Her first encounter with Afzal at her own house was fun to watch. It was pretty much predictable that sooner or later Yasmeen will fall for Afzal and tonight’s episode gave her strong reason for that.

Be it his love for Farah, respect for his parents or loyalty towards her sister, Afzal proved himself to be an extremist. And tonight, we came across his hidden trait and that is to fight for right. It was his father’s teaching that gave him courage to never fear a man because at the end of the day a man is the creature of Allah who wants a man to fear him only.Afzal’s fight with Wali was interesting to watch and I enjoyed every dialogue during their fight; The way Afzal handled wali after having that lethal fight was another treat to watch. So for me, the highlight of today’s episode was Afzal and Wali’s encounter and the scenes after that; Inshort, last half of the show compelled me to watch the show till end.

First half of the show was a bit dragged and I lost my interest somewhere in the middle of episode.But Wali’s part brought my interest back into the show. Ab dekhna ye hai whether Farah will go to Karachi or not ?

I would love to read your feedback about today’s episode.

Pyarai Afzal Episode 20- The Permission

So, 20 episodes down and Farah is still unaware of the fact that she loves Afzal;Or maybe she knows but hesitating in confessing it infront of everyone. Whatever the reason maybe, I started watching this show with a note that tonight, this love thingee should be confessed by Farah. And I am glad that they put a step ahead of what Farah thinks and feels for Afzal now. Because despite of that fun element and strong dialogues, from last couple of episodes, I was thinking that they are dragging this show and they should let Farah disclose that she is in love with Afzal.

Today, we saw more of concern from Maulvi Saheb for his son. Now, at this point, we all know that not only Maulvi Saheb but Afzal’s whole family is extremely worried for Afzal and loves him to the fullest. So, I think that concern scenes should now be ended and they should find something else to show whenever they think to show Afzal’s family.

Another thing that I pondered upon today was that “Bhaie” part where everyone called him “Afzal Bhaie, Afzal Bhaie” and Afzal took it so seriously. I mean, I know that it feels awkward when no one talks to you and soon after an incident everyone start paying regards to you. But why they have to highlight that word “bhaie” in that ? Are we living in such society where “bhaie” is taken in terms of an underworld don rather than an “actual bhaie” ? Bhaie ko bhaie he rehnay dou bhaie..

Moving on to Farah and Lubna, Farah se zyada pagal khatoon mai ne aaj tak nahi dekhi; She is so much confused about what she thinks and what she speaks. On her visit to psychiatrist, she was not even sure what she spoke about earlier and what she should tell to him.By the way, as soon as I saw Vasay Chaudry in psychiatrist role, I smelled something funny in forthcoming scenes but he proved himself that he is not better with comedy roles only but is good when it comes to act serious too.

Farah’s father was so right that sole reason of Farah not telling her mother about her feelings is the communication gap between her and Farah. Its duty of mothers that they should create such atmosphere at home where daughters feel close to them. I have seen many cases where daughters are so close to their mothers that even it’s so hard to guess whether they are mother-daughter or friends and I am glad that I am among those types..

Immediately after seeing Sohai Ali Abro in the serial, I guessed that she will definitely be liking Afzal in next episodes and that is what exactly happened.Its the time when Afzal should give her a signal that he is not at all interested in her “pink lipstick” but in her “chicken ginger”..

Only scene that gave a new turn to the story was the discussion between Farah and Lubna. Farah was not ready to confess her love for Afzal and Lubna was not ready to accept that Farah is telling her the truth. And as soon as Farah went to Lubna to clarify herself again, Lubna asked for permission that if Farah is not in love with Afzal than permit her to marry Afzal.. Uss k baad kya tha..aik zor daar thappar jis ke goonj sab ne suni.. 

As far as I can predict, that was a stunt performed brilliantly by Lubna just to let Farah accept that she wants Afzal in her life. Another thing that can be guessed is that she was seriously asking Farah for her marriage to Afzal.What do you think ? I would love to read your feedback.

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 21 Review

Lubna’s confession has piqued Farah’s curiosity and has brought out the green-eyed monster. By now, we had established that Farah was almost on her way to the madhouse due to her unexplainable temper tantrums but it seems that she’s beyond help and needs some extreme measures- restraints would be a good start after her recent outburst. Clearly, any hint of sisterly love has been tossed out the window.

Lubna’s mother asks her to come clean about the man in her life. Hum miyan biwi ko sadmey jhelnay ki adat hogayi hai. In a parallel universe, Yasmeen’s mother continues to pry about her feelings for Afzal. Both the mothers are overly protective of their daughters and naturally looking out for them. I find the mother-daughter relationships to be an interesting contrast- Lubna exercises great caution when speaking to her mother- probably due to a sense of respect coupled with fear. Yasmeen is bold and outspoken and her mother, though caring, isn’t overbearing.

Sheikh Ibrahim offered to pull some strings and find Afzal if indeed he was in Karachi. Molvi Sahab graciously accepted and made his way home to inform his wife. However, her restlessness over Afzal’s disappearance has driven her to venturing in the world of spirituality- Roohani Ilaaj. She summoned an Aalim and asked him to perform Faal to help her locate Afzal. He warned her that she is treading on a dangerous path especially being the wife of a reputable molvi. I felt this was completely unnecessary but the trend of peers seems to creep its way into every storyline!

Reality bites and our beloved Afzal has come to terms with his reality- his net worth is about Rupees 10,000 and with that in mind, he has taken up the post of a security guard. All those dreams of becoming a bara admi have taken a back-seat for the moment, or have they? Since coincidences seem to be the order of the day, Afzal’s employer happens to be none other than the lovelorn Mehtaab. What remains to be seen is will Mehtaab exploit this opportunity to his full potential- or will he settle for being Afzal’s wing man? On a side-note, if anyone was second-guessing where the writer draws his inspiration, today’s toxic overdose of Lahu Muh Lag Gaya should lay those doubts to rest.

Pyarai Afzal – Episode 21 & 22

Pyarai Afzal is the only show airing these days whose single episode is unaffordable for me to miss. Story is now sounding more like a love rectangle rather than a triangle.. Pehlay Farah, than Lubna and now Yasmeen. Lubna’s Lahoo Moo lag gaya must be the tagline of previous episode. I mean that episode was more about Ramleela than Farah,Afzal or Lubna. Unnecessary, inclusion of dialogues related to the movie could have been avoided but again for the fun sake, I took them casually because I was enjoying even Ramleela’s discussion too.

This show is way too much unpredictable man. Firstly, it was all about those letters mystery which is still a secret buried deep inside Afzal’s heart ; And now , this whole Lubna sequence. All I am thinking is that it is nothing but Lubna’s strategy to compel Farah to speak her heart out and confess that she is in love with Afzal. Farah’s rage is clearly depicting her inside out; The way she is reacting to every action Lubna takes regarding Afzal is more than enough for us to know that Farah loves Afzal but she is resisting to tell anybody and more than that she is not ready to accept the fact herself ;Peak of her anger was shown when she heard Lubna humming the song and broke the window.

Yasmeen is a very interesting character added to the show in recent episodes; Though, Sohai was never my favorite actress still, I am enjoying every scene of her – she looks way too good in this role. So, this is my request to Sohai Ali that next time try to experiment with her acting skills rather than sticking to one particular “rota dhota role”. The pink lipstick, loud blush suits her character well and her confession infront of her mother told us that she is in no way flirting with Afzal and is seriously interested in getting married to him.

Our Afzal is looking literally “pyarai” in that security guard uniform. His decision regarding his job was right to an extent that he shouldnot wait for opportunity to knock out at his door rather he should go out and fetch for the opportunity – No matter how long it takes and by adopting which way he will become “Afzal” .

Mehtaab’s re-entry in the show made me happy again.This time he is completely transformed man ; He is looking elegant and poised rather than sounding like a goofy as before. The way he made Afzal realize about where he is standing right now being Farah’s admirer was nothing more than his way of taking revenge from him.

Mehtaab called Farah and Lubna picked up but point is that despite of saying again and again that she is not Farah but Lubna , Mehtaab got easily tricked by Lubna..At that point, I thought that he was only pretending to be different, deep inside he is still a goofy bal k bechara maasoom he hai and everyone can play with his emotions just like that. Seriously, I felt bad for him when Lubna said that she will reconsider her and he become happy thinking the fact that Farah will reconsider her again.

By the way, was that beep really necessary during Lubna and Mehtaab’s call? I mean their lips can easily be read and the words they uttered were not different from what they use frequently.

Without any doubt, dialogues are the soul of this show and credit goes to Khalil ur Rehmaan; He penned down every dialogue beautifully and not only they sound good but they are equally meaningful too. The way Afzal’s mother changed her mood ,when Farah’s mother visited her and told her that they will help them in finding Afzal, clearly described her longing for her son.

Now that Lubna knows exactly where Afzal is , I am guessing that story is heading towards its end. Last scene of today’s episode was too hard for me to digest. Are they actually planning for a sad ending ? Honestly, it would be unbearable for me to watch Afzal die; Maybe, he was wearing a bullet – proof jacket because he was in his uniform..

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 23 Review

As exasperating as it was to wait a whole week for tonight’s episode, I’m relieved to report that there were no casualties! With two shots fired at point-blank range, I’ll attribute the sloppy shooting skills of our hit-man to a lack of cadet training- or divine intervention if you will- take your pick, I’m not going to throw a hissy fit. Not today, anyways! Suna hai maa jab darr jaye toh aam logon ko bhi darr hi jaana chahiye-a mother’s intuition is not something that should be taken lightly and Molvi Sahab, despite his status as a revered man of knowledge, never underestimates his wife’s status as a mother. How often do we see such positive vibes? While Ruqaiyyah was praying for her son’s well-being, Farah bibi was busy lecturing Lubna on the virtues of namaaz- Dus tarhan ke fotoor aur hazaar tarhan ki balayein talti hain! Yes, it seems Farah’s powers of premonition have been fully restored. Farah’s modus operandi is fairly simple- sleep your way through to your goal. No, no, not in THAT context- geez! She literally slept in the car so her daddy would take her along on his mission to find Afzal. Woh joh parha tha usney aaj tak, Afzal par phoonk nay jaa rahi hai!

Yasmeen’s restlessness over her zaati kiraidaar is becoming a growing concern for her mother- she’s convinced Yasmeen is setup for disappointment even though Yasmeen seems pretty confident. Zindagi mein aaney jaaney walon ka nahin poochtey; yeh poochtey hein ke dil mein to koi nahin hai? Words of wisdom indeed from a woman who has probably dealt with her fair share of disappointments. After recovering from an operation, Babu Hameed tries to convince Afzal to return to his hometown but Afzal is adamant he’s here to stay. Marjaoun toh taboot mein daalkar bhejday lekin jeenay ke liye Hyderabad nahin jaoun ga mein… Afzal might have recovered from his gunshot wounds but clearly his heart has been shattered beyond repair- lagta hai jorah hua dil ziada solid nahin hota yaar; admi ko sirf zinda rakhney ke liye kaamyaab hai! The conversation between Afzal and the police was very amusing- it reminded me of his earlier conversation with the guy who offered him the job of a security guard. You’ve gotta hand it to him, even though he’s down and out, Afzal knows how to command respect. He is also keen on settling the score with Wali. However, having said that, I wonder if his father’s teachings will convince him that instead of seeking retribution, he should turn the other cheek and be.

Today’s episode was as good as it gets- impeccable direction, commendable production values and exceptional dialogues. Let’s not forget the pre eminent actors who have delivered through and through.  As if last week wasn’t enough to get a head rush, this week ended on another precarious note- Farah and her father managed to trace Afzal’s whereabouts and reached Yasmeen’s home! Will Yasmeen succeed in keeping Farah in the dark about Afzal? Will Farah continue her relentless search for a man she claims she can’t stand? How will Lubna react to Farah’s quest? And before I forget, Namaaz parhi aapne?

Pyarey Afzal- Episode 24 Review

What a medley this is turning out to be! Chance meetings, confrontations, showdowns, just about everything rolled into 40 odd minutes. Farah and Yasmeen finally came face-to-face and fortunately neither of them went home with any scratches- not the visible kind, anyways! Despite the cool exterior, both were curious as to how the other was linked to Afzal. Yasmeen’s biwiyon waley expressions were reason enough for Farah to deduce her involvement with Afzal. Yasmeen is clearly smitten with Afzal – maine dekha hai ke mein apni feelings ko chupa nahin sakti. Not just that, she doesn’t even want to explore the possibility that there may be another woman in Afzal’s life. Envy, after all, comes from wanting something that isn’t yours. But grief comes from losing something you’ve already had. And right now, Farah is in the process of accepting the transition from envy to grief. But she is not one to take it sitting down- she rejoices in the knowledge that Afzal is exactly the kind of guy she thinks he is. Sheikh Sahab’s patience is quickly running dry- Apney dimaag ka ziada istamaal mat kiya karo! Tum uski khaslat se ziada mere tajurbay ko lalkaar rahi ho warna meri umar mein log andhey bhi houn toh guftaar se kirdaar ko jaanch letey hein. Sheikh Sahab is convinced his instincts about Afzal are the exact opposite of how Farah perceives him.

Farah continues her rant with Lubna and gloats in the realization that Afzal has a new woman in his life- I have to wonder, is her denial keeping her from breaking down? Farah turned every shade of green while talking with Yasmeen and she becomes livid whenever Lubna mentions his name. Is it her snobbery that keeps her from associating herself to a tatpoonji like Afzal or is it her fear of being unable to face rejection? Love is indeed a strange emotion- it captivates you and makes you bow down before it. But the moment she found out Afzal was recovering from gunshot wounds, her expressions soften to that of genuine concern. Afzal can’t seem to get over her either even though he seems to be aware of Yasmeen’s feelings for him. One of the sweetest moments was when Farah walked in and Afzal finally accepted goliyon se bara zakhm uss gaali ka hai jo Hyderabad mein sunkar araha houn. Just as I was holding my breath for a response, turns out it was a lucid dream! Yet another bait to keep the audience hooked!

Finally, just when I thought we had seen enough drama, the real action began! Wali harasses Yasmeen and his Khala into letting him into their home and shamelessly puts forth an indecent proposal. Babu Hameed holds a gun to him but before he can take him down, Wali’s goons get to him. The attack on Babu Hameed will only reinforce Afzal’s motives of getting back at Wali- mazloom zaalim ki wajah se nahin hota balkey zaalim mazloom ki wajah se hota hai! Our hero was on his feet trying to get to Babu Hameed completely ignoring his goliyon ka zakhm, mind you but Sheikh Sahab and family came just in time. This will be the third episode that ends on a dangler. Once again, I shall be restless for the next six days in anticipation of what comes next. What did you make of today’s episode? Any thoughts on what happens next? Will Afzal avenge Babu Hameed? Will Babu Hameed make a miraculous recovery and become Afzal’s voice of reason? Will Afzal agree to return to his hometown? Will the ladies battle it out in a “Winner takes Afzal” fashion?

Pyarai Afzal – Episode 25

By far, this episode was the most boring and slow paced episode of Pyarai Afzal; I didnot enjoy watching this episode except for few scenes that I will be discussing in detail today. I know many of you will disagree with my point but thats how I feel and I guess, its the time to wrap up the show.I have no issue even if they will take 5-6 episodes to wrap up par koi asaar tou dikhain Afzal k kisi aik ke taraf janay k..

Sad part of today’s episode was when we came to know that Babu Hameed is no more. Ofcourse, out of all, Afzal and Yasmeen were completely broken because for Afzal,he was like his brother who was there with him when he needed help. Right from the day when Afzal came to Karachi, he took every step with Babu Hameed; They discussed ups and downs of their lives and always stood by each other and now that Afzal’s hard time companion is dead , he is completely shattered and broken from inside. And yes, I would like to give a special mention to Babu Hameed’s funeral; After a long time , I have seen a death in any television drama  where people didnot wear white clothes and for that Babu Hameed’s funeral looked like real life one.

I literally hated Farah today; I mean how selfish a woman can be ? Instead of feeling sad for Babu Hameed, she was cursing Afzal and Yasmeen. And for me, this is called nothing but peak of an emotion termed as Love ,blended with jealousy . Farah was jealous that Afzal put his life in danger for Yasmeen and now after seeing them together, she was unable to control her rage and started cursing both of them or woh bhi Lubna k kandhay ka sahara lai kar.. I must say, I should add sympathy with my hatred for Farah too because she can’t help herself and she is not in her own control now.

The best part of tonight’s episode was when Afzal’s family came to know that Afzal is in safe hands now. I would like to mention Firdous Jamal’s name,for acting superbly and brilliantly today ; Not for a second, it felt that he is acting in a drama-  it looked as if its a real life scene. Rukayya was unable to handle her emotions and Arfa’s eyes were full of tears – tears of happiness.  And like always, Maulvi Saheb’s dialogues took the limelight of today’s episode.

As Afzal is now in mood of taking revenge from Wali, he planned something fishy with Yasmeen and for that after a long time, he called his friends too. I guess, Wali will visit Yasmeen alone and this time Afzal will be a “bad man”  ,with his friends as his back up. God knows what is cooking in Afzal’s head.

Pyarey Afzal: episode 27 review

Looking back at my first review for Pyaray Afzal ,it seems we have come a long way baby . Kahan hamarey innocent gali /mohally mein Cricket kehlney waley Afzal aur kaha Afzal Bhai …  two murders key baad DON. After playing with us for most of this episode by suggesting Afzal really has gone over to the dark side we learn he is working undercover , Quelle surprise or maybe not . From the beginning this serial has been so reminiscent of seventies era Bollywood that I really did not fall of my chair, in fact I actually perked up and smiled. Wouldn’t it be nice , wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Government of Pakistan actually cared enough to clean up Karachi this way? So I’m all in, let Afzal make Karachi safe again , perhaps that is just what we need to do ..Fake it till we make it.pyarary afzal 3

Meanwhile in Hydrabad , Farah is being forced or guilt tripped into marrying Vasey Chaudhry’s Psychiatrist character we saw a few episodes back. While Vassey always looks kind of cute on screen, any man who is not interested in whether his prospective bride likes him or not and keeps creeping up on her at literally their second meeting should be rejected out of hand . I have a funny feeling that Doctor Saheb may be left standing at the alter when Farah suddenly realises that she just cannot live without Afzal. She will of course arrive at his doorstep just as he decides that even though he doesn’t love Yasmin he is going to marry her anyway because she prays a lot and prayer has the power to change taqdeerey and because Farah …well you get my drift .pyarary afazl 2

Despite the distance and lack of interaction between Hamza and Aiza’s characters , they  still share an odd ,old fashioned kind of chemistry. You can see it in Afzal’s face when he thinks of Hyderabad and it’s there in Farah’s searching gaze each time she quietly visits the his house. They are searching for each other’s faces amongst all the others they see around them. Hamza Abbasi  , Aiza Khan  , Sana Javaid and Suhai are all a treat to watch. I just missed Molvie saheb and Ruqeyya begum this week.  Nadeem Baig has done a fabulous job of keeping this story fresh and fast . I have my fingers crossed that he won’t go back to the lambe , lambe scenes and even longer dialogues which made some of the beginning episodes seem a bit long. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar’s dialogues are gems but even gems must be cut and polished to make them shine.images (64)

As a rule I am against stretching any serial beyond its capacity, but so far Pyarey Afzal has managed the unique, unheard of feat of actually getting better with time rather than downgrading to a soulless, purely commercial version of the original concept. So to the powers that be go ahead sell your sodas and washing powders and whatever else makes ARY Digital and Six Sigma bucket loads of money, but just make sure you keep up the quality and don’t stretch the elastic so far it snaps back at you .All that money will be spent in a few months however the feeling of being “had” may make the public a lot more wary of taking the bait next time.

Do you like the character of ‘Molvi Subhan Allah’ in Pyarey Afzal?

one word for Molvi Subhan Allah in Pyaray Afzal

Pyarai Afzal – Journey So Far…

Kahan se shuru huai thai or kahan pohanch gayai.. This is what that comes in my mind whenever I think of this show now. I feel extremely sorry for all fans of Pyarai Afzal, including me, because this show started with a great note and look where we are standing now. First of all, having male protagonist and then Khalil Saheb’s powerful dialogues made this show most anticipated one. Episode after episode, we kept on falling in love with this show but after 20 episodes, this show started losing its charm.

I have no clue why are they doing this to the brilliantly written script; I mean this extension is totally uncalled for. We wowed to see Afzal happy  ,we got sad when Afzal cried but now, nothing comes in my mind that can help me to connect to the characters.

I agree with the fact that dialogues were the reason for which this show got famous and loved by all. But repetition of same dialogues and same situations adds nothing but gives you a feeling as if you are watching the same incident again and again.

Afzal rejected Yasmeen when Yasmeen confronted him and spoke her heart out. Afzal loved Farah throughout his life and now that he knows that he is not capable of getting married to her so there was no chance of him getting married to someone else too.

Afzal parents are still longing for him and he misses them equally. His sister, Arfa – who was once closest to him, cries for him day and night and prays for him. Rukayya knew that Afzal liked Farah and for that whenever Farah visits her, she feels as if her own son is sitting in front of her.

Lubna’s so called love is of no use till now because Farah has seriously become a “dheet haddi” ; I mean hadh ho gaye ab tou, she is ready to be engaged to that psychiatrist but has no guts to tell Afzal about her feelings for him. On the other side, Afzal bhi dhun ka pakka ho gaya hai, that slap of rejection somehow made him egoistic and now he wants to get engaged too – after knowing that Farah is getting engaged.

After rejecting her, Afzal asked Yasmeen ;  I mean seriously , was it that much easier for him ? He proposed her just like that and thankfully ,she rejected her because she knew that he loves Farah and both of them will never live a happy life because when it comes to Afzal, Farah’s love overpowers Yasmeen’s affection.

But wait.. Yasmeen kahan reh sakti thei peechay.. She called Afzal and told him that she is ready for engagement but with a condition that he has to marry him and will never leave her half-way. Afzal is now unable to stand Farah’s association with someone other than him and inreturn,he is putting his own life at stake ; Taking decision of getting married to someone whom you never loved isnot clever act indeed or woh bhi badlay ke aag mai..

Thats all what I extracted from past few episodes. Still, I can’t smell this show heading towards its ending. Are you ?

Do share your thoughts about your journey with Pyarai Afzal so far.

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