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Posted on Dec 17 2013 - 3:28am

Sherry Shah | Hot, Wedding, Family pictures | Biography, Fan Reviews

Model/ Actress Sherry Shah got married  a month ago to  Malik Anwar Awan. However, after a month of staying with him it turns out Malik Anwar Aawan was not the person Sherry Shah thought she married. He had lied to her about everything from his family to what he did for living. Anwar Awan had told Sherry Shah that he was a doctor by profession, hafizi Quran, and also a politician which were all a lie. It turns out it was not his first marriage either, he was already married before and has children. Malik Anwar Aawan with his gang misused major politician’s and influential people’s names to cheat people and  used government number plated cars, although have nothing to do with the government. There has been other women who has been victimized by Malik Anwar Awan. With the help of Ansar Burney, Maya Khan, and several politicians the fraud was discovered and she was able to get divorce.

Sherry Shah wrote the following on her Facebook Page about this

Thanks to Allah after being confirmed through valid resources and investigation it was revealed to me that Dr. Malik Anwar Awan is a fraud and a cheat he used my name and influence to cheat media persons and took money from them saying he is my husband and he sells pride of performance all that was a big lie,,, also he is not a doctor as he claimed he was or a politician or award holder or even not related to any bureaucracy he ruined lives of many other women, thanks to Ansar Burney sahab and Maya Khan and also my friends and family who did their selfless efforts to get rid of this man … please beware of this person as he is the biggest fraud and uses big references for his fraudulent activities

Sherry Shah Divorced, Signing divorce papers


Sherry Shah & Dr. Malik Awan after many years of togetherness finally got married in a simple way.  Marriage season is in and the popular celebreties got married this season. Follow the others foot step Sherry Shah who is currently seen in Geo TV’s Yeh Zindagi Hai decided to tie the knot with Dr. Malik Awan. Sounds surprising but that’s the truth!

A source from the industry says, “Sherry Shah & Malik Awan who were in a relationship since five years, all of a sudden decided to get married on 6th December. Apart from the family members, few close friends were present to greet the newly married couple in Karachi as they always wanted to have a low profile marriage,” signs off source.

Pakistani actress and super model Sherry Shah has secretly married, she confirmed it by changing her marital status on Facebook as married on 6th December. Later, she also posted some pictures from the wedding and with her husband. All the wedding preparations were in a rush and was not much disclosed to the media.

He said, “Marry Me!” She said, “YES!!!”

Pulled an instant wedding event on a very unexpected note. Sherry Shah ties the knot with Dr. Malik Anwar Awan. From Ring ceremony to Rukhsati, DK Event Management put up the wedding in just three hours!!!!

Here are few pictures of Sherry in a wedding dress and along with her husband


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