Pakistani actress Meera latest scandal MMS leaked video download with Captain Naveed

Posted on Jan 9 2014 - 1:57am

meera scandal video, Pakistani actress Meera latest scandal MMS leaked video download with Captain Naveed

La:  A video is circulating in social media in which Meera and Captain Naveed is  found doing “unsuitable” things that are not liked by the society.
Actress has said that this video is 1111 and someone is trying to defame her  and Captain Naveed. She further added that these type of cheap things are done  in this era with the use of technology.  It is possible that someone might  have used masks of Meera and Captain Naveed to make the video and then released  on social media like Facebook and other video sharing websites.  Meera married  to Captain Naveed on October 31, 2013 in New York.



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Pakistani actress Meera’s video was leaked several days ago and seems to be talk of the town. Insiders believe that Meera was  behind the leak herself to gain some attention. The actress has not been getting any major roles and her career seems to  be headed south. The trailer of her upcoming film Hotal was released this week as well. It seems the video is a publicity stunt to have her film gain attention which ironically is also called Hotal.

In the R-rated video Meera can be seen with Captain Naveed Pervaiz. In 2012  Meera got engaged to Captain Naveed and it was stated she was to marry him, but after sometime nothing was heard of the marriage. However, since the release of this video Naveed’s father released the marriage certificate stating that Meera got married to Naveed Pervaiz in October 2013 which Meera denies.


When approached by media, Meera termed the video a “conspiracy” against her, saying it has been prepared masterfully and the couple seen in the video wore the “masks” of her and Captain Naveed.  She also denies ever meeting Naveed saying he just one of her fans.  It’s not the first time she was involved in such a scandal. No doubt Meera is now the official queen of scandals, has left Mathira and Veena Malik far behind.

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So funny … Meera says her video is Veena aur Reema Ki sazish because they are jealous of her building a hospital..lolz

Meera Scandal Discussed on Mubasher Lucman Show: After Meera Jee’s Tape Video  leaked on internet just last night, the video has now become the talk of the town and now being discussed on popular Pakistani TV shows as well. Just today, i.e within 24 hours of video leak, Mubasher Lucman took Meera and her husband Captain Naveed on board and discussed the controversial video on his show “Khara Sach”. In the show, both Meera and Naveed categorically denied the credibility of the tape video and even called it FAKE, made with the help of “modern technology”. Watch now the full show to know the stance of Meera Jee herself: Also, don’t forget to post your comments below:

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