Bashar Momin | Geo TV drama | OST title song mp3 download

Posted on Feb 7 2014 - 9:53am
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Bashar Momin | Geo TV drama | OST title song mp3 download

Bashar Momin (Urdu: بشر مومن‎) is an upcoming Pakistani drama serial directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama,[1] written by Zanjabeel Asim and is an A&B Entertainment production. The drama genres jealousy, love, hatred, romance and suspense with the lead character “BM” being played by Faisal Qureshi.[2] It the most expensive drama ever made in Pakistan[3] and will air on Geo TV.[4] Bashar Momin would be the first Pakistani serial to hit the Indian television screen.

I watch a lot of serials. US, Dutch, Scandinavian. Korean, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, Italian, Latin American, Chinese etc. Pakistan has won…THE WORST EVER DRAMA: BASHAR MOMIN. now people will make excuses: it’s only 5 episodes…it will get better I promise! come on it’s not so bad  etc. Same happened when I wrote here that Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai SUCKED…immediately I got attacked by Mikaal and Sanam Jung fans. By the way if Bashar Momin hadn’t aired yet…the crown of worst drama on this planet ever would have been given to Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai…BUT after seeing episode 5 of the extremely low budget drama Bashar Momin I’m convinced this is the worst drama ever. I can hear everyone thinking: Low budget? It’s the most expensive drama ever! Look at the amazing star cast! I’M PRETTY SURE MOST EXPENSIVE MEANS: QURESHI’S SALARY. The whole drama is DARK, the sets aren’t grande or beautiful…nothing special, the story is boring…i might have still continued to watch but after seeing Ushna Shah’s onscreen brother talking on the phone with her from Canada/United States who cares with a nice wallpaper of the foreign country in the background I couldn’t help it but say GOODBYE. And now I’m convinced…won’t start on a new drama…instead I’m going to watch some of the older ones that I didn’t get to watch yet: lahasil, khamoshiyan, nanhi, gohar e nayab etc. I will ofcourse finish Shukk and Rukhsaar…but don’t have the guts to start watching a new drama and forcing myself to follow it once a week anymore.  BASHAR MOMIN SUCKS! It’s the Alpha Bravo Charlie of this era! WORST PAKISTANI DRAMAS EVER


Everything stated is purely my opinion and not meant to offend anyone.  It is all said with good constructive criticism. I have seen your post around the forum but never bothered to comment because the tone of your writing is really off putting.  The way you write is as if you are yelling at the reader and it just seems very loud.  There is a way to say that you don’t like the drama but putting out terms or sentences, for example, “Pakistan has won…THE WORST EVER DRAMA” are not going to get you very good responses on a Pakistani Serial forum.  I also read your post about Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai before and of course as I stated earlier I did not comment. Personally, I stopped watching Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai after Nabeel died because it just did not seem to hold my interest.  He was the interesting character in the drama.  His interactions with Romaisa were adorable and their conversations represented how different, but at the same time, how alike they both were.  I knew after his death Romaisa would become a shell again.  And she did. She doesn’t speak up or defend herself.  She needs to stand up for her and her daughter but she doesn’t.  And I knew since the beginning that she is that type of person, Nabeel was her shield.  (I think everyone who was watching that drama knew how her character was.)  So I stopped watching until today.  I saw this Fridays episode (like 30 mins. ago) and had a wide range of emotions going through me.  My parents were looking at me as if I was crazy.   I find that the most highly annoying thing about the drama is Romaisa and Zeeshan.  They need to both stop what they are doing and change themselves.  I think slowly its going to happen and I’m going to watch and see how it plays out. Would I say this is the “THE WORST EVER DRAMA?”  Nope.  But that’s my opinion.    On the other hand I do watch Bashar Momin and I like it.  Why? Because of Bashar Momin’s character and FQ that plays it.  I find his character very interesting with shades here and there.  He is unpredictable and I sometimes have no idea what’s he going to say or do next.  (And truthfully I know people who act like him, except with the killing )  And it is an expensive drama.  If you watched any morning shows that the cast was invited to, you will see why it was that expensive.  Of course that scene today with Rudaba’s brother on the phone could have been shot better, but you have to cut the money somewhere.  Though I would not stop watching the drama just because of that one scene.  I have seen way worst dramas, since I also watch many dramas from around the world.  I have to agree on the lighting but most Geo dramas are shot that way.  So not going to complain about that. On the other hand, you said you think its the most expensive drama only because of FQ’s salary.  Why the hell not?  He’s a excellent actor with tremendous talent so its obvious he’s going to be paid well.  I’m not going to take offense to that point.  Also, the story is slowly building up and I think once it starts to unravel its going to go faster.  I just hope that’s soon because I want it to go faster . Would I again call it one of the worst? No way. Hope anything was not taken in the wrong way.  (I’m watching Rukhsaar, its good but Shukk not really a favorite.) 

Bashar Momin Episode 1 written update

The Blast of Enigma -Bashar Momin Episode # 1 Review:

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Ziddi aRyal dil soye na  sokhi ankhoon say roye na …. Dil roye na

Bashar Momin gained the popularity and the 100000 (one lac) likes before the 1st episode went air was something amazing- it was everywhere on the electronic, social and print media. Everyone was excited to know what exactly Bashar Momin is??? Why Faysal Qureshi got these cool yet devilish looks??? Why Ushna Shah after negative character in Rukhsar is playing a role of an innocent girl –why begging Bashar Momin, but without any doubt she proved that she is a genuine actor -Beauty with Brains 🙂



Well their characters were prominent in the promos and the teasers before the episode went on air. So I had quite lot expectations with the drama as many big names were attached and the hype was created that it is going to be the most expensive drama in the history of Pakistani Media Industry.

And Bashar Momin fulfilled all the expectations and gave a shutup call to all the haters. First Episode started with the engagement ceremony of Rudaba (Ushna Shah) with none other than Buland Bakhtiar (Sami Khan) who lives in America and works at World bank on a reputed post but Rudaba thinks that he is going to be some arrogant and rude brat who doesn’t possess any love for country or family values. Her father tried his level best to make her understand that Buland is a good person and he is not an inch of what he thinks of him. Buland is Bakhtiar’s son, and Bakhtiar loves Rudaba as if she is his own daughter. Rudaba is one simple, innocent, down to earth and family oriented girl whose life revolves around her father and brother Adil (Yasir Mazher).

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Adil lives with his wife Sahira (Maheen Rizvi) who is big-headed, swollen with pride, rude and outspoken women, who is living a luxurious life with her husband on her brother’s expenses. Adil works for Bashar Momin (Sahira’s brother) he makes his black money white illegally, that’s why he lives in a separate house as Adil and Rudaba’s father has been a sincere and an honest bureaucrat throughout his life so he wouldn’t allow his son to do such illegal stuff. No father would want such life for his son. 🙂

Furthermore, after Rudaba’s engagement Sahira felt insulted as Rudaba’s father gave an insulting answer to Adil’s questions regarding Rudaba’s engagement. So Sahira tried her best and somehow succeeded in manipulating Rudaba’s mind and filling her brains with crap against Buland and his character. Rudaba is very innocent that she actually believed what so ever Rudaba said to her and she even complained to her dad “Koi itna zalim nahi hota, apni beti kay saath to nahi” but then he made her understand that Sahira has this ability to control other’s mind, and don’t let her do this to you.

Finally, Faysal Qureshi’s new avatar came in front in this episode! At first it was difficult to relate Bashar’s character with Faysal Qureshi but later on I realized that yes, Only Faysal Qureshi can do this. Faysal Qureshi –I mean Bashar Momin’s character was unkind, arrogant, rude, and cruel. He has everything be it money – power – status – fame and name but he didn’t have happiness (this was obvious). Tayabba (Sundas Tariq) Sahira and Buland’s younger sister who was engaged twice but those engagements were called off because of  Bashar’s reputation. One thing is quite clear that he can’t see pain or tears in his sister’s eyes and can kill the whole world to bring happiness for them. Bashar’s mean and rude nature came upfront when he said to Sahira that “cheh cheh aani kay safaid poosh jo hotay hain na unko aukaat yaad dilanay kay liye mehloon kay drawing room main bethana paRta hai” well Bashar is one proud person for whom happiness and relations can be bought. Bashar’s pride once again led to the engagement being broken off. But the moment Sahira said “ab main Tayyaba ko kia mun dikhaongi” Bashar sat on the sofa, there was this helplessness on his face that gave me hope. Hope that he may be stiff, rude and arrogant from outside but their is a soft heart that possess kindness is present.

Conclusively, Rudaba’s father and father-in-law got murdered by probably a mobile snatcher. Now the question is what Rudaba is going to do and how is she going to survive? The next episode window shows that Rudaba and Bashar Momin are going to meet soon.

Undoubtedly the direction, costumes, ambiance, dialogues, cinematography, direction of photography, all of the title songs and particularly the screen everything was amazing. Syed Ali Raza Usama proved himself to be the perfectionist. Zanjabeel’s script created a character of Bashar Momin who is going to stay in heart of the audience for a long time.

Super, Super, Super amazing episode! Awesome dialogues, stunning cast, beautiful screenplay, a very strong script. Everything was just perfect! BasharMomin was beyond amazing!! Congratulations to the whole team. And yes can’t wait for more episodes & eagerly waiting to see Bulaaannd.

Bashar Momin Episode 2 written update

Theatrics. This word sums up Bashar Momin and we’re only on the second episode.

I could start by listing everything that’s bad and perhaps do the same for everything that’s good. If that’s what you’re looking for I suggest you go somewhere else. Kyun? Well, for starters, writing a review is not always about listing things, this isn’t a lecture and you’re not taking notes. Writing, they say, is an art, and my reviews talk about someone else’s masterpiece, thus, the least I can do is be fair to their efforts.

And it’s in all fairness that I say Bashar Momin is like a Bollywood film. It’s colourful, it’s bold, it’s innovative and unique, there are new actors (Ushna Shah) and old ones in roles that we didn’t think they could do (Maheen Rizvi), the story is far removed from our obsession with mazloom aurats and gharayloo sadeeshain, even the scale at which things come across is large and grand (what with three butlers serving food!). Yet, I’m not impressed but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious to know what happens next.

If we want a story-strong, character-driven drama, then we won’t find it here. And that’s okay. Not every single drama series has to be the torch bearer for Urdu adab.

What I see in Bashar Momin is aspiration. Aspiration for a glitzy, glammy, showbiz industry on-par with it’s regional cousin (read: rival). A momentary glance will tell you that Bashar’s screaming-shouting disposition is inspired by Vikram from Chotti Bahu or Sahira’s teekhi aadayeen are courtesy of Komolika from Kasautii Zindagii Kay. Elsewhere the aaleeshan bangla (with palm trees and mediterranean roofs!) is symptomatic of Ishq-e-Mamnoon. Even the clothes and jewellery are a sign of changing domestic tastes. There’s no arguing that our dramas are inspired by external factors but that inspiration simultaneously leads us to look beyond our borders.

What we have here is a drama that is being catered to a wider television viewing audience and not necessarily one that is just Pakistani, Indian, or Bangladeshi.

This episode is proof of this two-way exchange. Ushna’s dramatic Paro-esque jaunt from the bedroom to the staircase coupled with oh-so-dramatic music – all aaahs and uuuhs – leads us to the maiyat where we see Sahira in a red dupatta (seriously at your father-in-law’s funeral?!). As though Ushna hadn’t been through enough grief we’re reminded that Buland is not the right match for her, and this time around by mohallay wali Aunties too!

Sahira, I find, is hiding a deeper, darker secret. One that stems from insecurity, the same insecurity that plagues Tayyaba, of a khandani, sharif man not valuing her as is evident from the sisters’ conversation. In true naya pasia fashion, it is all about being weighed in gold here!

What I absolutely loved about this episode was Faysal Quraishi’s eye for detail. As he walks in on his sister crying he sends his niece and the manservant out of the room before screaming his lungs out at her. This, my friends, is khandani contrary to what the Bashar Momin team would like us to believe. I think Bashar’s character is tarnished by his illegal ventures combined with an angry demeanour, otherwise his manners (at least around his sisters) are rather impeccable.

For Bashar, the main problem stems from an inability to fulfil Tayyaba’s wish to get married, it has nothing to do with Salman or his family who just happen to be on the receiving end of his anger. Aadmi chahay jitna janglee kyun na ho bahan par gussa nahi nikal sakta.

Another scene that caught my attention (and was very well-shot) was the meal at Adil and Sahira’s house. They had it pat down to a T. Excellent lighting, perfect sets, the maid used as a prop (a bit out there agreed!), and the stressful family dynamics, all done without a lot of words.

The relationship between Adil and Rudaba is somewhat far fetched because I cannot fathom a hipster-haired Adil calling Rudaba “Beta” but hey that’s just me. On the other hand, Sahira seems to be speaking the same language as her brother especially when she tells Tayyaba that “You’re over-reacting”. I wonder who’s over-acting, then. Although I will say Bashar and Sahira make a good team!

As much as this is Bashar’s story, it is also Rudaba’s and we saw the first sparks of that relationship in another beautifully shot scene, even if over shadowed by Bashar’s screaming!

What I hope for next is a bit more restraint for that will surely add to the story. Sometimes, as the say, things are best left unsaid and that is the strength of the Urdu adab and by extension our dramas. The audience can read between the lines, give us a chance to do that with Bashar Momin.

Bashar Momin Episode 3 written update

Sab bikta hai. Everything is possible. I get it, Bashar, I really do, but can we please move on.

I am hard pressed to write a review this week. Not because I’m at a loss of words, not at all, I have a lot to say but I don’t know where to begin. There’s the acting and the story not to mention the sets, camerawork, pacing and sequencing, yet, I am for lack of better word, “meh”-ing at this episode.


Okay, okay… you get the point. In a series that I’m solely watching for its entertainment value – clearly this is not the next Humsafar – it is never a good sign to have the audience give out verbal equivalents of a shrug in the third episode. Never! A test of truly good pacing and sequencing is that it keeps the audience glued and wanting more and in all honesty this episode started out like that but somewhere in the middle it lost me, and I was nowhere to be found till the preview rolled around for next week.

Again, I’ll stress the fact (and this time in no uncertain analogies) that Bashar Momin is full-on entertainment. It’s not compelling drama, it’s not a Bombay-noiresque crime thriller, nor is it an out and out romance, it is a typically Bolly/Lolly genre with everything thrown in – action, romance, thrills, perhaps even comedy.

Solely based on that entertainment factor, Sahira’s dramatic (all melo and all!) “mein tumharay haath joodti noon apnay bhai ko sach bata do” had me both smirking and wanting more. Now this is entertainment (for the trashy amongst us!). And we weren’t the only ones laughing, if you noticed Adil couldn’t keep a straight face either, and he’s Sahira’s shohar to hum to siraf audience hain. Even though Sahira seems all happy and placated, in my opinion, she is only buying time to strike when it hurts both brother and sister.

If marriages are made in heaven, then, this one was definitely on the wrong side. Time and again we see Adil and Sahira on opposite sides of the fence (no, I’m not calling Rudaba a fence!). Whether at the breakfast table (side note: they love their breakfasts in BM!), in the car, or in the drawing room our couple seem to be at constant loggerheads usually because of Rudaba.

Speaking of Rudaba. Ushna, Ushna, Ushna, girl you can act. You can’t fake your emotions when you receive a phone call, you can’t spill chai on yourself like Kashaf, but you can withstand the tirade Sahira spews at you and that too without once breaking out in laughter. For that and that alone you’ve won me over. If Sahira’s dramaybaazi had an honest response it was from Ushna. I could literally feel for the girl with her pleas of: “Nahi bhabhi, aap yeh kya kahe rani hain.” Job well done, Ushna!

In another part of Basher’s universe, Salman and his becharay Abbaji are being punished ostensibly for money laundering but actually for breaking Tayyaba’s heart. Poor Abbaji ko apni fakirana aukad ka para chal gaya hai. First round goes to Bashar.

Waise Bashar sahab aapkay takiyan kafee reshmi lagtay hai.

What I loved, loved, loved about this episode was Rudaba’s flashbacks. Yes, I confess, I love my flashbacks. Here we see cuts back and forth between Rudaba thinking and Abbuji talking and that too next to the pool. Aisay cool Abba mujhe milwa dain. Mein to galti say bhi unki study mein chala jaaon to woh naraaz ho jatay hain. What I did see here was a young girl who needs a female influence in her life, a good one, not the likes of Sahira. The sad part is the manipulations are only beginning.

Bashar, I thought, was rather restrained in this episode till he threatened to kill Khan. Does this mean Khan is gone for good?

For a man who knows his business, his clients, his henchmen, and even his brother-in-law, what surprised me was his less than astute reading of his sisters especially the theeki one. My surprise was quickly countered when Bashar and Tayabba were driving back. Here’s a man who might be loud and obnoxious but loves Rudaba’s understated and composed reaction, a fact that won’t be lost later in the series.

One final observation whoever is working behind the camera need a quick shout out. I absolutely loved how the DoP framed Sahira in front of a fountain as she is talking, again the who sequence by the summing pool (in the flashback and between Sahira and Rudaba), the breakfast scene, and when they’re driving was well shot. If only everything else worked as seamlessly.

Bashar Momin Episode 4 written update

Rudabaaaaaaaaa… Aa gaya tera deewanaaaaaaa! (Get the reference?!)

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Step 2: Put your earphones on and turn up the volume.

Step 3: Click play!

Step 4: Now, continue reading…

Let’s do things Bollywood style, shall we. Why you ask? Well, if Syed Usman Saab has no problems why should we. Saat samundar… saat samundar paar mein teray peechay, peechay aa gaya. That’s right girls and boys, aa gaya not gayee! Just when we thought things were getting stale – wohi same bhabhi, shaadi business – enter our knight in shining armour, well in this case, shining suit. Baarish, moombatti, chattri, darban, ek bhooli ladki aur uska gumshuda shehzadabaat samajh aayee?

Nahi. Chalain padtay rahen.

Four episodes in and Bashar Momin has me glued to the TV set not because of a riveting story or stellar acting but because I just want to know what happens next. Will Bashar play a mafia version of vatta-satta? Do Buland and Rudaba really fall for each other? Is Bashar really the capital-B Beast? And will Tayabba ever stop crying?

We begin exactly where we left off last week with Bashar screaming his lungs off and Tayyaba crying her eyes out. Between the crying and the screaming we have Sahira to the rescue. I, for one, find Sahira as the useless phuphi (::you may insert relative of choice::) that can add no new insight into an already bad situation. What Bashar needs from Sahira is the ability to comfort, to nurture, as he obviously is at a loss to provide that to Tayyaba. Funnily enough the only person he knows who might possibly help is Sahira, seriously Bashar sahab?

From what I saw of that interaction, I would rather see Tayyaba wallow in her pity than have Sahira come boost her confidence. Believe you me, Tay-Tay (pronounced Tai-Tai) is better off without the support and comfort Sahira offers which just happens to be my two cents on the situation.

It seems to me that Sahira is only there to add namak to the zakham. Some choice one-liners from that conversation include Tayyaba you’re over-reacting now, Rudaba has gone through worse, she’s keeping her faith strong, she’s better than you – truth be told Sahira I don’t think comparisons are the route to go at this point in time. Hats off to Faysal Quraishi though for adding much needed emotional depth to that scene especially when he says he’ll willingly leave if that helps the situation.

Bhai tum kaheen maat jana, tum chalay gaye to humara kya hoga. What could have been a tear-inducing, heart-wrenching scene instead played out in true Bolly-fashion eliciting not one tear from me – the heightened background music, Tayyaba’s OTT sobs, Sahira’s pooch-pooch, nothing had an impact except Bashar getting up to get a glass of water for his hysterical sister. Full snaps up, Mr. Gangster!

Elsewhere in the world of Bashar Momin, Adil and Sahira are quickly ushered off to a waiting jet to sort out a matter of some ninety-odd crores.

What happens to Rudaba then you might ask?  She’s left to the mercy of the “Beast” himself. This was truly a Faysal Quraishi-Ushan Shah episode. No where were Sahira and Adil to be seen nor were Tayyaba or Pari of much consequence when it came to these two interacting with one another.

Agar aankhon hi aankho mein ishara ho jatay hain to Rudaba Baaji aap ko iss haftay isharay hi isharay milay hain. Pehlay Bashar bhai, phir Buland miyan, aur koi bhi hai scene mein…?

Annnnnd what do you know Khan’s still around. No AWOL-action going on as of now. He even gets to escort Rudaba to her chambers. Set admits those lavish (read: ostentatious and seriously over the top) surrounding our damsel in distress looks anything but happy.

Speaking of lavish surroundings, what I find with Bashar Momin is a serious lack of perception when it comes to visuals – the house is huge and grand but the furnishings are cheap and run of the mill – paintings of horses in bright blue, green velvet curtains, and so on. Instead of fancy headrests on the bed and silken linen, a simple manji with an Ajrak bedcover could have conveyed a sense of class along with money. If wishes were horses as they say… (side note: A&B if you’re looking for aesthetically inclined designer please do get in touch with me, I’ll make sure you do better than Humsafar and Shehr-e-Zaat!)

The scene that really stood out for me was once again in the dining room. Here we get to see how Bashar perceives himself – he doesn’t really care if he’s labelled a monster or a beast (incidentally both monikers are courtesy of Rudaba), it doesn’t matter to him, and he can laugh it off. What matters to him is his inability to control the women in his life, which try as he might he can’t. Sahira, Tayyaba, Paree, and now Rudaba all challenge him and his sense of mardaangi.

Kya hua? Ruk kyun gaye. Gaana khatam ho gaya hai? Yaar replay kar lo.

In the same vein of controlling and dominating we have yet another baarish scene, this one far from memorable, with Rudaba, Tayyaba, and Paree all frolicking sans Bashar. What bothers Bashar more – that Rudaba went ahead and did what he expressly forbid or that she didn’t include him in the garden party? Either way he quickly loses his cool and is then rather apologetic at his loss of temper. Again a scene that could have been so much more than what we got to see – lost opportunity, A&B!

And finally, as if on cue, we have Buland’s entry. Baati gul, moombatti on and that too a three-tier candelabra, baarish, aansoon, and Qutub – whoops! – Ramzan chacha filling Buland in on Rudaba’s virtues we have the beginnings of true cinematic romance.

One final note I actually loved how Tayyaba and Rudaba talked with each other sharing their secrets – something that this series has lacked thus far. Hopefully we’ll see more secrets being spilt in the coming weeks.

Bashar Momin Episode 5

Kuch loogon ki kismet itni acchi hoti hai dil karta hai uskon chura lain.

This past week A Game of Thrones debuted its fourth season with a record 8.2 million viewers. Since there has been much talk about TRP’s and revenue, I thought it wise to begin with a tangent to this week’s recap.

Why do I bring this up? Well, let me begin by asking why not? We’re talking about popular culture after all. Not to mention our rather detailed conversation on what makes a successful drama series two weeks in a row.

A Game of Thrones is one of those epic pieces of fantasy literature not unlike our very own Hoshruba or the Hamzanama. It’s sheer volume coupled with multiple  story lines can be a hard sell for any producer, yet, HBO manages to dramatise the books, and does justice to them! So, I begin by asking if they can why can’t we?

With stories as complicated as the byzantine politics that inhabit the seven kingdoms of Westeros, A Game of Thrones draws upon a number of familiar themes: honour, love, anger, revenge, lust, greed, envy, faith, and so on, themes that many of us will recognise all to easily. Truth be told I am hard pressed to imagine this series without all its intricate complexities. Which brings me to my point, if HBO can invest time, effort, talent, and money in a story like A Game of Thrones, which is by no means an easy book to translate on screen, why are we unable to come up with innovative and new ideas to grace our television screens?

Why can’t our producers, directors, and big production houses take a risk and give us tales of fantasy and lore Alif Laila style coupled with a modern, upbeat, and sophisticated touch. I kid you not if HUM TV came out with GoT-esque version of Hoshruba, I’d be the first to review, watch, and promote! Alas, if wishes were horses as they say… and instead we’re stuck with the likes of family dramas à la talaaq, shaadi, jaydaad, and bachcha.. kiska bachcha.

This is why I actually like Bashar Momin. Even though I know Rudaba is heading towards mazloomiyat, the subject is different and tackled rather well, what with all the glitz and glamour (but there is much left lacking).

Taken in isolation, I loved how this week’s episode began! With that pensive look on Sami Khan’s face, that phone conversation between the two love-birds, and each lost in their own thoughts. It was altogether a well acted, well-shot, and seamless sequence with no odd moments here or there. Rudaba looked her part of a smitten girl, Buland’s guilt came across as genuine (who said Sami Khan can cry in a heartbeat – girl you were right!), and the hazy, smokey camerawork worked perfectly for this scene (only for this scene mind you!).

Waise aapnay notice kara hai ki Ramzan Chacha kabhi wazifay karwanay ka mashwara daitay hain, kabhi Rudaba beti ki masoomiyat ki tareefain, Qutub aka Ramzan Chacha kabhi aapnay kaam hi kar liye karein.

The way they seem to be setting up the Buland-Tayabba track, I think is particularly noteworthy, as everyone likes Tayabba at the moment and the case is seemingly similar with Buland. The latter lends her clothes, jewellery, nail-polish, hell she even encourages Rudaba to make a go with this man (after all dil kay armaan kahin to pooray ho jaein). Similarly, Buland and his wanting to make Abbaji’s decision work even though something tells me he has a wandering eye.

The number of times Team BM has talked about how expensive everything is, I could finally tell they were telling the truth. That’s what happens when you use use good lighting, Team BM! Good job especially on the Buland and Rudaba scenes.

In what can only be described as a cinematic entrance, Rudaba knocked the socks off of Buland as she walks out to meet him on their first date (or some version of it!). Arrey yaar jab ladkay kay dil mein gaanay baj rahe hoon what else can you say. Did anyone notice how Buland went straight to some Dubai Marina with his to-be-wed (take note I said wed) wife?! Buland miyaan sambhal kay.

Again, the scene in the car was well-shot and rather different. Usually we get to see their faces inside the car here we saw them from the perspective of a by-stander, we were there but we weren’t. Talk about voyeuristic!

Finally, finally, finally… if we have enter hero left then we must have enter villain right and (you guessed it!) Bashar is not to happy with Rudaba being wined and dined by her man to be. That scheming gangster dimagh might be cooking up a handi that’ll be difficult to swallow for all parties involved. Here’s hoping for Rudaba’s sake that it isn’t inspired by Mummyji from Humsafar.

Speaking of Humsafar, we have a watered down version of Asher-Khirad having lunch and professing their new found love for each other. For the record, Buland, before you take a ring out you don’t tell a girl you had two girlfriends (and only two? Seriously who you fooling?!). As if the look of disgust on Rudaba’s face didn’t say everything (that was disgust not shock!), I have a piece of advice for our bride to be: Rudaba jao paani mein doob maaro, you’re setting yourself up for a ghar ki murghi daal baraber scene.

A slow but by no means boring episode, I’m just wondering if this series will continue to elicit the same “innovative”, “original” response from me three weeks from now.

My guess is as good as yours.

Bashar Momin Episode 6         

Bashar. Bashar ka khauf… 

This week I realised what Bashar meant when he said those infamous words. If only they could go down in drama history like these: “Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai.” Perhaps, they will…

Desi-inspired “Dons” are a difficult act to pull off. Amitabh Bachchan in Don (1978), Shahrukh Khan in yet another Don (2006), Saif Ali Khan in Omkara (2006), Miyan Maqbool aka Irfan Khan in Maqbool (2003) or the man who started this ominous trend Manoj Bajpai in Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya (1998), all gave us fifty shades of black and then some. In Pakiland, our very own homegrown Gujranwala-goon Noori Natt not only made Maula Jatt the avenger he is but he also became the benchmark for Lollywood villainy for generations to come.

Each of these men gave local fans a taste of domestic evil. Whether it was Amitabh’s quiet confidence, Shahrukh’s suave and subtle moves, or Mustafa Qureshi’s junglee andaaz our idea of a desi mob boss is some permutation/combination of Eastern emotion and Western logic. Even then Bashar Momin, as a character, remains unpredictable.

If haters could hate unabated then this would be the episode where we start despising Bashar. The man schemes, connives, cheats, murders, and shouts – are there any redeeming qualities in him – I’m guessing there are but we’ll just have to wait for them.

In what began as another hera-pheri sequence, Khan gives Bashar a quick rundown of his sprawling criminal apparatus. Did you know there’s a hint of siyasi bagawat in the not so distant future? No… well now you do! As for Khan, kudos on his loyalty(!), boy gets screamed at, threatened, and Allah only know what else but he sticks around. I wonder what the pay package includes? Copious amounts of Life Insurance that’s for sure. Also, did you notice all those men running around the farmhouse – it’s the desi touch I briefly mentioned earlier!

Speaking of desi touches, Tayabba and Buland are former classmates (far removed from school but definitely classmates!). Which makes me wonder if Tayabba can be friends with a “popular” guy like Buland why does she have such a hard time hanging on to a guy? Pleasantries exchanged we finally learn that Mr. Bakhtiar’s ex-girlfriend used to go by Zoya Affandi (I bet you anything she was half-Turkish too!).

No sooner is Rudaba back in the Momin house that she and Buland are ushered in to meet Bashar Bhai with Tayabba in tow. Our big-shot boss man having traded in his leather loafers for BATA chappals begins the cross questioning that should send every red flag up for Buland. Between “kya kartay ho” and “shaadi ka faysala kaun karay ga” Buland miyan is welcomed to the family, Bashar style.

Families – complete, incomplete, in process – were a recurring theme in this episode. Where Rudaba cannot stop thinking about Mr. Almost Perfect, Bashar can’t help but be well… Bashar. His scheming mind manipulates the situation in a rather shrewd manner – scaring Rudaba, presenting a fine veneer to Buland, pushing Sahira to do his dirty work, and did I mention scaring the living daylights out of Rudaba.

From what I can gather Faysal Quraishi and Ushna Shah have some amazing on-screen moments and then some that fall flat. Like the chai scene just didn’t work (for me) whereas them sparring over Parizad, I could literally feel the tension. Waise haad hai, ab Bashar kay kamray tai baat pohonch gaye hai. What next? His bathroom?!

Sahira and Adil are in Manhattan or were at least transposed on to the Big Apple. They were probably having martinis (that’s a New Yorker drink, no?) with Mehreen Jabbar. Who know…?

What I loved about this episode was that Rudaba finally gets to go home! YAY BULAND! That’s one for Team BB (and no, that’s not Mohtarma). The entire scene from Ramzan Chacha to the the white sheets added a surreal element to the leading pair’s courtship. One that I liked seeing on screen. Seeing the light frame Rudaba, I couldn’t help but notice this Canadian lass is indeed pretty! Given that usually lighting is a sore spot with A&B Productions, I will give them a free pass solely for this scene with its rising smoke, holy light, namazis, and stolen glances! Job well done, Team BM! You lifted us up to some spiritual plane only to bring us crashing down with screams, screams, and more screams.

Syed Usman does a fantastic job with bits and pieces of Bashar Momin, which is something I’ve felt for a while now, yet there is something definitely lacking. Good editors and a DoP with what I can only call a teez nazar would only have helped the series.

Finally, Zanjabeel Asim sahiba, aapsay ek guzarish hai agli baar heor ko yeh dialogue maat deejeyaga, baraye meherbani: “Waise aab agar Rudaba chahain to mein apni OHS (open heart surgery) karawa kar inka naam apnay dil par  tattoo karwa sakta hoon“.

How do you say “Bitch Please” in Urdu…? Anyone? There’s a prize if you guess, I promise!

Bashar Momin Episode 7


I’ll be using this expression another time, rest assured, given what lies ahead.

Soooooo… where do I start? Since last week was all about desi inspired dons (and no, I’m not done on that front!) this week we’ll talk about desi romeos. What’s a Desi Romeo, you ask, read on, my lovelies.

If our leading women oscillate between sultry and sullen, can our men be far behind? They might not be helpless, they are certainly not sultry, but they pack copious amounts of chichora charm circa the 90s and à la Govinda at least in Bashar Momin they do. Let’s start with Buland, since I’ve hardly paid any attention to him, yeah I wonder why (?). Our man Buland is best expressed as quelle mysterious (or however the French say it!) – a brooding, possessive, solemn, and serious  creature, he’s far from the lover boy that’ll mesmerise you just by the way he looks at you, talks to you, or smiles at you.

Then why is Rudaba smitten like a fourteen-year-old school girl? As Mr. Bakhtiar waves his magic wand he mesmerises not one but two of our very pretty leading ladies. With rather cliched and cringe worthy pick up lines (yes, I still haven’t gotten over open heart surgery and tattoos) he’s smooth-talked his way into their hearts as Monsieur Magnetique. Beware,  all ye prey, he’s a devil in disguise, and you’d be wise to smarten up!

A banker by profession (talk about cliches!), Mr. BB is Casanova Brown personified and here’s how I came to this conclusion: the charminator works his killer stare on you subtly flashing his expensive smile coupled with a (not-so-)friendly touch at an oddly unexpected moment all the while accompanied by a cocky, well-educated accent. Ring a bell?

I’m not done yet.

On the other hand we have the scruff & gruff, always angry, perpetually shouting Bashar sahab. Desi takes on a whole new meaning with this man! Now, I confess, I don’t know any mafia dons nor am I intimate with what I can best describe as the “super-elite” of Pakistani society – after all if Buland and Rudaba are upper middle class, (right??!) – but I am hard pressed to find a desi man with all shades of NO plastered over him. Yes, listen up ladies, if you encounter this one RUN immediately.

Where Buland wins every price in charm, courtesy, manners, and etiquette, Bashar only elicits our instinctive disdain, perhaps, even hatred. Which is exactly what this episode should have been called: How to hate Bashar in ten days!

If hate is where we’re moving as an audience then let me begin by saying how cringe-worthy the first seven minutes of this episode were. Rudaba’s crying: absolutely horrible, Buland’s poochkaooing: equally horrible, Bashar’s Nancy-Drewing (yes that’s a verb now!): definitely creepy. As I was about to concede to my fate that this would be a lack lustre episode with bad acting, bad writing, bad directing (we’re on a roll here), Tayyaba gave me the laugh I’ve been waiting for all week!

Bashar bhai, upper-middle-class gharoon mein log ek-doosray kay kitnay kareeb hotly hain na sabko sabki khabar hoti hai.

This was my O.M.A. moment. First up, who’s writing these dialogues. Second, why are they being given to the cast. And finally, how can you regurgitate ^^ verbatim without once breaking into a fit of giggles. Seriously?! What does upper-middle class or middle-class have to do with anything? The subtle art and exact science of script-writing just went to die in a corner.

Kisi shayar nay farmaya hai: “Chita kaghazon ki hai kya khojatay ho, bhuji raakh mein ab kisay dhondtay ho.” Samajh aayee? If there’s something meaningful we’re looking for we won’t find it here. What we will find is tons and tons of entertainment!

And on that count this episode doesn’t disappoint. Every aspect of the story from the eighth minute refused to fall flat. Bashar’s scheming began pretty early in the episode, so much so, that he now insists Tayyaba and Pari accompany our lovebirds, talk about kebab mein haddi (this one’s for you Disqus!). Ice cream proved a challenge in itself with a contest between (desi) mango and (pardesi) chocolate, subtle Team BM, very subtle!

Who’s the mango, then, I wonder. Hmmm… any guesses?

And right on cue enter the Momin mansion, with Bashar firmly fixated on Buland’s car and Rudaba in it. Was it just me or did Mr. Quraishi have pink/salmon-ish eye shadow in this episode? Not a good look of you, FQ, we like you manly and rugged. We really do! In a world full of Zains, ‘Shams, and Bulands we need a (dare I say it) real-man. Aap to aatayat karein agar make-up wala/i nahi karta/i.

With our lovebirds bidding adieu it’s time for Bashar Bhai’s plans to spring into action. Yes, this means poor Rudaba will feign a few more epileptic shocks and pass them off as Bashar ka khauf. The fact that Rudaba was honest about being scared by Bashar is definitely important and personally, I think, that scene was done very well. That Syed Usman decided to end with it was even better! The smooth transition from Beauty and the Beast (talk about literal!) to Beauty and the Handsome still leaves our damsel in distress. Aab kya hoga?

I’m not a betting kind of guy but if I was I’d bet on Bashar and his plan. What say you?

Until next week,

Shaba Khair aur Rab Rakha

Bashar Momin Episode 8

Jab bhi bolta hai zeher hi ugalta hai. 

Right on point, Rudaba, right on point! Those of you familiar with the mechanics of our dramas whether filmi or not will concur with me when I say “Uff teri ada“! Bashar sahab I like the way you move, I like to see you move, and uff teri nazar it says I want to dance with you! Now if only Rudaba will jump on that bandwagon. If only…

Jogi naachlay… raang rach day… Bashar aur Tayyaba ki aadaon ka raang to abhi jalwa-firouz hua hai (right usage, RJ, bata dain?!)

Bashar Momin is like Tayyaba rightly says: “Same kahani, same takleefain” but in a completely different andaaz! When you come to think of it Bashar could be Khizer, Tayyaba could be Sara, and our lovebirds Rudaba and Buland could pass of for some version of Khirad-Ashar (sorry boys, ladies first!) yet the stylistic difference between the two is like zameen-asmaan.

In a rather dismal creative atmosphere, yes, HUM TV I’m looking squarely at you (in the eye too!), I’m pleasantly impressed with Syed Ali Raza’s chatpatta and masala inspired rendition of desi dons and romeos without resorting to the default mazloom status quo. Is it any wonder that this man directed Main Hoon Shahid Afridi, a film meant to usher the revival of Pakistani cinema (more on Pakistani Cinema shortly peeps keep reading)?! His filmi aadyaein have one deewana in me, khawateen and hazrat.

Would Rudaba and Bashar’s seven minute pizza sequence with voiceovers included be anything other than filmi? Could Tayyaba and Bashar’s plotting not be filmi? Don’t Buland and his insecurity ka shikar dil aur dimagh inspire a thousand filmi-romeos? And does Adira’s (Adil-Sahira) sudden disappearance not reek of many a filmi plot line? Okay, okay, you get the filmi! Let’s move on.

Buland miyan aap to chaa gaye ho what with that t-shirt: “I Make My Own Word Record”. May I politely ask kaun sa record? ::insert bemused eyebrow raise here::

Records or no records our ishq ka shikar banker is having his first lovers tiff all inspired by his own insecurity. As much as I understand where you’re coming from Buland, I cannot help but be on Rudaba’s side (and no there’s no bro-code when it comes to doing the right thing!). You’re the one with the past – those two girlfriends, those flirty gestures with Tayyaba, that boyish charm, which clouds your judgment on our mashriqi ladki.

As for said ladki you need a GBF! What, what, what were you thinking? No matter what he says DO NOT enter his room, DO NOT concede to him, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT engage him. What really got to me was Bashar saying: “Nahi, tumhay mera saath jana hai”, yaar acchi zabardasti hai! Why is it so hard for our women to put their foot down? Clearly our drama makers don’t have mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters. Kyun Asif Raza Mir sahab…? ::insert knowing smile here::

With more of the same, same – jealousy, anger, hushed whispers – this episode was like going in a circle. Rudaba and Buland ek doosaray say naraaz hain, ab sula ho rahee hai, ab phir naraaz hain, same track, back to back.

What was different though was Tayyaba’s shift. If last week I had any doubts about her involvement in this despicable scheme, this week I know for sure she’s on board. The scene in her bedroom with dark shadows was well done! The way the camera frames Bashar and Tayyaba as they seal their dastardly bond worked very well. In the same vein, the camerawork is getting better with each episode. For instance, the scene at the Momin mansion with Buland waiting and Tayyaba scheming was beautifully framed. Tayyaba in front of a Hussain-inspired painting, Buland next to the verandah door, with the entire room flooded with light. I, for one, absolutely loved it! Do I sense Hamdardi in action? I guess, Adeel isn’t the only one who succumbs to it.

BUT, BUT, BUT Faysal Quraishi in a red silk gown and pyjamas with some variation of Greek sandals (no, they’re not Birkenstocks!) with his hipster haircut and black banyan all coupled with a tabiz around his neck stole the show for me. Not to mention his OTT acting all eyebrow raise, climactic music, especially as he spouts to the camera: “Muraday ko song kay bata daita hoon…” Wah kya talent hai!

Faysal bhai (haan yaar bhai bas daafa karo!) aapki aadaon par yeh gaana nazar karta hoonUff teri ada!

Aadaaon say yaad aaya next week is Basant (Hello filmi!) and I, for one, am curious to see what happens then.

Bashar Momin – Episode 10!

Ohkay so, even though this drama has a few hits & a misses, I enjoy watching it. I know the major downer is Bashar Momin being a domesticated don but other than that this drama has a different plot which makes it worth a watch.

Bashar has called dibs on Rudaba & now he is leaving no stone unturned to call off her engagement with Buland. According to Bashar, Buland is a suitable prospect for Tayyaba but definitely not for Rudaba because he himself wants to win her over. I must say when the drama began I thought Rudaba’s character would be nothing new & she’d be this simple, emotionally handicapped girl who’d never know how to put forth her opinion or fight for her right but this episode certainly gave me more reasons to like her character. She may act like that in front of Bashar because she is petrified of him but the way she told Buland everything & how she literally snapped him out of the misunderstanding was brilliant because it showed what this relationship meant to her. Buland picked up the pieces & understood that she was all for him & wasn’t even interested in Bashar because she respects him like her own brother Adil & he was thinking too much about the situation whereas there was nothing to worry about.

Finally, when they both got back together Tayyaba & Bashar felt their plan slipped away from their hands & they had nothing left to misuse & turn them against each other. Buland is a perfect gentleman who not only loves but respects Rudaba a lot & she is enjoying the royalty but now very clearly she has understood that people are transpiring traps against her & Buland because she has sensed Tayyaba’s interest in Buland as well.

Rudaba clearly knows that Buland is possessive of her & for that she has tried to do everything possible to avoid any interaction with Bashar but she didn’t know this thing would be used against her but just because Saira clearly has an issue with Rudaba & she got just exactly the right point to thrash Rudaba’s reputation in front of Adil especially.

The episode ended at a perfect note because I enjoyed the showdown between Rudaba & Bashar & then Rudaba & Tayyaba as well. Rubada has understood that being polite won’t do any good to her therefore she is being straight forward about everything. She told Bashar off sternly & reminded him of his right place & that is him being more like a brother figure to her plus she also felt it was pretty much necessary to tell Tayyaba how strong her & Buland’s relation is so therefore she mustn’t try to get in between them.

Ushna Hussain has acted really well in some particular scenes except in the beginning where she is hurt & crying, she certainly doesn’t know how to cry & that’s a done deal. I must commend the dress designers for sticking to the Eastern dresses through out because this is something which we are rarely getting to see in our dramas too. The dresses may be at times a bit elaborate for daily wear but at least they have sticked to Pakistani dresses & that is something worth appreciating.

I thought this was ‘the most’ expensive drama ever made in the history of Pakistani Television but every time I see the cut-paste backdrops in the scenes of Saira & Adil, I doubt the claim. They should’ve bought the ticket to either Thailand or Malaysia & shot a few scenes there in the CBD areas because those pasted foreign backdrops are nothing but hideous. Another thing that I found really irritating through out the episode was the bad bad lighting projected on the faces of the actors. Most of the times the scenes are too dull & dark & the faces look shadowy which makes it really disturbing to see because you really can’t understand the expressions on the faces. I feel in stead of investing so much on the gaudy furniture & the expensive wallpapers, they should’ve invested in technicality because that is definitely missing in this drama.

Over all I enjoy watching Bashar Momin because it has no saas bahu k jhagray or dukhyari aurtain filling buckets with their tears to later use them for laundry purposes. All the actors have done really well but I wish someone else had played the role of Tayyaba because she looks a little…hmmm…meh! Plus yes, Faisal Qureshi came across as a lot more tolerable in this episode so yay for us!

Share your thoughts on this episode plus yes, Bashar Momin would be reviewed regularly.

Bashar Momin – Episode 11!

Ohkay, so it was a pretty interesting episode of Bashar Momin. I enjoyed it through out but once again had an issue with the way the episode was shot. Previous episode seemed too dull & shadowy while this one was just so bright that it could impair someone’s vision. I think the people behind the camera have tried to use in some different techniques by experimenting or have actually tried to give a certain feel to the whole drama by using unusual lighting but they are failing miserably because most of the scenes seem spooky. I thought everyone in this drama was really rich so why don’t they switch the lights of their homes on? No doubt the execution of the drama is brilliant but I am actually quite annoyed with the way the lighting has been used!

Anyways, the episode was more interesting than it seemed in the preview. I kind of enjoyed the fact that in stead of becoming a girl who’d be baffled & confused at the recent turn of events, Rudaba took it pretty well & gave everyone a tough time. Previously she may have sugar coated whatever she said to Tayyaba but now she was blunt & straight forward because she knew how to hit Tayyaba’s Achilles Heel & she did it pretty well because that’s the only way Rudaba can make  Tayyaba realize how wrong she’s being. Rudaba didn’t take much time in figuring out that Tayyaba has starting taking interest in Buland & her brother is trying to buy that toy for his baby sister & felt it was just the right time to let them know that she has decoded their game plan.

Of all the people in Bashar’s family, I thought Tayyaba was different, compassionate & was just the right kind of a person who was supporting Rudaba through out but seems like Tayyaba is so much indulged in self-pity that she can’t even understand how much mean she is becoming. Tayyaba used to cry before because the guys never loved her so does she really think that Buland will be able to love her ever?

As much as I like the character of Buland & as much as I find him suitable for Rudaba, I think he must leave & shouldn’t be with her because Rudaba deserves someone better & certainly not someone who has trust issues. Rudaba may have fallen in love with her fiance Buland but I think if he can’t trust her & she has to keep on explaining everything to him every single time, I feel she must let go off him too.

I think Faisal Qureshi nailed his performance in this particular episode because he played the bechara perfectly & then the beast perfectly as well. Whatever he said to Buland was true that Rudaba has never ever confessed anything to him but the way he twisted the obvious & used it against Rudaba & in his favour was cleverly perfect. Rudaba was clearly not thinking anything other than Buland when she hurried her way downstairs to meet him but I am sure she mistook Bashar as Buland & got a bit too cozy with him. I think Buland might see that & this would prove to be the last nail in the coffin.

I enjoyed this episode a lot & just when I was questioning Adil’s return, the preview suggested he’d be back soon just to find out the mayhem that has overtook Rudaba’s life. Buland might probably be gone by this time & I hope he doesn’t come back. Can’t wait to see more.

Money talks and talks and never stops -Bashar Momin Episode 12 & 13:

Watching, waiting, stalking,
Searching, skulking, and smiling.
Love is mystery, love is misery.
Love is a big piece of dark chocolate
Bittersweet and forbidden

Bashar Momin a tale of love, hate, grief, want, money and power has taken another step and that is making the impossible possible. Faysal Qureshi is the one and only in the Pakistani Media industry who can play any role brilliantly. I wouldn’t be wrong to say he is one of the best fictional character who may be cruel but no one can hate him (except Rudaba –at least for now ).

Zanjabeel has written each and every dialogue beautifully and Syed Ali Raza Usama handled the script marvelously. No doubt the execution of the drama is brilliant, the lighting, atmosphere, ambiance, costumes, makeover, hairstyle, cinematography, direction of photography everything was just so perfect.

Bashar succeeded in creating misunderstandings between Buland and Rudaba, I am still confused with Bashar’s behavior as his character is still in shades may be he doesn’t even know what he is doing and why is he ruining Rudaba’s life?

Sahira manipulated Adil by telling him lies about Bashar and Rudaba’s relation thatBashar aur Rudaba bohat involved ho chukay thay”, any ghairat mand bhai would not tolerate this too beizzati wali baat so he agreed on Bashar’s conditions and said yes for Nikkah, Rudaba tried to tell the truth to Adil but he was not ready to listen anything. Rudaba was very sure that her brother would save her and won’t let anything happen to Rudaba but no she was wrong. Her only support left her in the middle of nowhere. Rudaba left alone, she didn’t even have Buland by her side.

The latest episodes shows the dark side of Bashar as he is so obsessed with Ushnah shah’s character Rudaba that he gave her brother Adil 50% partnership. And most of all the emotional drama by Rudaba earlier in the episode doesn’t affects her brother. Most people value money more than any relationship so did Adil, at first he made sure that he won’t let this Nikkah thing happen but after getting partnership he changed his mind and he even asked Rudaba meri Qismat be aap kay haath mein hai, mein chahta hoon kay aap Bashar say SHADI kar lo”. And even there was no drama by Rudaba in denying Bashar’s proposal. And then we see Buland coming out of the airport, maybe he won’t let this marriage happen or maybe he will. So something has been missing from the episode like Rudaba declining 2 marry Bashar.

Next week promos sound interesting as Rudaba’s life is going to change and Bashar is going to ask for Adil’s help.

Bashar Momin Episode 13

Real man or no real man, I’m this close to being done with Bashar Momin.

I get the filmi, in fact, I like the filmi but filmi doesn’t mean trashy. It doesn’t mean blackmail, emotional or otherwise. And it certainly doesn’t mean rape.

Week after week I’ve come here trying to spice up these reviews as much for your reading pleasure as for my own sanity. I assure you my intellectual calibre is far higher than enjoying the likes of Bashar Momin but like a bad Bollywood film it became a guilty pleasure. Alas, all guilty pleasures leave you with a profound sense of guilt, but they should never leave you at disgust, and so before I torture myself further I’m going to need some time to reconsider my own thought. Mull over them, if you will.

Emotional ataychar, blackmail, fear-mongering, rape or at least attempts to undermine the victim in matters of agency (whatever those might be), and copious amounts of subdued violence have left me in revolt. Yes, Zanjabeel Asim and Syed Ali Raza Usman you have bagawati on your hands. I revolt! I revolt! I revolt!


  • Faisal Qureshi[7] as Bashar Momin
  • Sami Khan
  • Maheen Rizvi
  • Ushna Shah[8] as Rudaba
  • Sundus Tariq
  • Yasir Mazher

The theme song of Bashar Momin is its original soundtrack composed by Waqar Ali and edited by Faizan Ghori. The song is sung by talented Nida Arab & Abu Muhammad. The lyrics were written by Ali Moin.]While Serial music is performed by singer Sherry Raza and Zaki.

All lyrics written by Ali Moin, Sherry Raza, all music composed by Waqar Ali, Sherry Raza.

1.“Mann Moji (Theme song)”Nida Arab and Abu Muhammad1:03
2.“Basant Aye Ray”Sherry Raza1:23
3.“Tu Hi Tu Sapna Hai Mera”Sherry Raza0:44

Bashar Momin is produced by A&B Entertainment. The drama has been written by Zanjabeel Asim and directed by Syed Ali Raza. Director of photography is Syed Adnan Bukhari, associate director is Tahseen Khan while the production designer is Tehmina Lodhi.

In less than three days we’ll finally get to see Bashar Momin! Much has been speculated about this series – big budget, grand scale, great production values, a dapper leading man, and above all it’s export to Indian shores and television sets (and believe me we need a good story on Indian TV!).

You must wonder why I’m doing a preview? Well I do this for two reasons. First, as a space for us all to share what we think might happen or what we hope we’ll see. Discussions, I find, are always more productive when we can see how much we’ve evolved talking about certain themes. And if there’s one thing we can all agree on dramas certainly make us think. Don’t believe me, check out our Radio Show!

Second, I just want to give you all a DP Preview. Wondering what that is? Read on.

Now I don’t know much about Bashar Momin. The story has been kept strictly under wraps. The cast has been relatively hush-hush about their riles. Even the executives, those all deciding men in suits and ties, have kept a low profile (as much as they hate too). So going in I wonder what I’ve signed up for.

First thoughts after the slew of promos released: Why is Ushna such a mazloom aurar? Is this another mazloom, mazloom-er, mazloom-est feast for the senses? Is Faisal really an evil, evil man? Although he does look good in the screenshots! What’s with Sami and the tears?

The production values – sets, cosmos, makeup, art design, camerawork – seem to be stellar. I couldn’t help but think this might be a Pakistani version of the The Godfather, all dark and brooding but I’m not here to compare and contrast rather I’d like to appreciate Bashar Momin for what it is.

Till this Friday then! Happy guessing.

Official poster of drama serial Bashar Momin | Starting from 14th of March at 8:00pm on Geo Tv

Official poster of drama serial Bashar Momin | Starting from 14th of March at 8:00pm on Geo Tv

Bashar Momin OST – Khushi Key Lamhe [Video]


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