Mein Sitara season 2 manages to build interest

Posted on Aug 2 2016 - 7:50am
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If there is one drama serial on air which is taking the world of television by storm, it’s Mein Sitara. Written by Faiza Ifthikhar, it gives us a wonderful insight in to the world of glitz and glamour, which is a completely different story than season 1 in terms of the lives of the characters, who now have lost the fame they once had! In the two episodes, which have aired recently, the show depicts how cruel the industry can be when you are no longer in the top slot! Where Sitara looked forward to the release of her first movie as a lead, things took a turn for the worst as now to make ends meet, she is forced to do things which she could have never imagined.

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To recap a bit about what happened near the end of the last season, Sitara (Saba Qamar) despite falling in love with Farhad (Mikaal Zulfiqar), has her loyalty towards Jharna (Aisha Gul), who has always gotten her way of being with him, as she very well knows that Sitara couldn’t imagine hurting her baji, who gave her a home and a career break when her own parents abandoned her. However things go even worse for the protagonist as Farhad who is passionately in love with her tries again and again to make her confess that she loves him, but all Sitara wants is an escape from the conundrum she’s stuck in. Interestingly, that solution in her eyes could only be to marry Jamal.

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In haste, they marry, but it turns out that Jamal is just using her too on Naseem Dil Ruba’s (meera) orders. Meanwhile on the other hand, Farhad is heartbroken when he finds out and goes on to confront Sitara. Of course, Jharna hears everything and long story short, Jharna for her husband’s sake begs Sitara not to hurt him but since Farhad takes the rejection to his heart, he he ends up shooting his wife (don’t worry she survives)! In a series of chaotic events, Farhad loses his mental capabilities, and Jamal divorces Sitara ,whose career ends dramatically and she is forced to live with her parents.

Season 2: Episode 1 and 2

The new season begins with a recap of all that happened to make Surraiya into ‘Sitara’ through a beautiful poem, which she is seen reciting, herself. Along the way you feel her joys as well as her pain. The brand new season teaches us that what goes up must come down too and time never stays the same. It clearly keeps on shifting, and people keep on changing.


Where once she enjoyed the luxury of living with Farhad and Jharna, she now is struggling to make her ends meet. Forced to make a living as she is out of money and has been kicked out of Jharnas home, her parents and siblings seem to be meandering on the top of her head. Once everyone’s beloved, Sitara has fallen in to difficult times as all studio doors are shut for her when everyone regards her as manhoos (unlucky) for what happened to Farhad and Jharna and to the movie which never came to a release.

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However, not one to give up, Sitara tries to find work but all she manages is to find a role of an extra. But, to avoid starvation has no choice but dance in private functions! Ashamed that she had to go through things she considers lowbrow, she remains undeterred in her dream of being a part of the film world as a heroine.


The shock that Farhad loved Sitara has a deep impact on Jharna which is deepened further by seeing how Farhad has lost his mind after he ended up shooting her. Thus, the once famous singer ages quickly and visibly goes into depression. But, it seems time has been fair with no one as she knows that there are responsibilities on her head now, and she has to look after the house and their children.

Hence, she shifts her focus from Farhad to her monetary troubles. In a turn of events we see that the movie that Farhad had never released, is now the duty of Jharna, but she doesn’t agree to fulfill the responsibility when Salim (the loyal manager) asks her.

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The question still remains: Will Jharna try and revive the studio which she and Farhad built with such love? We have a feeling she just might!


For a man of his status, it was indeed sad to see what became of him and thus, it makes you wonder how can such a strong willed character let a girl ruin his peace of mind? We guess love impacts people differently! Ending up in a mental institute, we see him now reminiscing the time when he used to shoot scenes with Sitara. Clearly, the impact of such a dilemma has made him forget Sitara’s rejection and the dreaded incident with Jharna! Where he used to be admired by his team members, now his only audience are the patients who are equally suffering as him.

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While Naseem Dil Ruba and Jamal too are back, and are seen plotting against Sitara, Season 2 promises to be exciting with some amazing performances by Saba Qamar, who honestly just gets better and better. Interestingly, adding to the narrative were the promos for the next episodes, where we can see a glimpse of Noman Ejaz talking to Sitara which ensures that with his entry in the drama, things are going to get even more interesting from now on!

Will Noman Ejaz be the knight in shining armour who rescues Sitara from her rotten life? Tune in on Thursdays to Tv One at 8pm to find out what happens next!

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