From covers to Coke Studio: Asim Azhar talks cinema and music!

Posted on Aug 13 2016 - 5:50pm
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From covers to Coke Studio: Asim Azhar talks cinema and music! lyrics, OST title song mp3 download, cast, timings, drama review, written update (source: hipinpakistan)

After his cover of Ed Sheeran’s song got approved by the renowned international songwriter himself, the young singing prodigy, the one and only Asim Azhar, was able to generate a plethora of fan following for his covers that were able to hit the right chords. However, his humble beginnings never stopped him as he swiftly became one of the busiest musicians in Pakistan at just the age of the 19.

Now, continuing his passion of music (which initially was dancing, the singing sensation confesses) with immense success, the young Pakistani singer is all set to have his very own US-tour and to be featured once again on one of the most-esteemed musical platforms of the subcontinent, Coke Studio. While that wasn’t enough for this zealous artist, Asim got his acting break with the ongoing Aabis Raza directorial Teri Chah Main also starring Maria Wasti, Farhan Saeed amongst others.

Venturing into films, declining Bollywood offers and planning his next career plans, HIP got in touch with the singer to find out more!

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HIP: Coke Studio is one of the largest platforms for gifted musicians to get noticed on. How was the experience?

Asim Azhar: My journey with Coke Studio began last year when I sang Hina Ki Khushboo in the eighth season. I was 18 when I was called for an audition and it quite literally felt unreal to me. Coke Studio is such a grand platform that it has become a phenomenon for the best Pakistani musicians, and it happened to be a major goal of mine. I feel incredibly blessed to have achieved that at such a tender age. And the fact that my track was so well received and it crossed two million hits on YouTube, I think that only makes even more thankful.

And when I was approached for this season again, I was actually quite surprised. They don’t repeat artists if they are not satisfied with their work, and it is such an honour for me to be associated with the Coke Studio family for two consecutive years now. We had more producers on board, and everybody knew this season would be bigger and better. Having worked with a set of through professionals, I think I’ve learnt a lot from them and I hope that the team keeps on appreciating my work.

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HIP: Tell us a bit about your track this year. What can we expect from it?

AA: Hina Ki Khushboo last year was an experimental song for me, but this year I’ve came up with my own sound. It’s the kind of music I do and have mastered over the years. It’s a romantic/soothing melody that touches your heart with a topic that isn’t discussed but is widely known. It actually is an original, but another nostalgic up-beat track from the golden era of Pakistani music fraternity picks up in, which makes it even more unique. I got an opportunity to collaborate with a wonderful artist for my duet.

The song has been produced by Shuja Haider, and I think he has definitely done justice to his work throughout the season. Overall, I wouldn’t say the song is a true Pakistani pop sound; it’s catchy and its been beautifully composed and written. And I hope that my fans are able to like it as much as they did previously.

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HIP: Your mega acting project happened to be the ongoing serial Teri Chah Main. What made you sign the serial?

AA: Well I think I’ll call Teri Chah Main my debut, since previously whatever acting assignments I had done were favours or nothing really substantial. This project offered me a really strong character, in a very bold serial. When I was narrated the story, I immediately felt the connection and the need to tell be a part of such an important project. I believe I’m a musician, but being an artist, I think every art is interconnected and I’ll I’m doing is exploring other avenues.

To me, acting is keen observation. After I had signed the drama, I immediately started observing human behaviour around me. Since I play the character of a very young conservative lad, who is forced upon taking responsibility, despite being immature, I think I was able to relate to a lot such stories that exist in our society. I came across several such people, and I think that is the beauty of acting!

HIP: You play the second lead in the serial, wouldn’t you have preferred a solo-project for your debut instead?

AA: For now, I think I was just trying out how acting goes. For a lead character in Pakistan, you need to have some sort of experience. And I don’t think I would have looked the part if I did the character that Farhan is playing anyhow. Apart from which I think everybody who is at a certain place today has had their own share of struggle, when it comes to that, I think I’ve had it all in front of me without undergoing any strive.

It’s only been two years since I professionally started singing, in which I have been able to be a part of major musical platforms, travel the world, have concert-tours and now finally an acting project under my belt too. Honestly, for now I’ve very thankful to God and I think I’ve truly been blessed.

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HIP: What projects are you currently looking into? Is acting your next destination?

AA: Well Teri Chah Main was a project that struck me, but music will always be my priority. That doesn’t mean I’ll restrict myself, hence, I’ll keep on venturing into other forms of art. My Coke Studio track is finally releasing, after which I have another single ready to come out. I’ve been working on three films films. I’m composing and singing a few tracks for them. Apart from which, I have also been making a lot of music lately, which I’ll be releasing in the form of an album.

HIP: Do you think the growth of Pakistani cinema will affect the music industry?

AA: I believe so, since we have seen a few examples already with a number of hit songs for films that have helped several artists increase their commercial success. For me, I think it depends upon the quality and genre of the soundtrack. The films that I have worked on are all light-hearted entertainers and I believe that have the potential. So I think with the revival of local cinema, more doors will be opened for aspiring musicians.

I met Shoaib Mansoor at an airport recently. If Khuda Key Liye wouldn’t have been made, we wouldn’t have seen any of the movies that Pakistan is producing. And what really surprised me was that he happened to like my music and wanted to discus his next project’s soundtrack with me. Just for him to say that, I think it’s such an honour for me. I’ve always looked up to him and I know that he always chooses the best music for his films, so I hope I get to work with him!

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HIP: You’ve turned down several Bollywood offers. Any specific reason behind that?

AA: Yes, I have been offered a few projects from India. In fact a casting director got in touch with me for an AR Rehman production. They had sent me the script, but I don’t know why, I didn’t feel the conviction to take up that film. Otherwise, I’ve travelled the world for my work and if good, quality work calls me to India, I wouldn’t hesitate upon going there. I think the way Atif Aslam has pursued his career, knowing what he is best at and mastering that, and at the same time remembering his roots; I think I really admire him for that. If I cross the border, I would love to follow in his footsteps.

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