Dubai cafe sets stage for Indo-Pak peace song

Posted on Aug 14 2016 - 12:15pm
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Dubai cafe sets stage for Indo-Pak peace song lyrics, song mp3 download

Dubai: A group of Pakistani and Indian musicians, who became friends over musical interactions at a cafe in Dubai, have released a song to promote peace among people of the rival countries.

Titled Aman Ki Asha- Indo-Pak Peace Song, the song has been released ahead of the 70th Independence Day of both the countries that were divided when erstwhile British India secured independence from British rule in 1947.

The Pakistani Independence Day is on August 14 and Indians celebrate their Independence Day on August 15.

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Desiree Francis, a Pakistani journalist and radio presenter who led the project, told Gulf News the peace song project started over a cup of coffee at Country Bakes cafe in Al Karama.

“I used to sit at the cafe and sing. Then people used to come to me and some started singing with me,” said Desiree aka DJ Dez who does shows featuring Indian and Pakistani musicians.

“It’s always been my desire to bring Indian and Pakistani singers closer and help them interact and learn about each other because music speaks the language of love and peace and it can do wonders in reducing the animosity between us,” said Desiree, who has also chosen her life partner from India.

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With that passion in her mind, Desiree began to sow the seeds of friendship among musicians from both the countries.

“More and more bands started singing for my show which I used to share on social media. Then I spoke to the Indian and Pakistani musicians about the idea of working together for a peace song for both our countries.”

She was soon joined by singers and other musicians who also nurtured the same passion and volunteered to produce the song.

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“Everything happened around the cafe. We began writing the lyrics and making the notes over there. One of the singers, Ishika Bakshi, in fact joined us after her father heard me singing at the cafe.”

The team also had a Nepalese friend, Jayram Lama, who did the camera and editing for the video that shows visuals after the partition of India and incidents that aggravated the hatred between the neighbouring countries through news clippings and photos.

“With all the negativity around us, the political situation and more, we as humans first must foster love and not hate,” the team posted on YouTube where the video was officially released on Wednesday.

The lyrics written in a mix of Urdu and Hindi speak about the pain of partition that continues to hurt the people in both the countries and seek to promote love and peace among people from either side of the border.

The team believes that deep inside, all Indians and Pakistanis believe in peace.

“However, due to some incidents we are forced to believe the wrong,” said singer and music composer Varun Dharmarathnam from Kerala.

“If we all change our thought processes and be open-minded, we can bring a change … a change that will help future generations in following the right path. What if you were told that you had 24 hours to live in this planet … would you spend that time hating someone or loving the people around you? Think about it. Let’s not follow what the media or the politicians have to say … or let people brainwash us with negativity … Change begins within us,” he said.



The peace song team

  • Desiree Francis from Karachi: (Project Lead/Lyrics/Vocals/Video Direction)
  • Varun Dharmarathnam from Kerala: (Melody/Vocals)
  • Adeel Mirza from Karachi: (Music arrangement/Keyboards/Vocals)
  • Ishika Bakshi from West Bengal: (Vocals)
  • Prijo Mathew from Kerala:(Electric Violin)
  • Afaq Ahmad from Lahore: (Bass Guitars)
  • Sam Thomas from New Delhi: (Recording Facilities)
  • Masood Mahmoud from Karachi: (Track Mix and Master)
  • Jayram Lama from Nepal: (Camera and Editing)

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