Early pregnancy signs in urdu / hindi

Posted on Aug 20 2016 - 3:14pm
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Early pregnancy signs in urdu / hindi

Signs Of Pregnancy In Hindi
Istaqrar hamal hone per aurat mein mandarjah zeel tabdeelyan ya alaamat zahir hoti hain.

1. Haiz Ka Rukjana
Istaqraar hamal kay waqt aurat ko haiz yani mahwari aana band ho jati hai yeh barhi alaamat hai, baaz auraton ko pehlay teen mah mein thorha buhat aata hai, aur baaz ko sirf aik mah band honay kay baad phir shoro ho jata hai, lekin yeh haqiqat hai keh aik dafa haiz band zaroor hota hai.

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2. Matli Aur Qai Aana
Hamal thahernay kay teen chaar haftay baad hamlah aurat ki tabiyat mein susti aajati hai, gi matlane lagta hai, subha kay waqt khansi aati hai, aur qai bhi aanay lagti hai, yeh halat 14-15 haftay rahti hai. Lekin baaz auraton ko bachah jantay tak yahi halat rahti hai.

3. Pastanon Ki Tabdeli
Istaqrar hamal kay baad hamla ki pastanon mein numaya tabdili aati hai.
Chati barhnay lag jati hai. Pastaanon kay ird gird kalay rung kay dairay ban jatay hain pastanon mein doodh aanay lagta hai yeh khaas alaamat hai keh aurat hamlah hai. Hamla kay cheray per siyahyan phail jati hain.

4. Andaam Nehani Ki Halat
Andaam nehani se sufaid rang ki ratoobat nikalnay lagti hai. Raham ki jisamat pahlay say barhi ho jaati hai istaqrar hamal say pahlay is ka size
2 ½ inch hota hai aur wazan ½ pao ho jata hai. Raham barhtay barhtay aathwain mahinay mien naaf say oper aajata hai. Naween mahinay mien shikam tak aajata hai.

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5. Shikam Ki Halat
Istaqrar hamal kay chatay mahinay mein shikam ki deewar oper ko uthti hai. Is mein tanaao aajata hai. Shikam ki deewar per zardi maa’l lakeerain numayan hoti hain.

6. Jinion Ki Harkat
Bachay ki paidaaish jinion kay barhnay say hoti hai, yeh hamlah kay pait mien parwarish patay hain jinion 16-20 hafton mien harkat kanay lagta hai is ki harkat maa’n kay pait per haath say mahsoos ki jasakti hai.

7. Thook Aur Peeshab
Hamlah kay monh say bar bar thook aata hai munh Pani Say bhar jata hai, is kay sath sath isay peeshab kasrat say aur bar bar aanay lagta hai, hamla ki tabiyat bhojhal si mahsoos hoti hai, isay thakan aur thakawat rahnay lagti hai.

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The early pregnancy is an exciting time for expectant mothers. A pregnancy is divided into 3 sections, trimester.

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The 1st 3rd is referred to as early pregnancy. In these 1st 12 weeks of a woman’s body produces true excellence.

The clearest signal for an early pregnancy is of course the absence of the rule. Sets not a menstruation, may by a early pregnancy test already proved relatively safe pregnancy from the pharmacy.

Early pregnancy signs
Many pregnant women notice even before you miss your period, that her body is something “different“, but it can not define exactly. The breasts tighten, the skin is changing and constantly makes you feel so tired.

A strange mood change takes place. With a planned pregnancy, these are good harbingers for a positive test. With unplanned pregnancies, this will only become aware of expectant mothers right after the definitive diagnosis of the gynecologist.

This can already find in the 6th to 7th week of pregnancy to the baby’s heartbeat through an ultrasound. For in the 1st weeks of pregnancy develop in the embryo already many organs, such as so too does the heart.
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If you are taking medication regularly, now is the right time to consult your doctor to prevent possible damage to the embryo by side effects.

Almost all pregnant women, Gynecologists recommend for optimal development of the baby now folic acid to take if you have not started already at a planned pregnancy in advance with it.

Early pregnancy symptoms
Already in early pregnancy women feel in their bodies the true chaos. Suddenly occur early symptoms and complaints that they did not know before. While some women suffer little or no lower, it hits other harder. Typical early pregnancy symptoms include.

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1. An incredible tiredness in pregnancy comes over the pregnant woman. Plenty of rest and relaxation are now on the program.

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The best way to listen to your body and indulges him as much breaks as possible using everyday.
2. Not only in the morning, but also for lunch and dinner the pregnant woman can easily be bad and there may even be vomiting on the agenda. Take small meals 5 or 6 times a day to himself. Drink herb tea and chamomile tea.

For a large proportion of pregnant women, these symptoms give after the end of early pregnancy, i.e after the 3rd month.
3. An unpleasant pulling in the abdomen, sometimes associated with back pain, often occurs in early pregnancy. The embryo implanted on and the uterus enlarges.

Everything is stretched, If you are uncertain, contact your Gynecologist.
4. Suddenly, a pregnant woman can no longer smell the scent of her favorite perfume. The smoke a cigarette brings them almost ad Nauseam and the plonk at the butcher stand caused her nausea.

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5. Feeling of tension in the breasts, Due to the increasing estrogen production in the body of the pregnant woman, often stretch the breasts or slightly larger.

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6. In about a quarter of pregnant women occurs in early pregnancy bleeding. This can take place in the period in which normally the rule had taken place.

Of course not mean any bleeding right away that it to a premature baby comes. Nevertheless, an immediate medical examination and probably much bed rest is necessary.
Period after early pregnancy
If the early pregnancy is over, After the turbulent period of the early pregnancy second trimester begins. Most women will still indulged in this time of pregnancy a little more well being before the last trimester of grueling final sprint begins.

“The one who is blessed with fruit of children are the fortunate beings on earth”. Kids are the joy of a house and fruits to the garden of eternity. So when after marriage this good news happens out there are number of confusions and questions which needs explanation and reasoning.

Mostly in the families where people are ill- literate and there is lack of experience and information in this regard they go through a nervous and uncertain state of mind. In many cases females are not really helpful which are around the pregnant women and do not guide her properly in this time of confusion and happiness. The reasons can be our society mindsets who forbid the common information in this field.

Pregnancy is the natural phenomenon through which every woman goes through in initial days there are scary thoughts about the whole nine month time and questions regarding health and safety measures for coming and present days. There are many of the signs which tend to confirm pregnancy and can be observed easily.

The very significant pregnancy symptom is break in menses when the usual date is past there is a strong chance of pregnancy but in some cases this can happen due to some other disease. Pain in breast occurs as periods stops and there happens a change in hormonal cycle and directives leads to this pain. Swelling in various organs of body also becomes visible like swelling of breast, feet and lower abdomen. The occurrence of unusual mood swings or constant slight pain in whole body, which is definitely not part of regular routine so it may be one of the signals leading to pregnancy.

The early sessions can be faced in situation of nausea and vomiting especially in morning hours, but this is nothing to be worried about as body is adjusting to new changes it will take some time to settle .The physical and biological changes are mostly seen in routine of urination, due to heaviness of belly there is increased in pressure being exerted on bladder so there is a need of urination more rapidly than normal.

As our body accept changes it also supports other various transformation which also affects the way how your body smells, the sweat becomes little smelly and different. The belly bulge outs quite significantly and there is rapid change in its size and shape. Now even though all of the above symptoms give a logical conformation to pregnancy still consultation from doctor is must as they are the experts who can predict and advises on absolute basis and reasoning .Medical test gives the written proof of pregnancy and time by time checkups are necessary for sound healthy mother and baby.


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