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Posted on Aug 21 2016 - 2:40am
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It is always the sign of a good drama when viewers take it the characters seriously enough to raise a discussion about their actions. Team Dillagi has done a great job in bringing all their characters to life , each individual has their  own unique motivations and failings which make them all authentic enough for viewers to argue their case. When Anmol got slapped I was a little more shocked than normal, even though the norm for our dramas is sadly all about women suffering. There have been countless dramas on air in which women are subjected to varying degrees of physical and emotional abuse for a say twenty episodes or more before they are either rescued by a “hero” in a white car or their evil husband suddenly “reforms” learning the “truth”. The saddest part of it all is that these awful stories are watched and loved (?) mostly be women and makers insist that if something else could make them money they would change it all.

I had really hoped that Dillagi would be different and it is . Anmol has not been suffering abuse at Mohid or anyone else’s hand and she is not the kind of woman to back down from any kind challenge. Her behavior after Mohid slapped her was exactly what I would have expected from a strong, sensible woman …. She left and didn’t look back. However after two episodes the complexity of her situation is slowly weighing her down. Mohid and his family are not serial abusers, divorce is not a financial problem or “ghar ki izzat ka sawal” for Anmol, so what is stopping her from leaving a Man she had been  praying to be rid off? They say love makes a fool of all of us but for those who are already fools like our overconfident Anmol it might just make her wise.

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There were two scenes this week that stole my heart , they probably went unnoticed by everyone else, but for me they are the reason I am a fan of Faiza Iftikhar’s writing . Firstl,y when Anmol’s mother stood on her doorstep and told Mohid to leave, with the kind of confidence and anger a mother should feel for her daughter in such a situation . She believed and trusted her daughter  just as she should.  A rare display of Asma Abbasi showing some controlled acting instead of her usual eye rolls . Even better was the scene between Mohid and Anmol, when he joins her on her angry walk to the lawyer’s office. Mohid was wrong, very wrong to slap Anmol but deep in her heart Anmol knows she doesn’t want to leave him. I loved the dialogues and the way Mohid wants her to carry on being exactly who she is .. proud, a little arrogant but always honorable. After Humsafar a lot of people could not understand how Khirad could forgive Asher and I always counter that with the argument that they don’t know about true love. It may sound corny but it is true …………….if you cannot forgive, you don’t understand love.

Most of this episode was about Anmol’s chickens coming home to roost. All the mind games she played with Mohid in a haze of revenge and anger look rather disgusting when laid out bare for everyone to inspect.  Anmol had gone out of her way to convince Mohid she was having an affair with Farid so when things do come full circle and Mohid’s trust begins to show cracks what else can she expect? I did however feel sorry for Anmol as her mother and sister became more and more critical of her but sometimes only those we love and trust can hold up the mirror for us . In last week’s episode Zuleikha quite rightly shamed her son for slapping Anmol .“Aurat ki kamaqli aur jazbat ko Tamacha maar kay qaboo karney wala mard he nahee hota “ .  if only more women understood this , and more importantly how wonderful if more men understood this ? Women are not perfect , just like men they get angry theysay and do stupid things but that doesn’t mean they can be slapped into silence. Whatever Anmol was going to do or say it could have been fixed without the slap .

There were any number of excellent dialogues that brought so much depth to this week’s episode .” Jub dil kay darwaza khul jaaey tho chanaahney walay wapas aa hee jatey hai.”  Mohid finally understands that you cannot force someone to be with you , If Anmol really loves him she will come back to him and forgive him his terrible lapse in judgement just as he forgave her willful batameeziya a hundred times . I think one of this stories biggest strengths is that shades of grey in each character . No one is perfect her Mohid is certainly no saint and despite his strong , patient character he too has his limits .

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The always brilliant Saba Hamid owned episode 21 but episode 22 belonged to Mehwish Hayat , who has managed to bring in all the wonderful contradictions that make Anmol’s character so human . Yes there was anger, pride and determination in her portrayal of Anmol but there was also the vulnerability, like light shining through the chinks in Anmol’s armour. Sometimes it is our weaknesses that can make us better people rather than our strengths. So take a bow Mehwish Hayat for a job well done! Asma Abbasi and Maryam Ansari were also great, bringing out all the changing facets pf their characters  their roles required.  Imran Ashraf, as Dastagir, who has really matured as an actor making up for the dreadful Gul e Rana role.

Writer Faiza Iftikhar has raised some interesting questions with these nuanced characters and well written plot, giving audiences both sides of an argument without preaching at them in any overt way. Should Anmol forgive Mohid? Should she listen to her heart? I wonder what will happen if she does, she will always be outspoken and headstrong, are she and Mohid really that good a match? Is anyone a good match? We all have so many quirks and flaws in our personalities, how do we get along? Probably by forgiving each other as much as possible . Director  Nadeem Baig has managed to elicit some great, controlled performances from his cast, remaining true to the story while keeping us guessing as to the ending. Humayoon Saeed has given a consistently good performance as Mohid throughout this story and in a recent interview teased the audience about his character’s death a la Pyarey Afzal … Please no .. no really it would make no sense !!. To end I will repeat another interesting dialogue form this week’s episode “Beghairat aur Bezameer insaan ko kabhi nhi underestimate karn chahiye” _  it made me laugh a bit but without doubt a true statement . Such people can do anything and I am glad Mohid is aware of Kifayat Ali’s nature.

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written by Sadaf

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