Favourite On-Screen Pakistani Jodis & Celebrity Couples Pics

Posted on Aug 26 2016 - 12:30am
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Favourite On-Screen Pakistani Jodis & Celebrity Couples Pics

Ok so we all watch Pakistani dramas right? Which actors and actresses have the best chemistry together and which have really horrible chemistry? Please give reasons as well and feel free to debate and stuff.

Ok so my top 10 all-time favourites of the past (as in dramas that have finished):

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1. Fawad Khan – Mahira Khan (Humsafar): Their love story was beautiful, passionate and everyone could feel a spark between their romance.

2. Imran Abbas – Sanam Jhung (Dil-e-Muztar): I like Alvida too but I felt their romance was a lot cuter in Dil-e-Muztar than it was in Alvida because of the way they struggled to be together.

3. Fahad Mustafa – Sonia Hussain (Mere Humrahi): Many people don’t like their chemistry but I felt a certain spark in a lot of scenes, for example when Ahmed confessed and then when Haniya reached out a hand to touch Ahmed’s hand and apologise for ignoring his feelings, there was a clear love and spark there.

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4. Fahad Mustafa – Maha Warsi (Dusri Biwi): I don’t like the whole concept but I love how gradually Farah fell for Hassan and the way he protected her izzat and helped her against Aamir. I did feel for Aashi though, but the spark I felt between Hassan and Farah was magical.

5. Fawad Khan – Sanam Baloch (Dastaan): Hassan and Bano are beautiful together and the fact that Hassan was willing to accept her even after all she’d been through was true love. I wish they had ended up together though.

6. Osman Khalid Butt – Maya Ali (Diyar-e-Dil): I love Wali and Farah and how their romance was built up throughout the series but I didn’t like Wali being physically violent with Farah which is why it’s not number one or two on the list. I love their moments and their chemistry but that scene was a bit off-putting despite Wali’s anger being justified. However, they are sweethearts especially since Wali did save her honour from Moeez.

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7. Hamza Ali Abbasi – Ayeza Khan (Pyare Afzal): I love them together. I like Hamza and Maya in Mann Mayal but I felt the Afzal-Farah spark was a lot more magical than Mannu-Salahuddin as cute as they are. I do wish Afzal hadn’t died though.

8. Imran Abbas – Maya Ali (Mere Naam Yusuf Hai): OMG!! I love these two. Yusuf is so loving and every girl needs a Yusuf in her life. This guy risked everything for his Zulekha and eventually they became one.

9. Zahid Ahmed – Yumna Zaidi (Jugnoo/Zara Yaad Kar): Another couple I find totally adorable. Jugnoo fought for the man she loved even though he was a coward but he clearly still loved her and knew she would speak up for him. As for Hadi, he’s an idiot right now but recent episodes tell me that he will realise he loves Uzma eventually.

10. Mikaal Zulfiqar – Sanam Jhung (Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai): This is an underrated couple but I love Nabeel/Romaisa. Nabeel is the Prince Charming every girl wants to have and their story is the fairytale romance of everyone. For those who haven’t seen this drama, I reccomend it simply for the beautiful love story of Nabeel and Romaisa.

Top 10 Current Favourites:

1. Zahid Ahmed – Saba Qamar (Besharam): Ok I seriously love the spark between Haider and Mishal ever since the episode where Haider defended her in front of the media people. He has a lot of respect for her and I love their chemistry together.

2. Imran Aslam – Faryal Mehmood (Judai): I love Zariyan and Manahil. I usually never liked Faryal in previous dramas but her and Imran seem to be made for each other on-screen in my opinion. The beach scene, the meeting where they confess they like each other, all amazing.

3. Zahid Ahmed – Sana Javed (Zara Yaad Kar): Ok I don’t like Hadi/Mahnoor much but I have to admit the chemistry between them is quite crackling if I’m honest.

4. Hamza Ali Abbasi – Maya Ali (Mann Mayall): I hate the way Mann Mayall is going but I have to admit that the only reason I’m still watching is to see Jeena go to jail and for Mannu and Salahuddin to end up married to one another.

5. Farhan Saeed – Urwa Hocane (Udaari): Meera! I swear I want to slap her for how clueless she is. Ilyas does not deserve her at all. The chemistry between these two is very natural and Farhan’s expressions in this are amazing.

6. Faisal Qureshi – Arij Fatima (Aap Kay Liye): I really like Wishma in this and I love her relationship with her boss. They look really nice together actually.

7. Affan Waheed – Neelam Munir (Judai): Their moments on-screen were quite heart-touching. When Zaina was going through a tough time, Hamza was their for her every step of the way and supporting her.

8. Ins-e-Yazdan – Hina Altaf Khan (Udaari): I really want to see Zebbo and Jaze end up together from the few moments we’ve seen of them, there is a small spark and I want to see Zebbo happy again. Poor thing she’s been through so much crap that it’s not even funny anymore.

9. Hamayun Saeed – Mehwish Hayat (Dillagi): I love their chemistry in every scene. Be it Mohid’s unconditional love for Anmol or the scene last episode where Anmol was almost in tears.

10. Mikaal Zulfiqar – Anum Fayaz (Intezaar): Zoya, I love you I really really do but the scenes where Shariq is reassuring Saba about other men and trying to help her I feel a spark between the two. Maybe I just want Saba to end up happy with Shariq and for them to learn to love each other.

Ok now 10 least favourite couples (in my opinion):

1. Fahad Mustafa – Hareem Farooq (Doosri Biwi): I know people loved Hassan and Ayesha’s relationship and I did too. But I didn’t feel any chemistry from their scenes even though the scenes were quite romantic. The only time I felt chemistry was when Ayesha lost her kid and Hassan hugged her close, both of them crying but anywhere else, it felt very sland. No spark, no anything.

2. Fahad Mustafa – Sarwat Gillani (Koi Nahi Apna): I only watched this serial for Fahad and felt bad for him when his daughter was taken away but I didn’t feel anything when Fahad and Sarwat were broken apart and all because their scenes, the chemistry felt kind of forced.

3. Imran Abbas – Sana Javed (Aitraaz): I know they were meant to be in love but I found more chemistry between Gohar and Sania Saeed than between these two and I don’t think that was meant to be the case so…

4. Ahsan Khan – Mehwish Hayat (Mere Qatil Mere Dildar): I did not like them together in this drama. In Kabhi Kabhi, their romance was much more cute and adorable I felt.

5. Fawad Khan – Sanam Saeed (Zindagi Gulzar Hai): Please don’t kill me! This is just my opinion personally. I just thought Sanam looked way too much younger than Fawad. Their scenes were nice and created an impact but it’s not a personal favourite of mine. I can’t help it sorry.

6. Ahsan Khan – Maya Ali (Zidd): They were meant to be a stubborn couple but I could never find myself getting into them no matter how much I tried which is weird cause I like both actors quite a lot.

7. Adnan Malik – Mahira Khan (Sadqay Tumhare): They should have created magic on-screen with Khalil ul Rehman’s dialogues and such intense scenes but they did not create anything in my opinion. I loved Shano’s strength in fighting for her love but I did not feel the spark that should have been there.

8. Ali Abbas – Saniya Shamshad (Zinda Dargor): I get she didn’t love him even by the end but even Ali Abbas’s love for her seemed very forced, like he just wanted to conquer her from his brother. Aeliya seemed to be more of his zidd than anything else.

9. Agha Ali – Saba Qamar (Digest Writer): Shehryaar was a very selfish person when it came to Farida’s feelings and all. Farida was a strong character but the love story and chemistry was very lackluster.

10. Faisal Qureshi – Ushna Shah (Bheegi Palkein): People like Maher bano and Hassan a lot but to be honest, the couple bored me. She looks younger than him and her and Omer were a lot cuter together and I believe no one loved Maher bano as much as Omer did.

Ok there I’m done for now! I may post top 20 if this one gets a response and some convo’s get started.


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