Mohsin Abbas Haider on Teri Meri Love Story, Coke Studio & more

Posted on Aug 29 2016 - 5:50pm
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Mohsin Abbas Haider on Teri Meri Love Story, Coke Studio & more lyrics, OST title song mp3 download, cast, timings, drama review, written update (source: hipinpakistan)

Hailing from Faisalabad, DJ, RJ and actor, Mohsin Abbas Haider, rose to fame after he became the DJ in the political-comedy talk show, Mazaq Raat. His fame rose even further as he played the struggling middle class man in Na Maloom Afraad to perfection and now he’s successfully trotting down the lane of success and acclaim.

It took him almost two years to return to the silver screen, and it seems he was looking for yet another promising commercial film. Finally he found one in the face of Teri Meri Love Story. Directed by Jawad Bashir and co-featuring Ushna Shah, Mohib Mirza, Omer Shahzad, Uzma Khan and Ahmed Abdul Rehman; this action packed rom-com is all set to hit the cinemas this Friday on the 2nd of September.

Interestingly, the actor’s Coke Studio debut – that too a solo performance – is also slated to come out on the same date (talk about coincidence!).

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To find out what Mohsin is up to lately and what we can expect from him in future, we catch up with the multi-faceted artist.

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HIP: Teri Meri Love Story is a commercial film just like Na Maloom Afraad, tell us how different it is from your debut film?

MAH: Well after Na Maloom Afraad and my radio show, that was partially in Punjabi, a lot of people accused me of being a very ‘loud’ actor and even though TMLS is a commercial flick, my part is more heroic [read sober], yet comical. My character makes documentaries along with his college friends [played by Ushna and Ahmed], but later on he finds himself helping his friends elope from an arranged marriage.

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So it was a fun film, which I had a great experience shooting. Jawad and his team are very professional. I got to work with a bunch of new talent, and got to share screen space with my Na Maloom Afraad co-star, Salman Shahid Sahab, again. At the end of the day, we have had our share of ups and downs, but I’m very confident with what the final product will be and I have high expectations from it.

HIP: How was the work environment on the sets?

MAH: I think we all learn from each other. TMLS’s sets were full of positive energy, and this kind of energy helps me perform to my fullest. In fact, Ahmed became a great friend and we shared such a strong camaraderie off and on-screen that I’m sure you’ll also notice it when you watch the film.

Since most of my scenes are with him and Uzma, we used to rehearse together and every time it used to be a blast. Apart from them, I think Mohib is a great actor, Omer is like a brother to me, Ushna is again such an energetic soul and overall I had a great time working with each and every person associated with the project.

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HIP: TMLS’s colour grading and post production is being criticised heavily. Your thoughts?

MAH: Jawad [Bashir] is a lot more experienced then me. I feel he did what he could within the limited capacity and liberty that he was given to fulfil his vision.

My job ended when the cameras stopped rolling. He worked on the post production, and I have complete faith in him. I think the final cut that you’ll get to see will be very entertaining. We all are very excited and even if it isn’t very well received, I’ll own it!

HIP: Apart from the release of your second feature film, what other projects are you currently looking into?

MAH: Well I’m being offered a lot of films lately. However, Mazaq Raat doesn’t allow me to do anything at all and I’m bound to stay in Lahore for a few days every week for its shoot. That’s the way I shot for Na Maloom Afraad too. Nabeel would fly me to Karachi every week from Lahore and this time, I got lucky that TMLS was completely shot here in Lahore, so that made things a lot easier. But due to this, I have to skip a lot of serials and films, but I don’t regret it since Mazaq Raat is doing well and I’ve been receiving great feedback.

I’m looking into a serial for now. But what I’m anxiously waiting for is my Coke Studio debut. For a person like me, who has sang about a million songs live at Mazaq Raat, this is a platform to get noticed and register myself as a serious singer. Apart from all of this, I’ve written the lyrics for a track in Actor In Law; It is called Khudaya and has been beautifully sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

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HIP: Speaking of Coke Studio, how did you land yourself there?

MAH: So basically I met somebody for a track in Nescafe Basement, but since I’ve been around for over a decade and that platform is mainly for aspirants, they suggested I go to Coke Studio. And luckily, I found out that Strings had already shortlisted my name in the previous season, but for some reason they couldn’t approach me. And it was actually a fairy tale moment for me when I was there in the recording studio amongst such gifted musicians.

It was all so unreal and magical. I’ve done lots of work over the past many years, but time stopped for me there. I’ve only seen my favourite singers and legends on this platform, so it’s definitely a force to reckon with.

My song is produced by Jaffar Zaidi (son of veteran singer, Nayera Noor), and the lyrics and composition is my own. So I’m really excited for it to come out this episode and I hope that the audience enjoys listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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HIP: What genre of films do you wish to do in the future?

MAH: I’m really eager to answer this question (laughs). So basically I’m known for my comic timing, and that is great, but I’m very serious in real life and I’m waiting for an offer that will help me prove myself in that genre as well. I want to follow the path that Will Smith chose. And even though I’ve been accepted as the funny guy of the industry, I want to do something like Persuade of Happiness.

I also wish to do biopics. I absolutely loved Shah, Manto as well as Mah-e-Mir. In fact, I even auditioned for the film, Albela Rahi [now starring Fawad Khan] and it gave me great joy when Alamgir Sahab told me that he wished I played him in the film and that I looked like him when he was young. I myself found out that Fawad has been casted to play the lead through the internet, but I’m sure it will be an amazing film and I’m really looking forward to it.

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HIP: How does your wife react to the odd working hours that you have?

MAH: To be a successful actor, I think you need to have a cooperative wife which I am Mashallah blessed with. My working hours are very tough, I come home at five in the morning. At times I have above 24 hours of shoot, and kudos to her for managing and accepting it so well.

HIP: How was your experience of performing at the Lux Style Awards stage with Mahira Khan?

MAH: Honestly, it was very emotional for me. I first attended the Lux Style Awards [11th edition] when I was struggling, and I hosted a segment with Mahira where she sang a duet live with me for the very first time; it was a cover of Abhi Na Jao Chor Ker. And I still remember that I had to borrow clothes from a friend of mine since I had nothing presentable enough to wear at a prestigious ceremony like that.

This time, I wore Nomi Ansari’s brilliant ensemble and performed with the same co-star as she made her dancing debut this time. It was all very overwhelming and I kept fluctuating between different emotions. I’ve known Mahira since we both were VJs and she’s truly one of my most favourite people to work with. She’s a blessing for a co-star!

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