Sange Mar Mar…First Impressions

Posted on Sep 2 2016 - 4:40am
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Let me start this review by saying, Mustafa Afridi; take a bow. What an episode, amazing script, crisp dialogues, brilliant characterization and a star cast that always delivers.

The opening scene was beautifully shot. It captured the beauty of the northern areas as well as the funeral of Baran Khan and at the same time introduced us to Aurang and Gulistan Khan.

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The story revolves around Gulistan Khan played by Noman Ijaz and his family. He is married to Shameen ( Sania Saeed ) and together they have 3 sons and a daughter. His son Aurang ( Mikaal Zulfiqar ) studies in Peshawar and he is like his mother; sensible, peaceloving, calm and mature…all the characteristics which his brother’s consider as ” buzdalli “.

Gulistan Khan is one fascinating character. He is arrogant, rather a dictator but very proud of his culture and heritage. Fiercely loyal to his kin, a little generous, and at the same time very pakka when it comes to hisaab kitaab. He is a dictator who does not believe in showing any emotion other than anger.

Bano is a manipulative woman who is a lot like her father GK. She hates her husband and dosen’t let any opportunity of belittling or demeaning him go to waste. She also knows which one of her brothers is easier to manipulate and how best can she use them. Her mother’s prediction seems more like a prophecy, when she said one of these days you are gonna end up getting one of your brothers hurt because of your actions. Some  of Bano’s dialogues were censored, I don’t know why because I was able to understand every censored word :).

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Tora khan, Gulistan Khan’s nephew is sort of an outcast. Apparently his father married a Bengali woman ( a dancer ) and in Gulistan Khan’s world, that is a stigma, a taboo. So, even after GK married his daughter Shah Bano to Tora Khan, he still can neither accept him nor give him respect. While Tora seems to be harmless, there is more to him than meets the eye. He is still haunted by his mother’s memories and the memories of the mistreatment she received  at GK’s hands. His rage, grief and sense of depreviation is building up inside and it’s only a matter of time when it erupts.

Acting as expected was top notch. The scene between Mikaal and Sania Saeed was just o so sweet, the affection, the bond this mother son duo shared, was heart warming. They both understand eachother and are so relaxed in eachother’s company. Their’s is a bond like none other but then I don’t understand why Aurang came home after two years ? That’s a long time, he was studying in Pakistan it’s not like he went abroad.

I loved watching the cast from KPK and their Pashto accent but at the same time, it was sort of weird since the cast from Karachi had totally different accents. Coming to that ” mor par scene ” it was a bit of both weird and sweet, ” cheeni khilatay raihna nahi to yeah mar jay ga ” 🙂 that was the sweet part but the two kids teasing eachother with that par was weird. However the cultural touch was good, ” narazgi maag “, Daa g, traditional shalwar qameez and toopi, the traditional houses, it was refreshing to watch.

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The commentry on the manipulation of religion was done brilliantly, I couldn’t stop laughing when in one minute the molvi sahab said ” shriyet main aise koi narmi nahi hai “, he is made an offer ” Goosht hamara, khaal Tumhari ” and the verdict suddenly changes to ” shiriyet main maafi ki bohat Bari fazelat hai “. Wow, brilliant.

This comolicated family drama has a lot to offer. The direction, presentation, OST, editing , acting and script have all come together beautifully. This drama is a complete package, if you were looking for something different to watch, then this is the one to watch. If you missed the first episode I suggest you watch it in repeat telecast, you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

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