Mann Mayal ends but the hilarity doesn’t

Posted on Sep 8 2016 - 3:50pm
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January 25, 2016 – it was a day when chilly winds blew across the country, people cuddled up on a sofa (nearest to their television screen) with a cup of coffee, and awaited the next masterpiece from the director of Diyar-e-Dil, Haseeb Hassan. The first episode encapsulated the audience and people couldn’t help but appreciate the bird view angles, Maya Ali’s acting, and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s desi look. The audience couldn’t get enough of Manahil (Maya Ali) and Salahudin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) – he, a serious, intelligent guy, and she, a happy dreamer. The HUM TV drama serial was the top trend that night and every Monday night for the following eight months.

While Mann Mayal sustained its ‘talk of the town’ status, the equation changed drastically after a few episodes. Instead of praising the direction, script and characters, people found comic relief in an intense romantic drama and that is never a good sign. Mannu lost her girlish charm and became this dead person so two thumbs up to Maya Ali for essaying the character to perfection. However, Hamza Ali Abbasi failed to convince us an intense lover that is Salahuddin. We always doubted if he actually, really loved Mannu?

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The debate continued for more than half of the year and now, sadly, we’ll no longer witness the writer, Samira Fazal’s, sporadic twists and turns. Hum TV’s drama serial, Mann Mayal, ended yesterday amid much fanfare, but it wasn’t the kind of fanfare, that makers usually crave.

People came out in large numbers to present us hilarious alternate endings, summaries, and what not!

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Let’s have a look.

First up, this video review of Mann Mayal is totally accurate and awesome!

Some also went ahead and decided Jeena (Ayesha Khan) and Meekail’s (Gohar Rasheed) fate in the afterlife. Well, these two actually did have a weird sort of on-screen chemistry.

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Like we said in our review, if only Salahudin had opened the door in the initial episode, we could’ve maybe seen a better ending than “Chal Jhootay”.

This meme has been doing rounds for quite some time now, and it’s downright hilarious. All we’d like to add is, “Dhotay jao dhotay jao dhotay jao…”

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While some fell head over heels in love with Manahil and Salahuddin’s love story, others tend to disagree.

Someone also shared Jeena’s ‘deadly’ totkas to woo their lover.

Disclaimer: Please don’t try this at home or, for that matter, anywhere else!

Then there were the gazillion alternate endings which involved some really awesome suggestions which Fazal should’ve certainly paid heed to. Our favourite was Jameel’s return to the proceedings as Fawad Khan.

This is us every. single. week.

So guys remember, September 5 is Youm-e-Nijaat day because a unique masterpiece – a serial which tops the ratings chart but still gets bucket loads of criticism- like Mann Mayal needs due recognition.

But the winner amid all these creative souls is Fatima Arshad – a student of CBM.

This student from CBM (the college where the last episode was shot) raised a few very important questions such as ‘How did the guards allow a crazy-looking total stranger enter the college premises without the ID card?’, ‘CBM has over a hundred classrooms; why and how could Sallu take up such a daunting task?’

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She also highlights that Manahil has real poor luck because you might enter CBM on your choice, but you leave the premises on Asim’s (the man who handles course registration). It seems Salahuddin will forever babysit the children while Mannu tries to pass Financial Management after multiple attempts.

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