Lahore Se Aagey looks like a perfect mix of comedy & drama

Posted on Sep 10 2016 - 9:50pm
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Lahore Se Aagey looks like a perfect mix of comedy & drama lyrics, OST title song mp3 download, cast, timings, drama review, written update (source: hipinpakistan)

Wajahat Rauf and Showcase Productions gave us Karachi Se Lahore last year, and while we loved the one-liners by Yasir Hussain, we wished the acting of rest of the cast was as flawless as his and laugh out loud moments came much more frequently. It seems the makers also felt the same and decided to take us Lahore Se Aagey.

LSA – written by Yasir Hussain and directed by Wajahat Rauf – has been in the making since last year and now the trailer is finally out.

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The trailer promises a happy go lucky film full of music, masti, * and drama. In short, it is your perfect *masala film, but lacks the romantic touch.

As we know Saba Qamar plays a rock star in the film and while she looks the part, she might’ve gone a bit overboard in terms of acting. Qamar is a brilliant performer as she’s proved it time and again in projects like Bunty I love You, Manto, Dastaan and so on, but after Sangat, we’ve observed that Qamar’s acting has gone from being natural to a bit too pretentious. Let’s hope that’s not the case in Lahore Se Aagey.

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Meanwhile, Saba Qamar’s dance performance in Daghabaaz will surely give strong competition to Ayesha Omer’s Tutti Fruity and Yasir Hussain might just outdo himself with his his PG13 jokes. Pro tip: Seek help from those well-versed in this department.

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What are we looking forward to:

  • The music looks promising except for Befiqaryan which sounds like a failed attempt at rock music, and is just grammatically incorrect.

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  • Funny on-liners – let’s hope there are bucket loads of them this time round.

  • Scenic beauty of Pakistan – the production quality looks top-notch and so do the camera angles.

  • Behroze Sabzwari, Rubina Ashraf, and Abdullah Farhatullah’s performance since these three looked hilarious in the trailer.

  • Guest appearances by Goher Mumtaz, Frieha Altaf, and many others.

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What we are not looking forward to:

  • Cliche and misogynistic jokes. Case in point is when Behroze
    Sabzwari’s character says, “mujhe Billi [Saba Qamar] pakarne do!” It wasn’t hilarious at all so why not cut it off. Another one was the “Made in China” joke.

  • Unrealistic scenarios like Saba Qamar managing to wear a vest in rural areas. Trust me, no one does that in real.

  • Yasir Hussain and Saba Qamar’s on-screen romance is not something we’re dying to see.

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The most important question, however, is, does Lahore Se Aagey’s trailer convince us to watch the film on November 11th? Most certainly.

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