“I am not a feminist at all,” says Sanam Baloch

Posted on Sep 15 2016 - 3:50pm
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"I am not a feminist at all," says Sanam Baloch lyrics, OST title song mp3 download, cast, timings, drama review, written update (source: hipinpakistan)

The actress only wants to work in dramas with a substantial script.

If there is one actress who has swiftly become a household name due to her acting prowess and quirky attitude in her morning show stints, it’s Sanam Baloch. Whether it’s been her popular dramas like Dastaan or Noor Pur Ki Rani, or all the praise she’s currently getting for her role as Marium Mukhtar in the eponymous telefilm Ek Thi Marium, the actress’ fame seems to be growing tenfold and we cannot get enough of it!

Talking to HIP about her role in the Defence Day telefilm, and what more is in store for the actress, Sanam Baloch reveals it all:

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HIP: How was your experience essaying Marium Mukhtar and what physical and mental changes did you go through to fit into the character’s shoes?

Sanam Baloch: As an epitome, it was extremely challenging. Living a life of someone like her and doing justice to it as an actor is a difficult job indeed. I had a huge responsibility on my shoulders, paying homage to Pakistan’s first woman fighter jet pilot. I had to give my 100 percent; making sure when people watch Ek Thi Marium, they don’t say it was Sanam Baloch – they feel that Marium Mukhtar is back on their TV screens.

One of the difficult parts was to replicate the way military people move about; to sustain the entire character and absorb it. To fit into Marium Mukhtar’s character, before the shoot, I had spent first two days with the cadets, so I could adapt to their environment and body language at the Air Force Academy. I had a couple of air force people and trainers at the shoot (set), who were helping me out with it.

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HIP: What made you come back to the acting scene with this telefilm and how has your experience been shooting?

SB: I have been getting a lot offers but there was nothing that appealed me in terms of script. I was in search for a substantially good script and when Urdu 1 approached me for this telefilm and also when I came to know it has been written by Umera Ahmed and that I have to portray Marium Mukhtar – I couldn’t refuse it.

Also because of the morning show, it gets extremely tiring and stressful for me. The shooting experience has been unparalleled. Although it has been such a strenuous routine complemented with a horrid weather, working with Sarmad and shooting in that military environment was extraordinary. I think I don’t have words to describe my shooting experience.

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HIP: You’ve been offered several Pakistani as well as Bollywood films. And even Vidya Balan appreciated your work on Twitter. Can we expect to see you on the big screen anytime soon?

SB: Who doesn’t like being praised for the hard work they’ve done? She is such a versatile actor and getting a word of praise from her was a matter of great honour for me. And yes, you can expect…you can expect anything. I do have a couple of projects particularly directed towards my fans. But, I don’t like talking about projects till they’re final but once they’re finalized, I’ll definitely break the news.

HIP: What are your thoughts on the trade of talent between Pakistan and India?

Well, as far as the trade of talent is concerned. I think it’s a great initiative – it’s giving our industry a space to boom and flourish more. There has been no real initiative for joint ventures – although Pakistani actors are particularly making waves across the border – which I think should be looked into.

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HIP: Do you feel that with morning shows, actresses fail to utilize their potential and are often over-exposed?

SB: We all agree to disagree. It would be ineffable to say so in this time frame. We as morning show hosts have a greater responsibility on us as millions of people are watching us during the 2 hours live transmission. We need to be careful, we need to present ourselves in a certain way and have to inspire people out there. You might be talking about it in terms of certain episodes and a hoopla created in links to the morning shows, but at least I, as a host and anchor, try to bring on ground situations facing families today on my show.

HIP: What do you think is the best and worst part of being a morning show host and why?

SB: The core purpose of me doing a morning show is that it’s the pre-eminent medium of conveying to your audience what you feel like; you speak for yourself. In morning shows, I speak about myself and that’s what I love about it. I think whenever I interview the guests on my morning show – I’m quite diligent about it. I get involved like I really want to know about that particular personality. It’s not just work for me.

It does get exhausting to do a morning show but again; it’s my work and I try to give my fullest. Following the same routine gets boring sometimes, but Karachi is a happening place and when it gets boring, I get to delve and move around with my friends or family.

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HIP: You’ve proved yourself as a powerful performer amongst the new array of talent but which female actor do you think can make it big?

SB: Thank you for such kind words. From the female actresses, I think it has to be our favourite Mann Mayal girl, Maya Ali. Good work speaks for yourself you know. I always believe if you work hard, giving your absolute best, you’re there to sustain yourself – and you’ll not fade. Maya has worked hard. I remember her being so determined since the time of Durr-e-Shahwar and look where she is now. Much more power to her!

HIP: What’s your take on how women are portrayed on television and the awareness movements that have now started taking place with serials?

SB: I am not at all a feminist, but I think there needs to be a certain level of awareness; at least an awareness about your basic rights as a woman living in this society. There is a wave of women empowerment but that too is targeted towards certain geographical regions and professions. That cannot be implied on every other thing. I am happy looking at how women are portrayed on television these days in dramas.

The damsel-in-distress approach is pretty obsolete now. As an actor, I think we hold a certain responsibility towards this society to inspire the audience and bring about a change. Udaari, for instance, is a wonderful example we have. It has taken a stand and one cannot stop praising the makers for how subtly they’ve touched the sensitive issue of child abuse.

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HIP: Tell us a bit about your personal life. How does Abdullah (husband) take your profession?

SB: Abdullah has been a great support to me. You won’t believe but Abdullah had not seen my serials before our marriage. He went through the archives and watched my shows afterwards and he appreciated them a lot. I’m very critical about my work and never watch my own shows but Abdullah always inspires me and gives me the much-needed pat on my back. I think married life has affected me in a very positive way. No doubt, it’s a relationship that changes your life completely.

HIP: Where does your focus lie currently – hosting or acting?

SB: Both for now. There are a couple of projects in the pipeline, which I’ll not disclose right now but yes, if I’m offered a powerful script – I’ll definitely consider it.

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