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Posted on Sep 21 2016 - 3:50am
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Trends - armeena khan lyrics, OST title song mp3 download, cast, timings, drama review, written update (source: hipinpakistan)

We are very excited to see how the drama fares in comparison with Bin Roye the movie.

Was it Janaan, Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, or Actor In Law? Published Sep 16, 2016 07:48pm

Join us, as we speak with Amna Niazi about her clients, next projects, and importance of image consultancy. Updated Sep 14, 2016 03:20pm

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We speak with exhibitors, conduct polls, and read reviews to make a calculated guess. Published Sep 12, 2016 06:11am

The stalker in us has come out and now there’s no stopping us. Published Sep 11, 2016 06:33am

“We are really excited that our first venture, ‘Janaan’ is releasing in 15 countries simultaneously,” says Imran Raza Updated Sep 03, 2016 10:37pm

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Audience knows the entire story of Bin Roye, but is still awaiting it eagerly, why? Updated Aug 31, 2016 11:54pm

From romantic numbers to an ethnic Pashto song, the music narrates a story of a country’s enthralling culture. Updated Aug 31, 2016 11:22am

In a recent interview with BBC Urdu, the cast talked about Alis hyperness, Nargis Fakhri, Reham Khan and much more Updated Aug 29, 2016 02:17am

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“The play will air this year as the last edits are under process,” reveals Farhat Ishtiaq. Updated Aug 23, 2016 12:22pm

Once again, our celebs didn’t fail us and gave us major #ootd inspiration! Published Aug 19, 2016 04:10am

The team of Janaan was the perfect combination of hilarity and ingenuity that was nothing short of a breath of fresh air Updated Aug 17, 2016 02:12am

Their fun and quirky videos had us all laughing and we cant wait to see more videos of them having an amazing time! Updated Aug 14, 2016 05:42am

From Mahira Khan to Bilal Ashraf, HIP looks at the 5 best-dressed stars this week! Published Aug 09, 2016 04:30pm

If you’ve been a fan of Armaan Malik, Janaan is definitely your kinda’ song! Updated Jul 28, 2016 02:35pm

From staying up all night on Chaand Raat to having Sheer Khorma on Eid day; celebs share their Eid rituals Updated Jul 12, 2016 02:28am

Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Saba Qamar and more tell HIP how they plan on spending their Eid. Updated Jul 09, 2016 06:50pm

From Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar to Saba Qamar and Ayeza Khan – the who’s who tell HIP what makes Eid special. Updated Jul 05, 2016 05:18pm

From Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar to Saba Qamar and Ayeza Khan – the who’s who tell HIP what makes Eid special. Updated Jul 05, 2016 05:18pm

From Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar to Saba Qamar and Ayeza Khan – the who’s who tell HIP what makes Eid special. Updated Jul 05, 2016 05:15pm

Warning: You might just develop an unhealthy obsession with Janaan’s trailer Updated Jul 01, 2016 10:27pm

“We need to discourage celebratory approach towards fairness of skin,” says Khan. Published Jun 20, 2016 06:12pm

“It is possible that Yalghaar may clash with Janaan and Actor in Law on Eid-ul-Azha this year,” says Gohar Rasheed Published Jun 17, 2016 09:55pm

“It has all the elements that make for an entertaining and enjoyable watch” – producer Imran Kazmi Published Jun 17, 2016 09:51pm

The film will be distributed by ARY Films in Pakistan while B4U will distribute it internationally in 6 countries Updated May 30, 2016 01:39am

The show is been shot in Istanbul, Turkey, and hosted by Maria Wasti who always shinesout with grace and eternal charm. Updated May 05, 2016 12:13am

The film will release on Eid ul Adha and I’m sure you’ll be counting seconds to it after watching the teaser Updated Mar 18, 2016 10:07pm

His fellow cricketer, Shoaib Malik, also wished ‘team Janaan’ best of luck. Published Mar 14, 2016 01:55pm

From ‘Yalghar’ and ‘Dobara Phir Se’ to ‘Janaan’ and ‘Actor In Law,’ some great movies are about to release this year! Updated Mar 13, 2016 11:25pm

The poster stays true to the story line of the film – a romantic comedy based featuring a Pakhtoon family. Published Mar 12, 2016 03:22pm

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