India reacts to MNS’s open threat to Pakistani artists

Posted on Sep 27 2016 - 5:50am
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Indian political party, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), following the attacks in Uri had given an ultimatum to Pakistani artists to leave India within 48 hours. The open threat didn’t go down well with the entertainment industry as various directors and producers pointed out that putting a ban on cultural exchange would do nothing to eliminate terrorism.

Karan Johar, after receiving a direct threat from MNS for casting Pakistani artists, also opened up on the issue during his interview with Indian journalist, Barkha Dutt, explaining that while his heart bled for the loss of lives in Uri due to terrorism, banning Pakistani artists will not put an end to terrorism.

“Telling Fawad to pack up and leave isn’t a solution. Today if my film is being targeted because of this it will make me exceptionally sad. Banning art or artists isn’t a solution,” Johar said during an interview on NDTV.

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He added that he wouldn’t want to get involved in the whole scenario because his job, as a filmmaker, is to spread love and happiness and not find solutions for national issues.

“I am not somebody who can find the answer. I am nobody in that scheme of things. I am just a filmmaker, telling a love story. Today I feel, I am a vulnerable soft target. I have faced it, felt the repercussions of it in the past and I have constantly combated that,” added the film director.

Riteish Deshmukh echoed Johar’s statement reiterating that banning Pakistani artists is not the solution.

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“Artists are like soft targets, which is very unfortunate. The concentration is somewhere else and this is not the solution to it. If this was the solution then fair enough, but this is not the solution,” Deshmukh told India Times.

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Declare Pakistan a terrorist state: Vikram Bhatt

Earlier, Indian director, Vikram Bhatt, instead of shying away from the issue emphasized that banning Pakistani artists is nothing compared to what India has suffered at the hands of terrorists – which according to him are synonymous to Pakistanis.

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“We should concentrate on making sure that Pakistan is declared a terrorist state. That should be our effort. This (asking Pak actors to leave) is like trivialising the issue, whether artists or cricket should be allowed nor not…How does that matter? What matters is that people are dying, we have been constantly suffering… And the only thing we do is ban artists!” he told Times of India.

Now, those are some strong words Mr. Bhatt! You can speak against the terrorist organisations using Pakistan as their hiding ground, you cannot label an entire nation as a “terrorist state”. We have also been suffering at the hands of these terrorists so we’re equally victimized at the hands of these banned organisations and even more so.

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After his statements went viral, he made a point to turn down the notion that he was in any way supporting Pakistani artists.

Bhatt did accept that Pakistani artists’ lives would be at risk if they spoke against the attack on Uri.

“I expect them to take a stand but can they do that? They are actors, creative people, not activists. I don’t think they can go back if they are going to talk against the terrorist outfits in Pakistan. They would surely fear for their lives, might as well become Indian citizens then. I think they would really fear for their safety.”

Government should decide whether to ban/unban Pakistani artists: Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt, who is known for his love for Pakistani singers, actors and actresses, said he still dreams of peace in the South Asian region and cutting all sorts of ties will only aggravate the issue.

“Call me a diehard romantic but I still hope pray and fantasize about peace in the Asian subcontinent.Someday peace will prevail. However the mother of all questions is, are we at war with Pakistan?” he asked in his long monologue about the prevalent issue. “By all means, take a firm no-nonsense stance against the extremists, the ISI, the Mujahideen, the Laskar-e-Taiba, and the Pakistan military which is perhaps covertly promoting such intrusions into our country.”

He added, “The artiste is part of the healing process. I don’t think we should shut down all doors between the two countries.Also, it is the right of the government of India to decide who should and who should not come to this country. Is the country going to be run by the rule of the law or by the whims and fancies of a handful of people?”

Film critic, Mayank Shekar, said that the decision of allowing or disallowing Pakistani artists to work in India lies with the Indian government.

“Something which is cultural is by nature apolitical. But if it does become political as in this particular case, then that is the political decision that the authorities need to take. It can’t be any particular outfit deciding to issue a diktat and everyone living under the fear of what they would do or would not do.”

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Indian journalists also echoed similar opinions on Twitter.

But many people in general think boycotting Pakistani artists is the way to go.

MNS assures Pakistani artists have left Mumbai

Yesterday, MNS leader Amey Khopkar, chief of the MNS’s cinema workers’ unit Chitrapat Karamchari Sena confirmed to an Indian news site that all Pakistani artists had left Mumbai.

“The 48 hours are over and the Pakistani artists are not in Mumbai anymore,” he said. ““You can be rest assured that they have left, but if any Pakistani artist is still left in the city and is hiding, we will hunt them down and throw them out of Mumbai.”

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He also confirmed that all radio stations and television channels, including Zee Zindagi – a channel which aired Pakistani drama serials in abundance – had responded to their call of banning Pakistani artists.

“Zee has decided to shut down its channel ‘Zee Zindagi’ where they show Pakistani shows and I want to thank them for that.”

It seems like we’ve once again reached a standstill and we might soon see a ban on Indian films running in our cinemas because that’s the only thing left. PEMRA has already put a stop to Indian content on Pakistani television.

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