Bin Roye Episode 2 review, written update – When U Miss Someone

Posted on Oct 12 2016 - 6:49pm
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Bin Roye Episode 2 review, written update – When U Miss Someone (credit to purnima)

Missing someone is a part of loving them.
If you’re never apart, you’ll never really know how strong your Love is.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…you feel more affection for those you love when parted from them…being apart from someone that you love makes you love them even more…& Saba experienced it, but not Irtiza…may be because two of them have been seeing their relation differently…



For Irtiza, he was confident he will manage 2 years without Saba, it might be tough to stay away…but he will be fine…he had his own priorities…But For Saba, it was most difficult thing, staying apart from Irtiza for 2 years, is something even difficult for her to imagine…but still she agreed just for Irtiza.
No doubts two missed each other, thought about each other equally…but Irtiza managed to divert his thoughts from Saba…which Saba cudn’t, even her sub conscious thoughts revolved around girl is completely smitten by Irtiza, most importantly she is quite clear about her feelings.

Saba Irtiza share such a heart melting relation with each other…& how well they understand each other…that its really surprising, Irtiza inspite of being so understanding of Saba & knowing her so well, where he can even guess her every action & reaction…still cudn’t figure out her feelings for Him…Ermm

Wonder if Irtiza didn’t really paid attention to Saba’s love filled eyes…Or he cud never realise her feelings, or he literally had been ignorant all along…Guess, He himself didn’t realise that all his care, concern & understanding for Saba, had been much beyond than just being childhood “friends” or cousins…He never realised, or never tried to think about the real reason behind “tumhare aankh mein ek aasu bhi nahi dekhna chahta” which had been his unconscious Love.Heart

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For him, Saba had always been that “little girl” whom he has to always look after & protect…who always needed him around for everything & He himself is ready to do anything & everything for Saba’s happiness.

The sweetest moment was Irtiza ready to cancel his trip just for Saba… “Na kahogi, toh nahi jaunga” …its strange he didn’t even thought for a second, why he was ready to sacrifice something important for his career…just because of Saba…It was heart warming how Saba inspite of knowing how tough it wud be her to stay without Irtiza, that too for 2 long years, still agreed & didn’t forced him to stay back…when she cud have easily done dat & Irtiza being himself, wud have even stayed back…

Irtiza understands so well in everything accept for just one thing…he even knew without him, it gonna be difficult for Saba..she is not used to stay without him…”mere jaane ke baad pareshaan hojaegi”…Disapprove.He had been so right, poor girl had tough time…”dates bhi nahi yaad ho rahe”…no concentration…ladki feared failing…She was cute complaining & cribbing…girl was missing Irtiza too much… Saba was adorable, writing such long letters …& Irtiza being patient enough to read through them & enjoying…It was so good to see their “email chats”…inspite of distances they shared even minutest details of day to day activities.



May be I am being biased for Irtiza-Saba pair, but still Irtiza-Saman had been a complete opposite pair, irrespective they share common likes & interests…even then its strange & hard to accept Irtiza gradually falling for Saman, whom he just met..& not for girl whom he have spend so many years with…Its so obvious from Irtiza’s actions & expressions he is falling hard for Saman…or may be love at first sight …(usually most of his characters are used to it)LOL

Felt sorry for Saba, she was so excited for Irtiza’s vacation visit…but Irtiza saab bzy knowing Saman more better…& guess it must have been first time, he gave more importance to someone else over Saba…

But seriously Irtiza saab, dat was unfair, Unhappy you don’t even need to ask the million dollar question “Saba Naraaz hai mujhse”…Isn’t it obvious, LOLLOLshe is too much angry…

Girl was expecting vacation visit so much…aapki yaad mein, coffee, pancake, omelette banana bhi seekha…& dil tod diya bechari ka…bahut mehnat karni padegi manane ke liye.

Guess, these two years had been differentiating & defining moments for Irtiza-Saba…Its interesting to figure out why Irtiza cudn’t realise Saba’s love…coz For Saba, inspite of being younger, she was clear about her feeling for Irtiza, it didn’t matter if Irtiza is around or not…for her its always only Irtiza, even without his presence He was always on her mind…her every thought started & ended with HIM…

But for Irtiza, not only he was unaware of his own feelings, but I wonder if he wanted Saba to say herself, that she loved him…LOLLOLLOL Like since childhood, if she wanted something from him…she always directly asked him, maybe he wanted same TongueLOL for his tubelight to clickLOLLOL …that Saba comes & herself confesses.
Saba believed, jaise har baar bina kahe, Irtiza har baat samajh lete hai…Approve he will realise her love too…SmileSmileSmile afterall “Har baat maante hai, kuch bhi kar sakte hai Saba ke liye… & sabse zyada khayaal jo rakhte hai”

Since, Saba bahut naraaz hai… Doubt is baar “jitni jaldi roothi hai, utni jaldi maanegi ya nahi”LOLLOL …is baar ladki baat bhi nahi karegi…so its gonna be tough job to manaofy Saba darling…
Lets see, how easily Irtiza manages to do that…
Goodluck Irtiza!







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