Birthday Special: 10 fun facts about Fahad Mustafa

Posted on Oct 14 2016 - 3:50pm
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Fahad Mustafa thik-a-thikee-ed his way into thousands of hearts one Summer evening via his game show, Jeeto Pakistan. At a time when Dr. Amir Liaquat was flying high (with a bit of a help from Firdous, QMobile, and babies who were in dire need of parents); Fahad Mustafa came and beat Liaquat in his home ground and that too without any match practice.

But Jeeto Pakistan is not Fahad Mustafa’s claim to fame. The multi talented artist had proved himself as a great actor in projects such as Wujood-e-Laraib, Tair-e-Lahoti, Mastana Mahi, Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon, Mera Saeen, and recently Kankar.

It is his birthday today and we at HIP have decided to unveil a few fun facts about Fahad Mustafa. Let’s begin.



He’s more than a bathroom singer

Fahad Mustafa’s vocal chords are capable of being showcased on stage without anyone asking him to “soch lo”. Let us remind you that he sang a medley in the firs HUM Awards. You guys don’t remember it? Okay then you must remember this moment:

[embedded content]

Fahad Mustafa also sang old Lollywood songs with Zhalay Sarhadi for one of his long plays directed by Angeline Malick.

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He came up with “Soch Lo” all by himself

Fahad Mustafa’s “Soch Lo” might have given you a cardiac arrest for a number of reasons; but we cannot deny the power of these two words and the way they a re delivered. One of Mustafa’s close friends tells us that Fahad Mustafa does not rehearse for Jeeto Pakistan and neither does he have any script. He might as well copyright his famous dialogue, “Soch Lo”.

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Laziest person on earth

Well, not really. Fahad Mustafa does manage to host a game show right after Iftar – a time when many of us are fighting food coma and lying on our beds questioning our existence. But according to Mustafa’s close friend, “he [Fahad Mustafa] would prefer to stay at home and do nothing if he had a choice.”



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Haleem all the way in Ramazan

Odd choice, right? But why lead a boring pakora-eating life when you can have all the haleem in the world. While us mere mortals thought channas and pakoras were Ramazan staples and the thought of having haleem never even crossed our mind; this dude here is a big fan of the complex yet simple dish.

He studied Pharm.D

He was studying to become a Doctor in Pharmacy in Baqai Medical University when the acting bug bit him and he decided to ditch everything – except his lovely wife who was his university fellow – and pursue his passion, well, passionately.

A private person

If a person’s lazy, he or she naturally becomes a private person too. If your biggest aim is to stay inside your room 24/7; you don’t get much time to socialize with people, hence, end up having a few really close friends who won’t leave you alone even if you threaten them to. Fahad Mustafa probably belongs to the lazy-lot-with-few-friends.

Reportedly, Fahad Mustafa may have super people skills (you’ve got to see him handle the audience in his live show); but he doesn’t like to charm each and every person he meets. A few of his closest friends are Dr. Ali Kazmi and ARY digital’s CEO, Jerjees Seja.

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Fahad Mustafa hates (going to) morning shows

Let’s just rephrase it; he doesn’t say yes to each and every morning show he is invited to. It is surprising that Fahad Mustafa, being an ex morning show host himself, doesn’t really feel comfortable on morning shows. He has categorically criticizes Nadia Khan for her style of handling the show and says Shaista Lodhi and Farah Hussain are a few hosts whom he actually looks up to.

His father was quite famous in his heydays

Salahuddin Tunio, his father, is a very popular figure in Sindhi and Urdu television industry and Mustafa probably got the acting gene form him. One of the most popular Urdu play of Tunio remains to be Chotti Si Dunya.

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Sunny Tunio or Fahad Mustafa

We’re sure some of his closest industry friends (like Sunita Marshal) may still call him Sunny and not Fahad Mustafa. For some odd reason Mustafa decided to debut on television with his pet name, Sunny, but soon realized that if he wanted to have a “sunny” career, he’ll have to use his real (more serious) name, Fahad Mustafa.

His not-so-cool debut

Fahad Mustafa once narrated the tale of his debut serial Sheeshay Ka Mahal. According to him he didn’t utter a single word in the first 20 scenes of his debut drama. He just stood their giving expression because Noor Apa (Noorul Huda Shah) wasn’t convinced by his acting, hence, didn’t give him any dialogues.

We wish Fahad Mustafa a very happy, healthy life and may he have many more delicious plates of haleems.

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