Exclusive: Saba Qamar denies money laundering accusations

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 1:50pm
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Television and film actress Saba Qamar was declared a suspect of money laundering in an Urdu daily – a claim that she says is not only false, but completely impossible.

The report appeared in a few Urdu dailies stating the Digest Writer actress was being investigated by the Federal Investigation Agency for transporting cash illegally.

The news comes after supermodel Ayyan Ali admitted to attempting to smuggle $500,000 out of the country, she claimed that there was a circuit of ‘celebrity smugglers’ who were involved in money laundering.



Qamar was completely candid in her denial when speaking about the story.

“It’s all bakwaas,” she said with a confident laugh.

The multifaceted star goes on to say that she had received no legal notices or subpoenas from ant governments authority.

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A report, in Jehan Pakistan claimed the FIA was investigating Saba Qamar and that she shares a close relationship with Khalid Shaheen, the in charge of money affairs at the National Bank of Pakistan.

Qamar says she has never heard such ridiculous rumors.

The actress said no one from the magazine spoke to her and she felt that the article was complete slander.

“I have worked so hard over the span of eleven years to end up hearing such unethical remarks.”



“Jinhoun ne ye kaam kerne hote hain who itni mehnat nahi karte”

The actress says that because of her hectic work schedule she has only traveled a few times over the past five years – the last time she travelled was to Dubai to receive an award for best actress at the Hum award ceremony and earlier for shoots to Bangkok.

While she was irked Qamar was also confident that she would not be penalized.

According to the star her bank details are proof that she is not the sort of person who would be involved in such a crime.

“All you have to do is look at the visas on my passport.”

At the mention of Khalid Shaheen, Qamar sounded offended.

“Nothing irritates me more than having my name attached with men I don’t know or have no feelings for,” the actress told me.

“I’m a very fun loving person but believe me I don’t have a single friend in the industry. Let alone friends, I don’t even have a boyfriend.”

Last seen playing a headstrong and a determined woman in widely acclaimed drama ‘Digest Writer’, the star revealed that she will be back on the small screen with another drama.

Titled ‘Sangat’, the upcoming drama that will be aired from HUM TV is a love story. Qamar will play a powerful character of a rape victim along with with two male leads- Zahid Ahmed (Mehram) and Meekal Zulfiqar, The drama is expected to begin shooting from April 26th.

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