Kala Paisa Pyar

Posted on Oct 20 2016 - 3:50pm
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Urdu 1’s Turkish play ‘Kala Paisa Pyar’ has kept us hooked with interesting twists and turns in each passing episode.

The mystery revolving around the murder of of leading lady Elif’s father and protagonist Omer’s fiancé Sibel hasn’t resolved yet.

While the two set out on a mission to untangle this mystery, the love between them blossoms. The more they try to unearth the hidden truth, the more they come closer to each other.

The love story coupled with a thrilling plot is progressing at a fast pace and we took this opportunity to drum up some unknown facts about the play which should further increase your interest in it.



Omer got his big break in ‘Turkey TV Star’ competition

The dutiful police officer of ‘Kala Paisa Pyar’ Omer (real name: Engin Akyürek) actually got his big break in the “Turkiye’nin Yildizlari” (Turkey’s Star) TV competition.

In the same competition Ishq-e-Memnu fame Beren Saat was awarded the best actress title.

His success in competition landed him a supporting role in the TV series ‘Yabanci Damat.’ The actor won critical acclaim for a mind blowing performance in the series which led him into making a career in films.

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Elif represents Turkey in Emmy Awards

The exquisite beauty Elif (real name: Tuba Büyüküstün) has previously represented her country in the prestigious Emmy Awards.

The actress was nominated in the 42nd International Emmy Awards for Best Actress for her performance in ‘20 Dakika’ series. She was also appointed as a goodwill ambassador of UNICEF Turkey in 2014.



Hilal Nebahat Çehre won the ‘Miss Turkey’ title in 1960

The shrewd Mrs. Firdous of Ishq-e-Memnu is back in a role of Elif’s mother in ‘Kala Paisa Pyar’. The famed actress of Turkish showbiz has numerous successful plays to her credit. But many people don’t know that she was crowned ‘Miss Turkey 1960’ at an age of only 15 years.

Talking about her participation in beauty pageant she said, “I had only just turned fifteen years when I entered the contest. I actually didn’t really want to enter, but I was at the side of my friend and her older sister, who were entering the contest, and they made an offer to me, too. My mother had an interest in beauty and the models. When I told her of the offer, she wanted me to accept it. I entered the contest and came first.”

The play has got rating 7.9 rating on IMDb

The amazing series about a murder mystery received 7.9 rating on IMBb, which is higher than Ishq-e-Memu’s 7.2 and Fatima Gul’s 7.4.

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The show was aired in Turkey, Iran, Chile, Middle East, and now in Pakistan.

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