25 Best TV Shows on Netflix in Pakistan 2016

Posted on Oct 31 2016 - 7:30am
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25 Best TV Shows on Netflix in Pakistan 2016 OST lyrics, title song mp3 download, timings, cast, drama review, written update (source: brandsynario)

25 Best TV Shows on Netflix in Pakistan 2016

Netflix, the globally known on-demand video streaming site has created waves ever since it entered Pakistan earlier this year – the news of its advent literally took over social media by storm. The scope in Pakistan, though limited, has increased over time with more TV shows and movies becoming available for Pakistani users, as per rising demand. There are 328 shows and 1440 movies available on Netflix in Pakistan.

The content is available with a paid streaming service and of course, speedy internet connectivity.



How many of us wish to find that perfect TV series and just get hooked? Well, here is a list of some of the must-watch TV shows on Netflix!

1. Narcos

This enthralling series will keep you on your toes, following the rise and falls of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar as he tries to escape the Drug Enforcement Agency agents who are hunting him down.

2. Marvel’s Daredevil

Superheroes with a tragic past, seeking for vengeance, is all the rage nowadays and this TV series provides all that and so much more. Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, this show introduces a blind lawyer-by-day and a hero who fights crime at night.

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3. Orange is the New Black

Piper Chapman, an engaged career-woman, finds herself arrested for a mistake she made ten years ago in the past with her ex-girlfriend. Watch as Piper learns to adjust to her new environment in a minimum-security women’s prison and making friends with her eccentric, unusual inmates. This one is a must-watch!

4. Luke Cage

This intense series follows the life of Luke Cage after an experiment gone wrong that evolves him into a man with superhuman strengths and unbreakable skin.

5. Gilmore Girls

The dynamic duo, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, are coming back with a four-part event releasing November 25th! Till then you can enjoy their quick-wit and dealings with their eccentric town, Stars Hollow, in the first seven seasons that are already up on Netflix. Enjoy!



6. Marvel’s Jessica Jones 

Follow the life of this retired Marvel superhero as she learns how to settle in New York City whilst suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. After opening her own detective agency, she finds herself attracting people with all sorts of unique abilities.

7. Stranger things

This series features award-winning actress, Winona Ryder, as she investigates the disappearance of her son. Along the way she uncovers answers to things she could never have imagined, including, supernatural occurrences, government conspiracies, and an unusual little girl.

8. Bates Motel

Norman, a strange boy with a close relationship with this mother, adjusts moving to a new town whilst grieving the unexpected death of his abusive father. This thrilling series, a prequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film ‘Psycho’, will be sure to keep your heart racing after every episode.

9. How to Get Away with Murder

Oscar-nominated and Tony award-winning actress Viola Davis as Annaliese Keating is brilliant in this one! A seductive professor of defense law teaches a class known as How to Get Away with Murder.

Also a criminal defense attorney, the woman selects a bunch of students to assist with some of the best cases. Patience testing mysteries and dark truths are then revealed.

10. Peaky Blinders

A crime based thriller gangster drama that is located in the streets of post-war Birmingham in the 1920s is a must-watch! The show is based on the exploits of the Peaky Blinders gang, operational  in Birmingham, England after the First World War.

11. Marco Polo

In his youth, a 15 to 16-year-old Marco Polo meets his father and uncle and embarks on a memorable adventure! He crosses miles of terrain across political upheaval and unrest to what is now Beijing.

The show is a Netflix original- showcasing politics, warfare, and sexual intrigue, the show highlights the Chinese court and epic journeys.

12. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel is a Spanish television series directed by Carlos Sedes. It first aired  in Spain on 11 October 2011. The show is set in the 20th-century aristocratic hotel when King Alfonso XIII ruled- it is based on the mysteries that comprise of the hotel servants and owner family.

13. Modern Family

The show offers an honest, heartfelt and a hilarious take on the family life perspective. Phil & Claire want an honest, and friendly relationship with their kids but somehow the children make it all the more challenging. This one’s totally funny!

14. Arrow

Oliver Queen, a dead billionaire playboy comes back home after five years- being stranded all alone on a Pacific island, he does not reveal how the experience altered him completely. Oliver uses his secret persona to correct the societal wrongs in the society and bring the city back to its former glory.

Netflix in Pakistan: Top TV Shows to Watch This Season

15. Scream 

A horrific murder of two teenagers resurrects the town’s infamous serial killer that once haunted Lakewood. This series, an adaptation of the film franchise of the same name, centers around Emma Duvall and her group of friends as they try their best to unmask the killer.

16. Suits

A big time lawyer, Harvey Specter, hires college dropout, Mike Ross, after believing he’s a legal prodigy regardless of him not being a lawyer. Watch as they both struggle to keep this secret between them as it ultimately leads to Mike’s arrest, causing trouble for the firm.

17. Breaking Bad 

High school chemistry teacher, Walter White’s life begins to spiral downwards as he learns of his terminal cancer. Hoping to leave his family financially sound, he vows to make as much as money as he can, running a meth lab in an old RV.

18. House of Cards

This series uncovers the dark side of politics that the viewers don’t get to see- its corruption and greed. Watch how U.S. Rep Francis Underwood and his wife plan to destroy Garett Walker to ensure he is not elected President.

19. Making a Murderer

Serving nearly two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit, Steven Avery files a lawsuit against those who were involved in his wrongful conviction. Not long after, he gets arrested again for another murder. Netflix documents the life of this man’s case as he is later proven innocent.

20. Dexter

Dexter Morgan is a serial killer but he only ends the lives of the guilty. Watch him lead his double life, hiding this side of him from everyone he truly cares about.

When it comes to TV shows and series, Pakistani audiences have not yet adapted to watching TV series on a regular and continuous basis as Western audiences, however, with the advent of shows like Game of Thrones, Suits and How I Met Your Mother, there has been a gradual increase in the number of followers.

Hopefully, this list will prove useful to you.

Pakistani TV Shows on Netflix

Let’s wait and see which Indian dramas and Pakistani TV shows make it to Netflix, on popular demand. 

Restricted local Pakistani and Indian content is available on Netflix that includes Pakistani movie Zinda Bhaag and NaMaloom Afraad.

Some of the Pakistani TV shows, based on ratings and popular demand that have made it to Netflix include:

 21. Humsafar

22. Dastaan

23. Maat

24. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

25. Alpha Bravo Charlie

How to Subscribe & Activate Netflix in Pakistan

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