HIP Exclusive: In conversation with Mehreen Jabbar

Posted on Nov 14 2016 - 9:50am
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The name Mehreen Jabbar is one, which has now become synonymous with great direction and an aesthetic skill that remains incomparable. After all, it was her Midas touch that pushed Pakistani cinema out of its hibernation with a narrative like Ramchand Pakistani that ended up winning the FIPRESCI PRIZE from the International Federation of Film Critics and the Audience award at the Fribourg International Film Festival. A force to reckon with, the woman behind many hit drama serials and memorable movies has a two-decade career history that is worth an applause.

Now, the renowned director is back with her upcoming film Dobara Phir Se, which is already creating waves on social media and has become one of the most anticipated Pakistani films to be released. To find out more about the film, and what it has in store for us, HIP had a tête-à-tête with the brilliant director.

HIP: Can you tell us a bit about the Dobara Phir Se?

Mehreen Jabbar: Dobara Phir Se is a romantic drama, not a romantic comedy or a comedy flick. It deals with various kinds of relationships, primarily love, however, it’s tackled in an adult ‘therao wala’ manner. Even though we have serious scenes in the film, they are not dealt with in a heavy-handed or melodramatic manner.


What is going to be new in the story line?

MJ: Whoever sees the movie, will find themselves or someone they know in the characters. It’s a very day to day familiar story which has situations people have gone through before. It’s very close to life and I feel this is important to bring into movies. Commercial cinema doesn’t always have to be melodramatic, hyped, or over the top. It can be realistic, with real performances and still have an entertainment factor.

How was it like working with this particular cast ensemble?

MJ:These actors were incredible to work with because all of them are professionals to the core and they take their art and craft very seriously. Also, I had previously worked with all of them, except for Hareem [Farooq], so it was a very comfortable, family-like atmosphere on set. We had a lot of fun!

How is your attitude towards the cast on set?

MJ: I don’t believe in shouting or screaming on set, I don’t think the way to encourage creativity or bring out the best in people is to put fear in them. The set has to be a place where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. It’s all about team work at the end.

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How was it like shooting in New York?

MJ: I have shot a few serials in New York before but shooting a film there was amazing. We had a wonderful mix of American and Pakistani crew members and it was a very intense and challenging shoot. Fortunately, we did it on time and we did it well.

Did you encounter any problems while shooting?

MJ: Not really, the cast was really professional and they all had their own responsibilities. We also had particular hours set for each shoot and we couldn’t go over them. If the call time is 5:30, every single person was there on time. The co-producer, however, made sure everything ran like clockwork.

The most challenging aspect of shooting the film?

MJ: The most challenging part of the film was to shoot a wedding song because I have never shot songs! I delved into it thinking, ‘how in the world will I ever shoot a song?’ I had contemplated asking friends of mine to help me with it, but my team said we should try it ourselves. In the end, we just managed to make it work.


Any memorable moments from the shoot?

MJ: There were several good moments. Films are like weddings; they bring out the best and worst in people since you are so involved during the shooting. The great part is that I had a cooperative team and a great cast who was grounded and had no nakhras. The crew was also focused and wanted to make the best possible film. And that’s what makes this experience the most memorable for me.

Could you tell us a bit about the production design?

MJ: The production designer and stylist of the film is Mumtaz Mustafa. She is a senior art director at Harper Collins Publishers in New York. She has never done a film before but I absolutely loved her aesthetic sense. I chose her because I wanted the film to appear tasteful and I wanted it to look real. She dressed up the location and worked on the wedding song the way I wanted and our visions really matched. My DOP was Andres, who won two Emmy’s and I have learned so much from him! As the Assistant Directors, we had Shehrazade Sheikh and Kate from America. I made sure my team was the best ones in their field so that I could learn from them as well.

What do you expect from the audience in a time where masala films are reigning the movie screens? As from the trailers, DPS doesn’t look like a typical masala flick.

MJ: I expect the audience to give this film a chance and watch it in the first week of its release since the first weekend is important for any film. Also, since our industry has just started, it’s imperative for different kinds of films to come out. DPS might not be a ‘halla gulla‘ flick, but there are a lot of fun moments as well as moments that will make you think! It’s a nice combo of both things.

We feel the set of DPS resembles your show Jackson Heights. Do you agree?

MJ: We actually shot the movie in 40 locations. The common factors of the film are New York, Ali Kazmi, and Adeel Husain, and that’s where the relationship between Dobara Phir Se and Jackson Heights stops.

Any particular reason for choosing sets abroad?

MJ: I’m choosing sets in New York because I live there and also, I feel the stories I’m doing can be set better in New York.

Are there any other upcoming projects after this movie?

MJ: Yes, I am working on a TV serial and the script of the next film is in progress. But that movie will be a thriller. We are hoping for it to be a crossover film and it will be shot in New York too.

Any message for the audience?

MJ: This film might surprise you, so definitely go and see it!

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