Mahira Khan is Pakistan’s Madhuri Dixit: Sarmad Khoosat

Posted on Nov 17 2016 - 3:50am
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Mahira Khan is Pakistan's Madhuri Dixit: Sarmad Khoosat lyrics, OST title song mp3 download, cast, timings, drama review, written update (source: hipinpakistan)

Sarmad Khoosat – a man who gave us hits like Humsafar and Pani Jaisa Pyaar – is always a delight to listen to and so are Fifi Haroon’s interviews. So it was only natural that we tune into Khoosat’s interview with BBC Urdu and spend the next eleven minutes smiling to ourselves.

As soon as we tuned into Fifi Haroon’s interview of Sarmad Khoosat on BBC Urdu, we were greeted with Humsafar’s title music and it took us back to the winter of 2013 when every girl wanted to be Khirad and every guy, Asher. The time when traffic used to thin away at 8pm and we heard our parents talk about the the good old days when shows like Tanhaiyyan and Dhoop Kinaray halted life in general.

“My cousin’s wedding bore the burden of the last episode of Tanhaiyyan!” Khoosat shared a memory. “Most of the guests came late because no one could afford to miss the last episode!”



We will never be able to feel their pain in this age of YouTube when one can watch their favourite shows online.

Khoosat discussed his upcoming projects, love for Manto, but most importantly, he shared which Pakistani celebrity reminds him of Madhuri Dixit.

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Mahira Khan resembles Madhuri Dixit

When Khoosat revealed that he is a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit, Fifi Haroon was quick to ask which Pakistani actress reminded him of the Bollywood beauty.

“It has to be Mahira Khan.” While explaining why he thought so, Khoosat said, “Mahira reminds me of Madhu Bala and so does Madhuri Dixit.”

Khan then took to Twitter to react to her friend’s comment.



He also shared that his obsession for Dixit legitimized when his father, who usually refrains from saying anything even close to being inappropriate, while watching one of Dixit’s songs said, “Aiday tou anghootay vich vi ada hai [even her thumb has an expression of its own].”

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Sarmad Khoosat’s love for Manto

Also, how can one interview Khoosat and not talk about his love for the legendary Urdu writer Manto? Well, Fifi Haroon didn’t miss out on that on either!

Manto was an accidental film. It was essentially a drama serial, but then we realised the television screen won’t do justice to it,” Khoosat said while talking about his debut film. “Cinema has a certain magic while television doesn’t.”

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“Manto may not be easily digestible, but his writing is simple and that’s the biggest attraction. I love the way he focuses on the reality of life [insaan ki gandagi]. You should own your own weaknesses and Manto’s writings own them. He spoke about body hair instead of just focusing on the outer beauty like ghazali aankhen.”

If his accidental film, Manto, turned out so good, we wonder what a prepared film venture of his would look like. That takes us to his future projects.

What’s next for Sarmad Khoosat?

A commercial film!

Khoosat doesn’t believe in restricting himself so while his first film was serious, his second one will be more relatable.

“I won’t compromise on my aesthetics, but yes, my next film will have a mass appeal and I’ll start working on it next year.”

While talking about the difference between cinema and television, Khoosat quoted a brochure which stated, “Theatre is life, cinema is art and TV is furniture.” He added, “In Pakistan, Cinema is a much more creative medium than television [which is all about the ratings].”

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From television being a lesser creative medium, the conversation steered towards Mor Mahal – a period drama which didn’t resonate with the audience.

Mor Mahal has some ‘actual’ issues and some ‘other’ issue which one can only agitate over and do nothing about,” Khoosat said while talking about his latest offering.

Well, we didn’t get an answer to why Mor Mahal failed to impress the audience.

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Sarmad Khoosat is the Karan Johar of Pakistan: Fifi Haroon

Fifi Haroon then asked if things changed for Khoosat after Humsafar? To which he replied:

“Yes, they did, but I often found myself feeling alienated when Mahira and Fawad’s fans would close in on them during our tours,” he added with a laugh. “I told them that I will not travel with you guys anymore.”

But Haroon assured him that he had achieved the celebrity status and was the Karan Johar of Pakistan.

Sarmad Khoosat also recently gave us a telefilm titled Ek Thi Marium which was a visual masterpiece. From its lead actress (Sanam Baloch), the OST (sung by Zeb Bangash), and the visuals, the telefilm had everything going for it. It restored our faith, which had dwindled after watching Mor Mahal, in Khoosat’s aesthetics.

We hope to see many such films from the star director in the near future, especially when our film industry is in dire need of good films.

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