Kaisi Yeh Paheli (Urdu1) drama OST lyrics, title song mp3 download | Sohai Ali Abro, Azfar Rehman

Posted on Feb 17 2017 - 11:30am
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Kaisi Yeh Paheli (Urdu1) drama OST lyrics, title song mp3 download | Sohai Ali Abro, Azfar Rehman

Sohai Ali Abro is back on Pakistan’s television screens after a hiatus of a year. The actress previously starred in the hit Pakistani movie ‘Jawani Phir Nahi Aani’ and is now have returned to the small screen s in Urdu1’s Drama ‘Kesi Ye Paheli’.

Apart from Sohai, the drama stars Azfar Rehman in lead and Saleem Sheikh, Qazi Wajid, Samina Ahmad as supporting characters.




The first episode of the show opens with Sohai as Meeraal, working at an advertising firm. Sohai’s character is of a workaholic women and the only family she has is her aunt, “Aani” played by Samina Ahmad.

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Meeru is a competent and a happy-go-lucky girl who is loved by everyone. She is in good terms with her colleagues and the daughter of her boss, Javed played by Saleem Sheikh.

In a turn of events, a colleague of hers, Farhan, gets into a car accident and she rushes him to the hospital. When the patient’s family arrives, Meeru is mistaken as Milli – Farhan’s love interest. The family is heartbroken since Farhan is comatose, uncertain when he’d wake. They accept Meeru with open arms. Guilty for Farhan’s accident, Meeru plays along and pretends to be Milli.




Sohai Ali Abro’s performance is worthy of accolades. She is totally rocking her new avatar and the powerful cast makes it a good watch. The tale has rightly made us curious about what will happen next. It is a perfect blend of romance, drama, and mystery.

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It is always good to see the veterans, Qazi Wajid and Samina Ahmed work their magic on the screen. Let’s see what is more to come from the serial.


In the next episode, we will see Azfar Rehman make his entry in the drama and we will have a look into the leading couple’s history on the show. By the looks of the promos, Azfar might be Meeru’s old fame but we’ll find out soon enough.

The drama airs every Monday at 8pm on Urdu1.

The beautiful diva, Sohai Ali Abro is back with a bang in the latest upcoming Urdu1 drama, “Kaisee Yeh Paheli” where she plays the leading lady, ‘Milli’ starring opposite popular Pakistani TV actor Azfar Rehman.

Sohai is all set to return back to acting after a hiatus of almost one year. The actress wowed us with her flawless performance in Lollywood movies Jawani Phir Nahi Aani and Wrong No.

The serial Kaisee Yeh Paheli is under the brilliant direction of Faheem Burney and written by Seema Ghazal.

Meet Milli a.k.a Sohai Ali Abro

Watch the Promos for Kaisi Paheli Here!

The lead stars shooting for the drama

Timings & Schedule

The drama will air on Urdu1 starting February 20th every Monday at 8.00pm.

Kaisee Yeh Paheli is a tale of love, romance and mystery. We can’t wait to see what this new drama has to offer!

The highly-anticipated drama marking Sohai Ali Abro’s comeback finally went on air and while we expected it to be a full complicated story we were rather taken aback by how simple it really was. So far there are no villains nor any evil family member out to destroy one another.

Since it’s only the first episode which went on air last night there is little that has been revealed. The story revolves around Mehru played by Sohai who is a happy go lucky girl and works as a copywriter in a firm. While her other fellow workers drool over a colleague named Farhan she is busy in her work and doesn’t even give him a thought. Having no parents she lives with her grandmother (Samina Ahmed) and enjoys quite a good rapport with her.

Saleem Sheikh plays Sohai’s boss and is rather sweet towards her. What we liked about Kaisee Yeh Paheli was that since Mehru is without parents she is never seen sulking over the matter.

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As the story progresses we find out that Mehru is extremely hard working and to compensate for her loneliness she throws herself in her work. Where all seems to be going well an incident completely changes her life and by the end of the first episode, the story immediately moves forward.

Farhan has an accident in front of Mehru and she quickly takes him to the hospital. But things turn for the worse when he goes into a coma and with his family arriving and seeing Mehru there they mistake her for being the love of his life, Milli.

Not able to tell them that she is Mehru and not Milli as well as that she doesn’t even know their son, Mehru finds herself stuck in an awkward situation. She can’t even escape and let us tell you she even tried to do that but was caught. So next week the episode promises to be a good one as we will see what Mehru decides? Whether she will tell them the truth or continue to play Milli till Farhan wakes up is what we hope to find out in the next episode.

Sohai Ali Abro is like a breath of fresh air who blew us away as soon as she came on screen. She is what you call a natural actress as she gave Mehru the life which the character needed. Her personality is so sweet that in the coming weeks we have a feeling that Mehru will soon be joining our favourite character’s list.

Written by Seema Ghazal, the story as we said before is simple enough and it will appeal to the audiences. Direction by Faheem Burney is smooth and on point making Kaisee Yeh Paheli an interesting watch.

So, don’t forget to tune in every Monday on Urdu 1 at 8 pm to see what happens next in the life of Mehru aka Milli

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