Minal Khan: 2 facts, hot pics, family, wedding, age, height, biography, wiki, profile, husband, son, daughter

Posted on Apr 2 2017 - 12:05am
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Minal Khan: 2 facts, hot pics, family, wedding, age, height, biography, wiki, profile, husband, son, daughter


Minal Khan is a very famous actress and model of Pakistan. She is basically known as the twin sisters. She is twinnie of popular actress Aimen Khan. The fact is that there is no lack of talent in this country. And Pakistan Media Industry always welcomes new faces and emerging talents. There are many cute actresses who came up as child stars and who appeared in very small supporting roles are now well known personalities of the showbiz. Minal Khan is very cute and she is one of the most attractive actresses. She is very young and also very much passionate about her work and career.




Nature has created has some of the very beautiful relations so that we can know each other better. Some of the relations are so beautiful that they make life so beautiful and easy to spend. Sisters are the best relation of the world and a sister is the most humble and sincere relation. A sister always supports you and stands by your side no matter what. Pakistan Media Industry has given us some of the most beautiful sister’s stars and talented sisters, brother’s celebrities over the past few years. We have got some of the most beautiful twin sisters and brothers who are not only gorgeous but they are emerging talents of Pakistan and their support and popularity is increasing day by day. The twin sisters or simply called as the twinnies Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are a perfect example of a beautiful relation of sisters. Both of them joined Pakistan Drama Industry just a few years back when they were quite young and teenagers and both have recently turned 18. They are the best example of the best sisters’ relationship. They are twins and they started their career together. Both Aiman and Minal are seen supporting and boosting each other in their different projects and dramas.

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Minal Khan is not married yet. It was rumored about Minal Khan that she was having an affair with son of Hina Dilpazeer. Mustafa Dilpazeer is the only son of Hina and it was said he would soon get engaged to Minal Khan because they developed good understanding. But it was fake news, Minal Khan is having a serious love affair with someone else, they haven’t yet officially announced their relationship but it is said she will soon get engaged to her love. And they will be an official relationship soon.


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Minal Khan is a new face. We can definitely call Minal Khan as the prettiest emerging talent of Pakistan. She grabs the attention of millions of viewers in many of her drama serials doing innocent acting and embedded with colorful dresses. She is one of those lustrous actresses whom look appealing in any color and any dress they wear. She is naturally very pretty and her complexion is very much fair. Minal is known for working in some of the good rated drama serials. She has worked with most talented actresses like Hina Dilpazeer, Sajal Ali and many of the versatile actresses. She is also considered as the combination of versatility and beauty at its peak. Minal Khan started her career in a drama serial that aired on HUM TV titled “Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein”. She was very much young at that time and that character was just according to her age. She was a school going girl in that drama whereas she was a school going girl in actual at that time. She got much popularity and fame in her first drama and then she appeared in many dramas such as “Adhoori Aurat”, “Qudoosi Sahab Ki Bewa”. Currently many of her dramas are being aired on different channels.

It is also said about these elegant twinnies Aiman and Minal that they used to go on each others’ shooting sets and have worked for each other because they are twins and they look so similar that’s why people couldn’t even recognize them. Other than acting, they also do modeling and photo shoots for many of the brands and Minal also promotes many online shopping pages on her social media accounts. She is a very hard-working girl who is always seen working with passion and full concentration to make-up her future and gain much bigger name in her life.



Date of Birth: 22nd November 1998

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Nick Name: Minal

Height: 5 feet 5 Inches

Weight: 58 Kg

Age: 18 years (as of 2016)

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black

Face: Round

Complexion: Fair

Body Type: Slim

Ethnicity: Pakistani

Marital Status: Not Married

Religion: Islam

Famous For: Acting, Modeling

Debut: Mohabbat Jaye Bhar Mein-Drama Debut

Education: Intermediate

HomeTown: Karachi, Pakistan

Languages known: Urdu, English



Hobbies: Long Drive, Dancing, Travelling, Having Pets

Favorite Food: Chinese Foods, Fast Foods, Continental Foods


Place of Birth: Karachi, Pakistan

Current Address: Karachi

Mobile Number: N/A


Minal Khan is a very social person not only on her social media accounts. But also she is a very social and interactive person with all the media persons and celebrities. She doesn’t miss a single change of meeting and greeting with Media Related personalities. She is seen on all the promotion events, Award shows and any other events being conducted in the Fashion or the Media Industry. Minal and her sister Aiman have maintained to have really good terms with most of their seniors. She always handles criticisms and comments with a big smile on her face. She is very much popular person on many social media websites and she does reply and interact with people who follow her and her fans. You can follow Minal Khan on facebook by clicking on the below link: https://www.facebook.com/MinalKhan.Official/

Her official Instagram account is: minalkhan.official

You can follow Minal Khan on Twitter using the Link as: https://twitter.com/official_minal



Minal Khan and her sister Aiman Khan, both have become a very popular public figure. They both are going viral on social media accounts. Minal Khan is an emerging talent and she is markedly supported and adorned by her fans. Her fans have made many of the Minal Khan’s Fan Pages and they are running those pages and posting different photos and updates related to this gleaming actress. Minal was able to grab the attention of viewers because of her innocent face and extreme fair complexion. It won’t look odd if we compare her with a fairy. She is definitely going viral on social media and people are always waiting to receive latest updates from her. She is one of the most liked and searched celebrity of social media. Also she is seen on several events and occasions with her sister and that is why they grasp people’s attention and love infinitely.

Minal Khan, Ahmed Zeb & Arisha Razi During Shooting

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