Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice recipe in urdu hindi for Digestion, Weight Loss

Posted on Apr 21 2017 - 9:44am
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Benefits of Drinking Carrot Juice recipe in urdu hindi for Digestion, Weight Loss

Carrot Juice Promotes Healthy Digestion

When you think about good digestion, you may only think about the comfort of having a good poop, no constipation, no bloating, no gas and so on, but healthy digestion is more important than that.



Healthy digestion is necessary for the proper absorption of nutrients in your food. Drinking carrot juice stimulates the secretion of digestive juices so that your body can benefit from all the macro- and micro nutrients you consume.

The fiber content also feeds your good bacteria, keeping the bad bacteria in check and in balance (it is still beneficial to take some probiotics to help aid healthy digestion: check out our amazing Biotic Balance Probiotic at our new store!).

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Carrot Juice Can Improve Your Eyesight

You heard it as a child and it’s true: carrots are good for your eyes. The reason for that is that they contain lutein and beta-carotene, which keep your retina stay in healthy condition.



Keeping your eyes healthy is especially important in today’s world where we spend our days glued to various screens – smart phones, laptops, computers, tablets, TVs, movie screens, video games, etc. – under artificial lights indoors. So drink up your carrot juice! Your eyes will be sure to thank you.

Carrot Juice Regulates Your Blood Sugar

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If you are worried about the sweetness of carrot juice, don’t be. Carrot juice actually can regulate your blood sugar. It is loaded with carotenoids, which are plant-based pigments full of antioxidant properties. They lower your blood sugar and keep it at a normal level.

Carrot Juice Can Help Your Skin

Carrot juice is a powerful source of vitamin A, which protects damaged skin cells and keeps your skin hydrated. Say goodbye to wrinkles and lines, say hello to youthful and glowing skin. Carrot juice is also effective for psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Carrot Juice Can Give You A Healthy Glow

Besides providing you with youthful skin, carrot juice can also help your complexion glow. It can help your liver to detoxify your body, which helps make your skin look bright and clear. Carrot juice also gives your complexion a slight orange hue that can make you look suntanned even in the winter time. No, you will not turn orange like Garfield, simply bright and healthy.

Carrot Juice May Prevent Cancer

The carotenoids in carrot juice are loaded with antioxidant properties that can keep away cancer cells. It is associated with being effective against colon, bladder, cervix and larynx cancer. The Gerson Therapy that seems to be a powerful alternative treatment for cancer also uses a plentiful amount of carrot juice in the protocol.

Carrot Juice Lowers Bad Cholesterol

Carrot juice is full of potassium that is known for potentially lowering your bad cholesterol. It is also full of fiber that is incredibly healthy for your cardiovascular system.

Now you see how powerful carrot juice can be? It is also yummy – I dare you to try it!

How To Make Carrot Juice

Just grab some carrots and juice them! Seriously! It’s THAT easy! Peel 3 – 5 carrots and run them through your juicer. Then drink it slowly.

You can also make other juices using carrots as an ingredient.

Carrot juice can be a good addition to a weight loss diet as it is low in calories and fat and high in vitamins A, C and K and other essential minerals. A glass of carrot juice also provides with vitamin B complex which is essential to break down the glucose and fat thus boosting your metabolism and helping you to lose weight.

For 1 glass carrot juice

4 large carrots
1 inch cube of ginger
½ lemon

Slice the carrots and peel the ginger.
Put them into the blender
Now squeeze the lemon and blend them all together.
Strain and enjoy your drink

Ensure that you drink at least a glass of carrot juice every day to burn the fat and get the svelte body you have always yearned for.

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