Air University fee structure

Posted on May 19 2017 - 2:23am
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Air University fee structure

The Air University or AU is a public research university located in Islamabad and Multan, Pakistan. The Pakistan Air Force established the university in 2002. Wikipedia
Address: Service Road E-9 / E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan، Islamabad 44000, Pakistan
Vice-Chancellor: Air Vice Marshal (retd.) Faaiz Amir

Chancellor: President Pakistan
Phone: +92 51 9262557
Undergraduate tuition and fees: 111,960 PKR (2012)




Tuition Fees @ AU

Fees are reviewed every year. After revision, the new fees will be applicable TO ALL

Existing and New Students

Fees for each semester must be paid in advance and within the stipulated period. First semester’s fees are charged as per actual credit hours, for the semester. Tuition fees are to be paid only upon receipt of the bill from the Office of Finance. The bill will be sent to all registered students AFTER they have formally registered for the courses. The fees must be settled within the deadline as stipulated in the bill.

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Students who fail to pay fees within the stipulated periods will have their names struck off the University roles. A student whose name has been thus struck off but who is otherwise eligible to continue his/her candidature will be reinstated only after he/she has settled all outstanding fees / fines, and has paid the re-admission fee as applicable at the time.

Note:Please note that Admission Fee, Sports Charges and Student Activity Fund are not refunded in any case. However, Tuition Fee once deposited, will only be refunded as per the following deadline:


  • 100% Tuition Fee Refund Up to 7th day of convene of classes
  • 50% Tuition Fee Refund From 8th -15th day of convene of classes
  • 0% Tuition Fee Refund From 16th day of convene of classes

Admission of candidates who are waiting for results will be cancelled if they fail to meet the minimum eligibility criteria after declaration of the awaited result. Tuition fees, if submitted, will be refunded. Students are not allowed to drop courses during their first two semesters. Refunds for dropped courses from third semester onwards are issued as per policy outlined in the student handbook.

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S.NoProgramTotal Credit HoursTution Fee Rate(Per Cr. Hr.)Estimated Total Cost of Degree ProgramCredit Hours 1st SemesterTution Fee as Per Cr. Hr. for 1st Semester
BE Electrical Engineering139RS. 4,510/-RS. 626,890/-19RS. 85,690/-
BE Mechatronics Engineering144RS. 4,510/-RS. 649,440/-17RS. 76,670/-
BE Mechanical Engineering141RS. 4,510/-RS. 635,910/-18RS. 81,180/-
BS in Computer Science133RS. 3,438/-RS. 457,254/-16RS. 55,008/-
Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA-Honors)
142RS. 3,820/-RS. 542,440/-18RS. 68,760/-
Bachelor of Science in English (BS English)136RS. 2,500/-RS. 3,40,000/-18RS. 45,000/-
Bachelor Studies in Accounting and Finance (BSAF)136RS. 3438/-RS. 467568/-17RS. 58446/-
Bachelor of Science in Physics13128133685031645008
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics13028133656901645008
MS/MPhill Linguistics and Literature30RS. 3,360/-RS. 100,800/-12RS. 40,320/-
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 1-1/2 Year36RS. 4,180/-RS. 150,480/-12RS. 50,160/-
Executive Masters of Business Administration(MBA Executive) 2 Years66RS. 4200/-RS. 277200/-15RS. 63000/-
MS in Management Sciences30RS. 4,928/-RS. 147,840/-12RS. 59,136/-
MS in Applied Physics30RS. 4,928/-RS. 147,840/-9RS. 44,352/-
MS in Mathematics30RS. 4,928/-RS. 147,840/-9RS. 44,352/-
MS in Information Security30RS. 4,928/-RS. 147,840/-9RS. 44,352/-
MS in Computer Science30RS. 4,928/-RS. 147,840/-9RS. 44,352/-
MS in Project Management30RS. 4400/-RS. 132000/-12RS. 52800/-
MS Engineering Programmes
Mechatronics/ Electrical /Avionics /Aerospace /Mechanical24+6RS. 3,360/-RS. 100,800/-9RS. 30,240/-
Ph.D Programs
Electrical / Aerospace / Avionics / Mechanical / Management Sciences / Linguistics and Literature/ Mechatronics/ Mathematics/ Physics18+30RS. 3,360/-RS. 161,280/-9RS. 30,240/-
Other Charges
Online Admission ChargesRs. 2,000/- Non-Refundable
Admission Fee (One Time)Rs. 20,000/- Non-Refundable
Security FeeRs. 10,000/- Refundable
Sports Charges (Per Semester)Rs. 1000/- per semester (Non-Refundable)
Student Activity Fund (Per Semester)Rs. 1000/semester (Non-Refundable)
Convocation ChargesRs. 5000/- payable at the start of final semester
Evaluation Fee for Thesis (MS/MPhil Linguistics & Literature only)Rs. 5000/- payable at the start of 3rd semester
Re-Admission FeeRs. 20000/- (Non-Refundable)
Re-Joining Fee for Semester leaveRs. 3000/- (Non-Refundable)

The University reserves the right to review tuition fee or any of the above charges at any time, if deemed necessary.

Financial Aid

AU Need Based Scholarships

Scholarship forms are available at the Department Coordinator’s Office after second semester onward. The award of a Need-Based Scholarship is subject to availability of funds, good performance and good conduct of the students.

HEC Need Based Scholarships

HEC Need Based Scholarships are offered to deserving students, include tuition fee and a monthly stipend of Rs 6000/- for the duration of the program. Application forms is available at ( in downloadable format.

All enrolled students including 1st semester students are eligible to apply. To help and facilitate the students, the following staff is available.

Mr. Amjad Mehmood, Assistant Registrar (Focal person for the program) ([email protected])
Mr Zubair Khattak, Student Financial Aid Officer ([email protected])
Ms Sobia , Assistant Student Financial Aid Officer

Punjab Education Endowment Scholarships

Punjab Education Endowment Scholarships are offered to the deserving students on Merit cum needs basis. The scholarships are offered in Undergraduate Engineering disciplines which covers tuition fee of the program. The scholarship will continue throughout whole degree program upon satisfactory academic and disciplinary performance.

Eligibility Criteria:

The student must holder of Punjab Domicile.

Student must have secured at least 60% marks (first division) in their Intermediate Annual examination and must be enrolled in the Undergraduate Level Engineering in the same year.

Passed Intermediate Examination from any board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Punjab.

Student must have passed these examinations from A government institution (Student of Federal Government Institutions situated within Geographical boundaries of Punjab are eligible.) As private candidate A private affiliated or

The annual household income of parents/guardian (from all sources) must not be more than Rs.360,000/- annually.

Not availing any other educational scholarship during the respective academic year.

Following is the fee structure of the Undergraduate and Graduate programs offered by Air University, Islamabad.

Note: The fee structure of colleges and universities are subject to change. Please contact the admission office or visit the official website of the institute for up-to-date tuition fee schedule. If you are a foreign student planning to study in Pakistan, your financial planning should allow for variations in the currency exchange rate. The recognition status and ranking of the institute can be viewed at the official website of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), which is the regulatory body for higher education in Pakistan

Air University Islamabad (AU) was established in 2002 by PAF. It has 2 campuses in Islamabad and Multan.Air University offers admissions at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. In recent years AU has improved and came up as one of the best engineering institutes of Pakistan with its rapid development and research. The university is very well known for its Mechatronics Engineering program.Air university is considered to be the best university for Mechatronics Engineering.Air university offers many engineering, IT and other programs.Air university has well equipped labs and a very groomed technological environment.Air university offers a lot to learn and gain with its fully equipped labs and research and a great campus life as well with different societies, events and festivals.Air University is an excellent choice for higher education in Pakistan.

Air University Admission 2017

Programs Offered

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
    Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 60% marks in intermediate or equivalent.Candidates given other examination rather than F..S.C are required to provide an equivalence certificate.
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 50% marks in intermediate or equivalent.Candidates given other examination rather than F.S.C/I.C.S are required to provide an equivalence certificate.
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
    Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 50% marks in intermediate or equivalent.Candidates given other examination are required to provide an equivalence certificate.

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Eligibility Criteria:
    For MBA 1.5 Years You need BBA Hons with 2.5/4 CGPA or 60% marks.
    For MBA 3.5 Years You need BA/Bsc/ with 2.0/4 CGPA or 50% marks.
  • Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MS EE)

Specialization Offered:
-Digital Communication Systems
-Control systems
-Radar System Engineering
Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 2.0/4.0 CGPA in a Bachelor of Engineering Program with valid GRE/GAT test score

  • Master of Sciences Mechatronics Engineering(MS MT)
    Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 2.0/4.0 CGPA in a Bachelor of Engineering Program (Avionics/ Computer/ Electrical /Electronics/ Mechatronics /Telecom) with valid GRE/GAT test score.
  • MS in Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing

Eligibility Criteria: 16 years of education in Mathematics/Computer Science with Minimum 2.5/4.0 CGPA with valid GRE/GAT test score.

  • MS Applied Physics

Eligibility Criteria: M.Sc Physics / BS Physics / BS Engineering and minimum CGPA 2.5/4.00.

  • MS Avionics Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical/Electronics/Avionics/ Computer/ Telecom/ Aerospace/Mechanical/ Mechatronics) with Minimum CGPA 2.00/4.00.

  • MS Management Sciences(MSMGT)

Eligibility Criteria: 16 years of education in Buisness related field(BBA as well) with Minimum 2.5/4.0 CGPA with valid GRE/GAT test score.

  • MS in Aerospace Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics / Mechanical / Chemical ) with minimum CGPA 2.00/4.00.

  • MS in Mechanical Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 2.0/4.0 CGPA in a Bachelor of Engineering Program (Avionics/ Computer/ Electrical /Electronics/ Mechatronics /Telecom) with valid GRE/GAT test score.

PhD Programs

  • PhD Engineering

Eligibility Criteria: Masters degree in Engineering with minimum CGPA 3.0/4.0 with valid GRE/GAT test score.

  • PhD Management Sciences

Eligibility Criteria: Masters degree in Management Sciences with minimum CGPA 3.0/4.0 with valid GRE/GAT test score.

  • PhD Linguistics and Literature

Eligibility Criteria: M.Phill/MS in English with minimum CGPA 3.0/4.0 with valid GRE/GAT test score.

AIR University Fee Structure

Online Admission Charges: Rs. 2,000 (Non-Refundable)
Admission Fee (One Time): Rs. 20,000 (Non-Refundable)
Security Fee: Rs. 10,000 (Refundable)

ProgramTotal Credit HoursTuition Fee per Credit Hour
BE Electrical Engineering139RS. 4,510
BE Mechatronics Engineering144RS. 4,510
BE Mechanical Engineering141RS. 4,510
BS in Computer Science133RS. 3,438
Bachelor of Business
Administration (BBA-Honors)
142RS. 3,820
Bachelor Studies in Accounting and Finance (BSAF)136RS. 3438
Bachelor of Science in Physics131RS. 2813
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics130RS. 2813
MS/MPhill Linguistics and Literature30RS. 3,360
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 1-1/2 Year36RS. 4,180
Executive Masters of Business Administration(MBA Executive)66RS. 4200
MS in Management Sciences30RS. 4,928
MS in Applied Physics30RS. 4,928
MS in Mathematics30RS. 4,928
MS in Information Security30RS. 4,928
MS in Computer Science30RS. 4,928
MS in Project Management30RS. 4400
MS Engineering Programmes24+6RS. 3,360
Ph.D Programs18+30RS. 3,360

Admission Procedure

How to apply?
Register Yourself on the official website of Air University.After registration you will need to fill the application by providing all the required information then you have to print out the challan and pay the challan.
When this procedure is done you will be called for an entrance test for undergraduate admissions and you have to pass the test.Then the university will calculate your aggregate based on their policy of admissions and if you make through the test and your aggregate is good enough your name will be displayed in the merit list which the university will provide on their official website.
Click Here to register yourself for admissions in Air University.

Contact Air University

Phone: 051-9262557-9 Ext: 202,441,308
Address: Air University, Service Road E-9 / E-8, PAF Complex, Islamabad, Islamabad

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