A Levels School in Karachi FEE STRUCTURE

Posted on Jun 11 2017 - 9:41pm
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A Levels School in Karachi FEE STRUCTURE

Karachi Grammar School
Avicenna School
The Lyceum School
Southshore School for A-Level Studies

St Patrick’s High School, Karachi
Foundation Public School
Bay View High School
Dawood Public School



The International School, Karachi
Happy Home School
St. Michael’s Convent School
White House Grammar School

Springfield School Karachi
British Overseas School
Haque Academy
Jaffar Public School

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Austrey School
Pimley School

The following is a list of A-levels/ AS-levels (Cambridge (CIE)/ Edexcel) schools in Karachi:



Karachi Grammar School
The C.A.S. School
ST. Patrick’s High School
ST. Paul’s English High School (Morning Shift)

ST. Joseph’s Convent School
Convent of Jesus And Mary
Habib Public School
St. Peter’s High School

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ST. Michael’s Convent School
The Lyceum School
The Educational Centre
Karachi International School

Karachi High School
Army Public School Saddar O’Level
Progressive Public School
DA Public School (O&A) Levels

White House Grammar School
Generation’s School
The Avicenna School
Froebel Education Centre

Washington International School
L’ecole for Advanced Studies
Karachi Cadet School
Falconhouse Grammar School

The OASYS School
Westminster School & College
The Aureole School
The City School, Darakshan Campus (Senior Boys Section)

Aitchison Model School
Bay View Academy
Jaffar Public School
The Socrates School

K N Academy
Ladybird Grammar School
The Hampton School
The City School, Senior Girls PECHS

The City School, Senior Boys PECHS
The City School Gulshan Boys Campus
The City School Gulshan Senior Girls
The City School, Gulshan A’ Level

The City School, PAF Chapter, O’ Levels
The City School, PAF Chapter, A’ Level Section
The City School Senior Boys North Nazimabad
Ali Ali Boys & Girls School

Springfield School
Foundation Public School, O-Level Defence Campus
AES School For Girls
The Mama Parsi Girl’s Secondary School

Karachi Cambridge School
Tungsten School of Excellence
The International School
The Froebel’s School

ST. Gregory’s High School
The American Foundation Cambridge School
Chapter & Verse (T.E.C)
Genesis School

Foundation Public School, A-Level Campus
Montessori Complex Cambridge School
The Fahims School System
Happy Home School
River Oaks Academy

The American School
Summit Educational System
Bahria College Karachi – Nore 1
Bahria Foundation College Nazimabad

The City School School Senior Girls North Nazimabad
The City School, Darakshan Campus (Senior Girls Section)
Dawood Public School
Dawood Public School – A Level

The Fahims School System
Jinnah University College
Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges
Toronto School of Academic Excellence

Karachi Public School
Aisha Bawany Academy O’Level
Shaheen Public School
Bay View High School College Campus

International School of Studies
Shahwilayat Public School
St. Patrick’s Girls’ High School
Southshore School for A’ Level Studies

Clifton High School
The Metropolitan Academy
Beaconhouse Jubilee Campus
Beaconhouse School System, Jubilee Campus

Beaconhouse School System (Cambridge Branch, PECHS)
Beaconhouse School System Gulshan Cambridge Branch
Beaconhouse School System, Gulshan A Level
Beaconhouse School System North Nazimabad Cambridge Branch
The Anchorage School

Bahria Foundation College
Haque Academy
The Indus Academy
Usman Public School

Happy Palace Grammar School
The A. M. I. School
Al-Aira Group Of Schools
The Educational Centre, Gulshan Campus

Suffah Saviour School
Lahore Grammar School
Education Bay
Sunbeams Grammar School

STACK – Students’ & Teachers’ Academic College of Karachi
Wahid English School
Beacon Askari O Level School
Cordoba School for A’ Level

The MCH School
Beaconhouse School System Defence Campus Karachi
Nixor College
Kingsley American School

Arts and Science Academy
Inspire School of Advanced Studies Little Folks Paradise Cambridge School
Practical Schooling System
Rhodene Academy

Star Links School
Head Start School System
Z. Educational System
Acacia Institute

National High School
Nakhlah Girls Campus
Nakhlah Boys Campus
Chiniot Islamia School & College

Raunaq e Islam Sara Bai School
Creek High School (CBM Campus)
World Academy

AMSB Educational Institution
Bai Virbaiji Soparivala Parsi High School
Mrs. F.L.Dairkee’s Educational System
Karachi Public High School

Beacon Light Academy
The Lyceum School
Lecole School of Advanced Studies
Mrs. Tahseen’s Learning Systems

F-10, Hatim Alvi Road
Old Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-587-9411, 3-587-9412

Plot ST-19, Khayaban-e-Saadi
Block 5, Clifton
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-587-6414

211, Khyban-e-Shaheen
Phase 8, D.H.A
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-584-8791

C-59, Khayaban-e-Shaheen
Phase 6, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92) 0331-224-4600

Ahmed Munir S.J. Shaheed Road
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-278-3360, 3-278-0485

SL-10,14th Street, off. Khayaban-e-Shaheen
Phase 8, D.H.A.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-525-0071, 3-525-0073

78 Clifton.
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-582-1741

Clifton Campus – Boys & Girls
Block-2, Clifton,
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-583-6096

Tipu Sultan Road Campus – Boys & Girls
36 Modern Housing Society
Main Tipu Sultan Road
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-453-3760, 3-453-8615

Tipu Sultan Road Girls only Campus
17, Al-Hamra CHS, Block 7/8
Main Tipu Sultan Road
Karachi, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-21) 3-453-7414

1) Karachi Grammar School (KGS) – House Lannister
Mostly rich, these kids have an air of superiority that surrounds them. The similarities between KGS folks and the Lannisters are uncanny!

2) The Lyceum – House Stark
Everyone’s favourite, and ruled the A’ level realm once upon a time. But they have fallen now and are too scattered to find their bearing. Also, they believe in diversity.

3) Nixor College – House Targaryen
The school, like Daenerys Stormborn aka Khaleesi, came to the surface a few years ago and is now making its way to take over the kingdoms.

4) Beaconhouse Schooling System – House Baratheon
While they are part of the elite schools (houses), there is lack of unity within them as there are many branches (brothers) and they often end up competing with each other.

5) Bay View High School – House Tyrell
Their presence or absence doesn’t make a difference. They tend to aim high and become rulers of the realm, even if that means leaving your school (name) and getting admission (marrying) into another.

6) City School PAF Chapter – House Tully
While their individuals end up making a name for themselves (hint: Catelyn), they are not a very prominent school (house) collectively.

7) St Patrick’s High School – House Bolton
They are aggressive and would not hesitate in cutting others down if it leads to their victory.

8) South Shore School for A-level Studies – House Greyjoy
They are close to the sea. Their members have a habit of partying and having a good time, even if it means they’ll get into trouble for that.

9) Foundation Public School – House Frey
While they don’t have any major role in the realm, they are often visited when there is nowhere else to go.

10) The Avicenna School – House Tarth
The members are helpful and loyal to their school (name) but nobody really cares about them and often other houses make fun of them.

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