Reema Khan | Unknown Facts: family, marriage, wedding pics, weight loss tips, age, height, husband, son, daughter name, wikipedia, dramas

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Reema Khan | Unknown Facts: family, marriage, wedding pics, weight loss tips, age, height, husband, son, daughter name, wikipedia, dramas

Sameena Khan famously known as Reema Khan is a top Pakistani actress, director, model and producer born in Lahore. She was born on 27th October 1971.

Reema Khan is one of the top Pakistani actresses of her era who has ruled showbiz industry for more than decade. She has done more than 200 films since her debut back in 1990.She is one of the few actors of Pakistan who has been recognized by film makers all over the world. She has made her acting debut opposite Shaan Shahid in movie “Bulandi” produced by Javaid Fazil. She has won almost all awards of Pakistan. She is one of the most attractive girl of our industry. Reema is a role model for all girls and women of our country due to her simplicity and style.She is very kind-hearten and soft-spoken as well. She is very brilliant example of hard work and commitment. Reema belongs to Qazilbash clan .We are going to share all the unknown secrets about her.



Early Life:
She was born in Lahore and spent her early childhood in Multan. She got her early education from Multan. She remembers her childhood as there were no worries at that time, life was very simple. She reveals in an interview that she has also done kite flying in her childhood.

She has got her early education from Multan. She was an intelligent student and loved studying but financial circumstances didn’t allow her to carry on with her academics. She took part in extracurricular activities, especially in dramas. Her teachers were of view that she will become a big star in future.

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Real Name:
Very few people are known of the fact that her real name is Sameena Khan.

Reema was born in a Punjabi family. Details about her parents are very less known but she has revealed in an interview that her parents had supported her throughout in her life whenever she needed them. They had never asked her to do what they want; they had always supported her throughout her entire career. Her father was a gazette officer and now after retiring, he is practicing as a lawyer.



Married Life:
There was much hype about her marriage but later she announced to marry famous Pakistani-American based cardiologist Syed Tariq Shahab in November 2011.They are spending a very beautiful married life in America.

Reema Khan is blessed to have a son. She gave birth to her son on March 24,2015.Her son name is Ali Shahab.

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Reema has three younger sisters and one brother. Her brother is getting higher education from Malaysia. Her two sisters are married and her youngest sister is engaged to a businessman. Her younger sister is a very hardworking and brilliant student as she has earned a postgraduate degree from one of the most prestigious and renowned institutions of the world Oxford university.

Films to Her Credit:
Till date there are more than 200 films on Reema’s credit.

Personal Stats:

Name: Sameena Khan
Known As: Reema Khan
Born: 27th October 971
Place of Birth: Lahore
Residence: New York United States of America
Nationality: Pakistan, American
Husband: Syed Tariq Shahab
Siblings: 3 sisters and one brother
Profession: Actress, Director, Producer, Host
Height: 5 ft 7 inches
Weight: 57 Kg
Shoe Size: 8
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Figure: Normal
Education: Matric
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Religion: Islam
Hobbies: Social Work, Travelling
Language: Urdu, English, Punjabi
Social Media Accounts: Doesn’t have any social media account

Production Company:
Reema has made her debut as a producer in 2005; by making a movie named as “Koi Tujh SA Kahan”. It was a good hit on box office.
This was also released in UK as well and was quietly anticipated there as well.
Her other film as a producer was “Love Mein Ghum” and it was released on 31, August 2011. Movie was a super hit at the box office as well.
The film was also nominated for Best Film Awards in Pakistan Media Awards 2011.

Career as Actress:
Reema started her film career with movie named as “Bulandi”. She played a role of co-star in that movie. After that she hasn’t looked back and she is still going on. She has worked in more than 200 films. She is one of the most liked actress of our showbiz industry. She has ruled the Pakistani showbiz industry for more than two decades. Some of her movies are:

Mujhey Chaand Chayiye
Afzal Khan
Laat Saab
But Shikan
Munda Bigra Jaye
Akhri Mujra
Madam Rani reema-hair
Pehla Mujra
Love 95
Talismi Jazeerah
Maamla Garbar Hai
Umer Mukhtar
Uqabon Ka Nashaiman
Aulad Ki Kasam
King Maker
Dulha Le Kar Jaongy
Doli Saja Rakhna
Nikki Jae Haan
Dil to Pagal Hai
Long Da Lashkara

Bad Patch in Her Career:
Due to inexperience in signing of too many films, it resulted in back to back flops at the box office. So she took a break from film industry for six months.

Hit Films:
Bulandi was a hit film. It was followed by Zameen Aasman in which she has starred opposite to Nadeem. She has also given many blockbuster movies. At one time Reema was considered a sign of success in films. All famous directors wanted to cast her in their movies. The movies of Reema Khan which are hit are as follow:

Zameen Aasman
Jo Dar Gaya Wo Marr Gaya
Umer Mukhtar
Mujhe Chaand Chahiye
Koi Tujh Sa Kahan
One Two Ka One
Love Mein Ghum

Reema as Host:
Reema has done all the things related to showbiz industry; she has done hosting as well. She has hosted a show named as “Reema Ka Amreeca “on Samaa TV.

Reema is one of the very luckiest actresses in the media industry who has got all the awards of Pakistan such as

Good Will Ambassador Award
LUX Style Award for Best Actress, Best Director

Charity Work:
Reema regularly visits Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital with her husband.

Reema Khan, Actresses is famous for Acting, Modeling, Producer, Director, Social Working, Pakistani celebrity. Born on October 27, 1977

Reema Khan was born in Lahore, the city of lights, with an initial brought-up in Multan, the city of the Saints. This wonder girl of Pakistani film industry received her early education in a leading convent school in Multan. Later her family shifted to Lahore for her higher education. Like any Muslim Family, learning Holy Quran was an integral part of a child’s early education. And, she too, learnt Holy Quran at an early stage. Besides the formal education, she was no stranger to the world of extra-curricular activities since her childhood. At her school, she participated in many extra-curricular activities with a special interest in the Dramatics. Reema was in athletics too in her school days. However, her indulgence in the extra-curricular activities earned her quite a fame and a name even in those formative years of her life. So strong was the impact of this bright little girl on her school teachers that she is still vividly remembered and adored by them even today.

Despite achieving a considerable fame and an ever increasing popularity among millions of people which she had started to earn during her schools days, Reema never allowed success to her head and defeat to her heart. She remained humble, God-fearing, sympathetic to the weak and poor, caring, affectionate, helpful, kindhearted, energetic and confident all the way her tough career. She didn’t change even after achieving the unprecedented heights of fame and success as the top super star with an international fame and fan club.

Reema has a very respectable blood-line since she belongs to a very renowned branch of nthe Aghas :The Qazilbash Clan. Reema’s father is a retired gazetted officer and now practices law. Her mother is a simple Housewife with a rural background. Has three young sisters and one brother who is studying in Malaysia. Two of her sisters have been married while the youngest has been engaged. One of her sister’s holds three Post-graduate degrees with distinction from the Local and foreign Universities including world famous prestigious seat of learning , The Oxford University in England.

She is a glaring example of hard work, sincerity of purpose and commitment. In pursuance of her dreams she braved every obstacle to make her dream of becoming the top artist of the country a reality. She was blessed with the acumen of accepting challenges by the almighty as she was being sent to this world. The most undeniable proof to the fact that Reema loves challenges is her being in the film industry despite being a Qizulbash girl. The fact remains that she is the only one in her family who entered into the forbidden land of tinsel town. It was just unthinkable (And still is) in an ordinary Pathan family, (leave aside a girl from the prestigious Qizulbash clan) to even dream about acting in a movie. But, undeterred Reema was no easy pill to swallow. She wouldn’t let her dream slip away through her fingers come hell or high water and remained stuck to her ambition. She finally did it despite all odds against her and made to the top in Pakistan film Industry since she was not use to a defeat and was a born go-getter-kind a-girl.

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