Sanam Baloch | Unknown Facts: family, marriage, wedding pics, weight loss tips, age, height, husband, son, daughter name, wikipedia, dramas

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Sanam Baloch | Unknown Facts: family, marriage, wedding pics, weight loss tips, age, height, husband, son, daughter name, wikipedia, dramas

Sanam Baloch, Actresses (TV) is famous for Acting, Pakistani celebrity. Born on 14 July 1986

Today we are going to share a charismatic and famous Pakistani model, actress and host Sanam Baloch profile. Very alluring fact is that, Pakistani fashion industry has worth and most God gifted industry due to these passionate celebrities like Sanam Baloch is one of them. There are number of models , actress and hosts in fashion industry but Sanam Baloch is most cute, hot, attractive, innocent, lovely , very committed , determine , passionate ,bold , confident and loyal to her profession.



Personality Development of Sanam Baloch:

Sanam Baloch is a fame Pakistani celebrity. She is just not only actress but also has multilayered interests like modeling and hosting. She was born on 14 July, 1986 in Karachi. Sanam Baloch age is 29 years at the time of writing this post. She is a successful actress and the Host in Pakistani Media. She has an innocent and a gorgeous face. Just after receiving her matriculation degree she began taking interest in acting. She is getting success from the start of her career. Although, she has very attractive personality in media but she is very committed and career oriented. She is the most successful actress in Sindh TV Channel. Sanam Baloch is one of the most lovely, and bold actress and TV host of Pakistan. Sanam Baloch is a graduate of Karachi University. As we already talked about her television hosting series. Sanam Baloch is a Pakistani actress and television host. She started her career as a talk show anchor in the Sindhi-language television channel KTN Sanam made her first appearance on Urdu television in Fahad Mustafa’s long play “Kalaq” which was a hit drama for her career. She has also performed in many Urdu and Sindhi language music videos. She also seemed in morning show “Morning with Hum” on Hum TV which she left so as to further chase her acting career.

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General Profile:

Birth Name: Sanam Baloch
Nick Name: Sam
Age or Birth date: 14 July, 1986
Sisters: Sabreen Hisbani ( TV actress) & Maheen
Brothers: Farhan Baloch & Abbas Baloch
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Hair Color: Black
Hair length: Long and healthy hair
Eye Color: Dark Black Brown
Complexion: Fair
Height : 5 ft 5 inch ( 1.65m)
Figure : 34 :26: 36
Husband name: Abdullah Fartullah
Birth Place: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Languages: Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu, English
Hobbies : Modeling, Hosting
Affiliation(s): Belonging to TV Drama Serial
Citizenship: Pakistan live in Karachi
Nationality : Pakistani
Famous for : Acting



Sanam Baloch’s Family Biography:

Sanam Baloch Family consists of 7 members. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. She has two lucky brother Abbas Baloch and Farhan Baloch. Sanam Baloch sister name are Ghanwa and Sabreen Baloch.

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Sanam Baloch’s Career:

As we know that Sanam Baloch has God gifted qualities and her personal interests are acting, modeling and hosting. She jumped into fashion industry and fulfills her dreams. She had done two programs in the KTN name as Sanam Ji Pasand and Diyoo. Later Fahad Mustafa introduces Sanam Baloch in his drama Kalaq .This drama series got a lot of fame and this way she came in the Urdu Dramas .She publicly accepts that without the help of Fahad Mustafa it was not an easy task and everything she has today as actress credit goes to him .She is doing a morning show these days on ARY.

Sanam Baloch Vocation Achievements:

She is a successful star who shining on the world of Entertainment, so that’s why she has faced many scandal about her wedding or married life in Media. She has an innocent face in her age group actresses and she acts done fantastic roles in many dramas. Her personal interests are acting, hosting and modeling. Sanam Baloch is the rising star among the actors of the recent generation. In a short span of time, she has made a definite place for herself giving one hit performance after the other.

Sanam Baloch Morning Show entropy:

It is reality, Sanam Baloch go ahead in showbiz and start her career as the anchor person of talk show for the Sindhi channel, KTN, soon after completing Matric. She is the younger sister of Sabreen Hisbani (TV actress). Currently she is hosting Morning Show on Hum Tv. Her current tv project include Roshan Sitara on HUM TV Network.

Sanam Baloch Good Achiever from Childhood:

As committed to her profession, she is very hardworking actress. Therefore, she receives lot of appreciations from all sides. Therefore, she has been lucky enough to be tender so many roles in the first place. Sanam Baloch is determined to create a certain standard, and accepts only lead role .she want popularity in positive ways that’s why she accepted only high profile dramas.

Sanam Baloch recent dramas and shows are Doraha (Geo TV), Band Khirkion Ke peechey (TV1), Noorpur Ki Rani (Hum Tv) Mannchalay (Hum Tv), etc.


9th Annual Lux Style Award (2010)
Nominated – Best Actress (satellite) – Noor Pur Ki Rani
PDP Awards 2010
Pakistan Media Awards 2011
Won – Best Actor (Female) – Dastaan


Broadly speaking Sanam Baloch is popular in media industry and gaining high level of popularity due to her acting. Her worthwatching and most interesting stories that lead to near real in her outstanding dramas are Chaudhween Ka Chand, Doraha, Band Khirkion Ke peechey, Noorpur Ki Rani, Mannchalay, Daa( ARY), Dastan (HUM TV), Chemistry(ARY) Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya(ARY) Akbari Asghari and currently coming out on Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan(ARY) and Nadamat. She is famous for her roles as Bano (Dastaan), Rija (Chaudhween Ka Chand), Mitthu (Mannchalay) and Zara (Daam).


Shahnila Ali’s Joggi music video (2006)
Najaf Ali’s Choodiyun music video (2008)
Amanat Ali’s Thumri music video (2010)

Married Life:

Sanam Baloch is spending a successful married life even she is fulfilling her dreams in pakistni fashion industry. She has marital relationship with Abdullah Farhatullah.

Top actress and television host Sanam Baloch was born on 14 July, 1986 in Karachi. Sanam Baloch is a graduate of Karachi University. She has two brothers Farhan Baloch and Abbas Baloch and an elder sister Sabreen Hisbani who is also a well known television actress. Pakistani actor Sanam Baloch started her career with the talk show in the Sindhi television KTN. On Sindhi channel KTN; Sanam Baloch worked in two shows i.e. Sanam Ji Pasand and Diyoo. Sanam Baloch entered Urdu television industry with the Fahad Mustafa’s play Kalag. The play was a hit. Sanam Baloch has also appeared in many music videos both in Urdu and Sindhi languages.

Sanam Baloch has been successful from the first day of his career. All this fame was not new for her as she has been popular in Sindhi television. Pakistani actress Sanam Baloch started her career in Sindhi television channel KTN immediately after completing her matric. Sanam Baloch because of her lively nature and innocent face became so popular that people would climb over one another just to get the glimpse of her when she used to go to Sindhi speaking areas like Larkhana. Sanam Baloch was launched by Fahad Mustafa also known as Sunny Tunio. Pakistani actress very proudly accepts this fact and thanks Fahad Mustafa for everything she has today as an actor.

Sanam Baloch and Fahad Mustafa had met on the set of talk show Sanam Baloch was hosting. At that time, Fahad Mustafa was working in a play Kalag and he needed a female actress. Fahad Mustafa immediately approached Sanam Baloch. The female actress said an instant no as she was doubtful if she could act. But Fahad Mustafa somehow convinced her to say yes. The play went to be a hit. However, Sanam Baloch had never expected the play to get huge success. Pakistani actress says:

‘The play was aired at night, and in the morning I started getting calls from people congratulating me on my performance! In this day and age when there are so many channels this is truly remarkable.’

After such a successful break in Urdu television industry, Sanam Baloch went on vacation for two years. This was obviously very foolish decision on her part but she says that in these years she grew as a person and after returning she knew what kind of roles she would like to play and portray and that what role to choose, what scrip and director to choose. Top actress learnt to say no to roles that were not worthy. She only accepted lead roles that too with strong scripts. Sanam Baloch says:

‘New people have difficulties enough getting work, but I have been lucky that I have actually selected what I want to do.’

In 2009-2010, Sanam Baloch was hosting morning show named Morning with Hum. But she left it to focus more on acting. Currently Sanam Baloch is hosting a program Subha Saverey Samaa Ke Saath on Samaa TV.

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